The Blog About Nothing 11/22 Edition

What up world? Welcome to another edition of The Blog About Nothing. This is the kid EJ, and as usual I’m going to blog about whatever I damn well please. Shout out to Rob Ford the coke head Mayor of Toronto. Yeah I know that pic is random, but I’m a random kind of guy. 

So, this week I’ll talk about Alex “Diva” Rodriguez, Robert Griffin III, and my beef with Cleveland Cavaliers head coach Mike Brown. Let’s get it!

New York Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez made news this week for storming out of his arbitration meeting with Major League Baseball. As we all know, MLB hit Alex with a 211 game suspension earlier this year due to his involvement with the Biogenesis scandal. Alex successfully appealed the suspension in order to play out the season, and now he’s trying to get that suspension reduced or terminated all together. Alex and his team of lawyers, led by loudmouth Joseph Tacopina, states that MLB has nothing on Alex and all they are doing is trying to ruin his legacy. Alex “Diva” Rodriguez has been linked to steroid use before. Besides Biogenesis he has “admitted’ to being injected with a substance procured for him in the Dominican Republic by his cousin Yuri, and he has been linked with noted Canadian drug Doctor Antony Galea. The 211 game suspension comes from his prior involvements, but it must be noted that Alex has never served a suspension so his camp is arguing that at most Alex should serve 50 games.

The reason why I called Alex, Diva, is because he is going about this the wrong way. Clearly taking a page from the Roger Clemens and Lance Armstrong playbook, Alex and his team, is trying to yell, scream, and threaten the process at every turn. You know what happened to Clemens, Armstrong, as well as Ryan Braun? They all looked and in the case of Armstrong and Braun they were: guilty! Guilty in the courts of public opinion and just guilty in general. Right now to me Alex Rodriguez looks guilty. He may curse, scream, and storm out all he wants but that is just the action of a guilty man. There is a saying: to be wrong and strong. Right now Alex has been caught in the wrong but he’s being strong in his denial in the hopes of getting his way. I hope that Major League Baseball doesn’t relent and at least suspend him for the upcoming season. Where there is smoke, there is fire, and after being linked or being around steroid investigations for so many years, he’s clearly put himself into a position to be done dirty. Do him dirty Bud Selig (pause). Tell this Diva that it’s time to sit down, shut up, and take it like a man (pause).

Another diva that needs to be quiet is Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III. I actually like RGIII but he needs to learn something: nobody wants to hear your excuses. All he needs to do is look at the careers of Donovan McNabb, Vince Young, and Cam Newton. I don’t mean to play the race card against my own race, but if I have to be fair nobody wants to hear a quarterback whine, and they especially don’t want to hear a black quarterback whine. I’m sorry but I want to keep it real. Now, I do like RGIII. He’s shown himself to be an intelligent person, a great public speaker, and he can say all of the right things, except he doesn’t appear to take ownership of his faults. Twice his wide receivers have called him out this season (Pierre Garcon and Santana Moss) and he’s had issues with his head coach and offensive coordinator (Mike and Kyle Shanahan). Both receivers have challenged Robert for not taking accountability and the coaching staff have questioned some of Robert’s post game quotes as him taking shots at them.

Now the Redskins gave up a lot to acquire RGIII (3 first round draft picks were traded to the St. Louis Rams) so the two of them are locked into a long term marriage, but in order for this thing to work Griffin needs to develop thicker skin and become more of a locker room leader. That was the downfall of McNabb, Young, and until this season Cam Newton. Newton is still in the game and the Panthers are thriving this season because he gets it. You got to to be a part of the team, you have to lead, and you have to say “my bad” when you fuck up. That’s the one thing I need to see Robert Griffin III do. He needs to say my fault, we sucked this week because I wasn’t making the right plays, and I’ll take the blame off of my guys. If he can learn that, he’ll have a long and successful career in the NFL.

