Week 12 Picks

Welcome to the Week 12 Picks!  Not to bad a week for half the panel going 11-4, and a 4-0 on the unanimous picks.

Week 12 PicksNFL Sheild

EJ Stephen David Archie DJ Bill
 New Orleans at Atlanta  Saints  Saints  NO Saints  NO  NO
 Pittsburgh at Cleveland  Steelers  Steelers  Cleveland  Steelers  Pitt  PIT
 Tampa Bay at Detroit  Lions  Lions  Det  Lions  Det  DET
 Minnesota at Green Bay  Packers  Packers  GB  Vikings  GB  GB
 San Diego at Kansas City  Chiefs  Chiefs  KC  Chiefs  KC  KC
 Chicago at St. Louis  Bears  Bears  Chicago  Bears  Chicago  CHI
 Carolina at Miami  Panthers  Panthers  Carolina  Panthers  Miami  CAR
 NY Jets at Baltimore  Ravens  Ravens  Balt  Jets  Balt  BAL
 Jacksonville at Houston  Jaguars  Texans  Houston  Texans  Houston  HOU
 Tennessee at Oakland  Raiders  Raiders  Oakland  Raiders  Oak  TEN
 Indianapolis at Arizona  Colts  Colts  Zona  Colts  Indy  AZ
 Dallas at NY Giants  Cowboys  Cowboys  Giants  Giants  Dallas  DAL
 Denver at New England Patriots  Broncos  Denver  Patriots  Denver  DEN
 San Francisco at Washington  49ers  49ers  SF  49ers  SF  SF
 ·Bye: Buffalo, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Seattle
Last Week  11-4 9-6 11-4 11-4  7-8 6-9
Overall 114-49 104-59 102-61 101-62 96-67 91-72

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  1. I won’t say that. I will say this: bring on Matt Simms. He can’t be worse than what Geno has been since the Atlanta game. 1 touchdown and 11 turnovers in 6 games? Ouch. I know its not all his fault but you got to sit him now.

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