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Todays Debate:
Pau Gasol for Zach Randolph


DJ: “No chance Memphis is stupid enough to flip Randolph, their best player, for an aging scrub like Gasol.throwdown

Nobody values Gasol anymore.”

You said this on the BS between myself and David

I think the trade makes a lot of sense for the Grizzlies. They are in cost cutting mode. Look at what they did last year when they traded Rudy Gay to the Toronto Raptors for pennies on the dollar when they got back Tayshaun Prince, Ed Davis and Austin Daye.

Pau makes perfect sense in the fact he has an expiring contract and he may sign for less in the offseason to play with his brother Marc to finish out his career.

And Pau definitely has value. He’s struggling on offense but he is averaging close to 11 rebounds per game and he is still an excellent passer. Two traits he should be able to maintain over the next few seasons. It’s not like he is a player who has always relied on his speed/quickness, those type of players don’t age particularly well.

Not to mention, Pau has a high basketball IQ and is a very smart player.

 – – –

Aaron: In all fairness to me I made a point of publicly disagreeing with my statement, even going as far as to say it was a dumb comment. All of that happened before this BS was created, but I have a little free time so I’m going to renege on my previous renegement of my original comment.

That’s right, I’m back at “Pau blows and nobody wants his sorry butt”. Paraphrasing, but the meaning is the same.Pau Gasol

Because you see, he really does blow. And other NBA teams don’t really want him on their roster, certainly not when they have to give up assets to acquire him and then would be stuck with his bloated contract.

Pau Freaking Gasol is making $19,285,850 this season. Wrap your brain cells around that for a sec. For context, here are some of the players making less dough this year than Pau Freaking Gasol:

LeBron James
Dwayne Wade
Chris Paul
Kevin Durant
Blake Griffin
Derrick Rose
Russell Westbrook
Kevin Love
James Harden
Tony Parker
Tim Duncan
Marc Gasol
Zach Randolph

All of those players are superior to Gasol, mostly by a wide, wide margin. Why would ANYBODY give up precious cap space and valuable assets to acquire Pau Freaking Gasol?

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DJ: “All of those players are superior to Gasol, mostly by a wide, wide margin. Why would ANYBODY give up precious cap space and valuable assets to acquire Pau Freaking Gasol?”

In fairness, he got that contract extension in 2009 when he was playing at a high level and they had just won the first of 2 straight NBA titles. The Lakers wanted to reward him and show him some loyalty. These contracts don’t look bad until a player has started to decline. But, Gasol was crucial to their success.Memphis Grizzlies

In todays NBA, expiring contracts are worth their weight in gold. You can unload a contract you don’t want after the season and rebuild or pursue players you do want.

In the case of the Grizzlies, I just listed why they would want him. Related to Marc, he’s still a good rebounder and passer and it gives them a huge frontcourt. Plus, he might re-sign for less to finish his career playing with his little bro….making momma Gasol very proud.

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Aaron: Yeah, Gasol had his moment in the sun, his 15 minutes of fame, his one shot at glory, his blah blah blah but as of right now he’s a bit player with an enormous (even for a superstar, which he certainly is not) contract.

The Lakers are paying Gasol almost $20 million to put up 13PPG and 10RPG because they’re the Lakers. They live above the luxury tax threshold. They would rather pay the tax and have a couple name-brand (yet deficient) players than save millions of dollars by getting rid of their overpriced vets.

That’s one difference between the Lakers and everybody else, because no other NBA team would make that decision. If Gasol had ended the 2012-13 season with another team he wouldn’t still be playing for that team today. The team would’ve amnestied him or traded him off to a team looking for upcoming cap space or something.

Bottom line, Gasol doesn’t really fit the profile for what NBA teams are looking for right now, not even for teams who are looking to acquire expiring contracts. At this point it would be very difficult to find a team able to match Gasol’s salary in a trade, and finding a team willing would be nigh impossible.

– – –

DJ: When you consider his skill set, the only big man that compares with him is San Antonio’s Tim Duncan. It’s just flat out true. He’s fundamentally sound, an excellent rebounder (10.7rpg) and passer (3.2apg) and he can score 18ppg. He’s struggling shooting the ball but it won’t last. He’s converting just 39.3% of his attempts, but his career was last year when he made just 46.6%. He’ll come around eventually.

The only part of his game that is softer than Charmin is his defense.

Again, you ignore the main reason why Memphis would acquire him: to keep Marc happy.

Why is that?

If the Knicks did it with JR Smith letting Chris Smith make the team, why wouldn’t the Grizzlies want to add a serviceable big who would give them an even bigger frontline (which has been what Memphis has built their team around)?

“Bottom line, Gasol doesn’t really fit the profile for what NBA teams are looking for right now”

Every team is different. Not every team needs a big man….In Memphis’ case they get rid of Randolph and his salary, something the new management has clearly shown they want to do with the trade of Gay.

Please answer these questions.

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Aaron: First of all let’s not confuse the Grizzlies with the Knicks. The Grizzlies are a smart organization and didn’t trade Gay to clear up space for a lesser talent in Gasol, whose outrageous contract is very similar to Gay’s outrageous contract. The Knicks might sign Chris Smith to make JR happy but that’s because JR and the Knicks are a perfect fit in their shared stupidity. The Grizzlies aren’t nearly as poorly run as the Knicks.

What about me?
What about me?

Say what you want about making Marc Gasol happy but Memphis isn’t trading for Pau on Marc’s behalf or for any other reason.

Gasol’s contract effectively prices him out of any potential trade market. And not only is he not producing anywhere near the level he was several years ago, but remember that episode in the playoff a few years back when the Mavericks swept the Lakers out of the playoffs? Remember how Gasol’s game fell off a cliff and he looked completely disconnected from the games?

Not sure if the girlfriend rumors are true or not but either way that playoff series made Gasol seem mentally weak and not committed to his team at critical moments. NBA GM’s remember those kinds of things.

There is no market for Pau Gasol.

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  1. Marc Gasol tore his MCL and could be out for a few months. I could now see them trading Randolph for Pau and play him at center until Marc returns.

  2. In truth we can’t compare the Knicks and Grizzlies organization. The Grizzlies organization is full of smart analysts while the Knicks organization is full of yes men obedient to their master: James Dolan.

    As far as this is concerned I think the Grizzlies would be wise in making this deal. For one thing Gasol is off the books after the season and will definitely make less than the $19 mill he makes now. The Grizz would actually be saving money next season by doing a Gasol-Randolph deal (unless Randolph exercises his player option . . . which would make him a fool if he did).

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