Finally, why do people continue to hire head basketball coach Mike Brown? Mike Brown, he of the Cleveland Cavaliers (twice), and the Los Angeles Lakers has an excellent win percentage of .647, however when you coach LeBron James and Kobe Bryant that will happen. However, look beyond the superstars he’s coached and you’ll see that he’s a horrible head coach. Horrible. He isn’t a good manager of personalities, and his defensive style can stiffle his offensive creators. Case in point: as the head coach of this year’s Cavaliers his team has gotten off to a 4-7 start, there’s been trouble in the locker room, and he’s apparently lost his young point guard, Kyrie Irving. Irving has the potential to be a superstar, but Mike’s style has taken his free wheeling style away from him and he’s suffering for it. The picture I have posted next to this paragraph tells it all. He’s coached two of the biggest superstars in the game and he has no rings. He has plenty of regular season wins, he has some playoff success, and he even has 1 NBA Finals appearance but he has no rings. The ring does mean a thing. No Kim Zolciak (shout out to the Real Housewives of Atlanta!).

If I’m going to defend Mike I will point out that the Cavaliers are a very young team, but owner Dan Gilbert brought Mike back into town to guide this team to the playoffs and so far he has no frickin’ clue on what he’s doing. However, I would like to offer Mike a solution to his current problems in Cleveland: move Kyrie Irving to shooting guard and start Jarrett Jack at point guard. Here me out. I know I stated earlier that he lost Kyrie, who did have a closed door meeting with the owner a week ago, but the way to get him back is to move him to the 2 guard position and dump the ball into his hands early and often. Using Kyrie in a similar fashion to the way James Harden plays with the Rockets would help initiate the offense and get Kyrie his points. If the Cavs really want to get offense on the court they can put Kyrie at the 2, and play Dion Waiters at the 3. Now, I typically hate the three guard lineup but as well as the Cavs are defending, they need to be scoring as well. The Cavs entered this season as a prospective playoff team, and they may be only 11 games in, but a refresh is needed. No better way to do it, then by shaking up the lineup.

So, that’s it. I’m done. I’m out of here. Thanks for reading, thank you for visiting and I hope you read my content, as well as the content of all of our contributors. We’re building greatness here and I thank you for getting in on the ground floor. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving and peace.

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  1. The Joint Drug Policy says in Article 7, Section F: “A Player who participates in the sale or distribution of a Prohibited Substance shall be subjected to the following discipline: 1. First offense: At least an 80-game but not more than 100-gamesuspension if the substance is a Performance Enhancing Substance …” and “2. Second offense involving a Performance Enhancing Substance: Permanent suspension from Major League and Minor League Baseball…” and then finally in Section G.2. of Article 7 is the following: “A Player may be subjected to disciplinary action for just cause by the Commissioner for any Player violation of Section 2 above not referenced in Section 7.A through 7.F above.”

    And Section 7(G)(2) provides that a player “may be subjected to disciplinary action for just cause by the Commissioner,” notwithstanding the lack of a failed test.

    Essentially, MLB can be saying that circumstantial evidence (like receipts, text messages and other corroborating evidence) are enough evidence to establish a PED violation. And, since in the eyes of the law, circumstantial evidence is just as good as direct evidence it appears the Joint Drug Agreement adopts this understanding and MLB might be using that argument.

    That’s two ways they can assess more than 50 games. And, it’s probably a good chance that’s one, or both, of the things they are arguing in the arbitration proceedings.

  2. My opinion: ARod storming out of that meeting was staged and regardless of what the arbitrator decides his legal team is going to try and sue MLB, Selig and whoemever else they think they can in federal court. I also think they might get tossed out of court on their asses because courts usually don’t like overturning agreed upon arbitration procedures.

  3. Actually, I hope his lawyers are succesful and it goes to court… it might open the door to stuff that is presently sealed by other courts. They open the door and the other side gets to use whatever is behind that door.

    Be careful what you wish for…

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