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1) The early candidate for the “Dumbass of the Month” award is in the clubhouse:Nathan Bells

In merry olde England there is this place called Leeds University and they have their fair share of students living on campus in residence halls, which might be better known to some of us as dorms.  Well, it appears that sometimes things can get a little boring in these places and kids being kids will sometimes think of some very different things to occupy their free time and if nothing else provide their selves with some entertainment.  It seems one Leeds’ residence hall at has a certain weekly event they call “FIFA Forfeits Sunday” where ridiculous bets are made on computerized FIFA games. So sometimes things like a flat screen TV could get smashed to smithereens all because a student lost at playing a video soccer game and sometimes the wagers they make might even get a tad raunchy… well, you probably get the idea that some of the betting can get a bit X-rated.  But, the bottom line of this weekly event is that even though these kids make some weird ass bets they have to make good on the bet if they lose regardless of what the bet entails. And, according to students no one has ever forfeited on a bet.

Nathan Bells' brain
Nathan Bells’ brain

Well, this brings us to the moment of the reasoning for why I have a clubhouse leader for the Dumbass award. If you can find the video, you will see that it will open with a lot of nervous laughter, followed by the clicking of a stapler, followed by screams of agony amidst more laughter. One Nathan Bells is on camera having his scrotum stapled together after losing a bet. And while, that is, in and of itself, absolutely mind boggling that someone would even make that bet, it is, to me at least, more mindboggling, and, I guess to Mr. Bells’ somewhat weirdly misplaced honor and credit, that Nathan had the balls to pay the piper and make good on his bet.

And as if Bells ball sack being stapled isn’t weird enough, if you listen carefully, someone on the video can be heard saying that he lost a bet where he had to drink his own sperm.

Okay, kids in England obviously have way too much time on their hands and need to do some other stuff like I did back in my old college days, like beer swilling or pot smoking… wait a minute, maybe that’s how all this weird ass betting stuff got started in the first place, huh?

2) The Daily News on Monday (11/18) wrote that an off-duty NYPD cop was in serious condition after a dude beat the living crap out of him while his terrified wife watched from their locked car.

The article says that a very graphic cell phone video, which was posted on Facebook, shows Sgt. Mohammed Deen being punched, kicked, stomped and having his head slammed into the pavement by a frenzied man who consequently was charged with felony assault in the 5 a.m. attack.attackonofficer
The man who took the video can be heard saying “That nigga dead.” The video shows Deen lying unconscious in the street as his attacker then tries to punch out the windows of Deen’s car while Deen’s wife cowered inside.

After he fails to break any windows of the car he goes back to where Deen is and then slams the man’s head back into the pavement once more for good measure.

Witnesses said Deen’s assailant tried to escape when police arrived at the scene of the attack, but that the cops were able to chase him down and take him into custody. The man admitted to Deen’s beat down but said he didn’t know Deen was NYPD.

So, if it was an ordinary someone, like you or me, then it’s justified? … its cool to kick the living shit out of us? But, if it’s a cop then, whoa, baby, that’s an entirely different proposal?  I don’t think so…

The article goes on to report that the Facebook user, “Errol Johnson”, who posted the video, wrote underneath: “Just left the club in queens nigga get knocked out for bumping another man. MUST WATCH THIS I caught it all worldstar.”

THEN… “Whoever shot the video was apparently laughing throughout the incident — and repeatedly saying ‘That nigga’s dead!’ — while other onlookers screamed in terror.”

I hate sounding like a broken record but WTF is wrong with people who think it is more important to get something horrific like this manpeople today being beaten down onto some social media instead of trying to do something to intervene… and, not only him, but, the article distinctly says there were witnesses around watching… Not one of them tried to intervene… not one of them tried to get cops there? Yeah, someone had to alert the cops because they did arrive but how the hell long did it take before someone did make the call? Because this man is presently in a freaking hospital in a medically induced coma so he can try to begin his recovery from this terrible beating.  And, that, to me, means that an actual call was not made until a late comer appeared on the scene.  Or, as an afterthought by someone at the scene that maybe a call should be made before someone is killed, eh?

Have we not advanced any distance from that fateful 1964 night when Kitty Genovese cried for help in Kew Gardens and wound up dead because people “ignored” her cries for help?  Understand, that although the tragedy of Kitty Genovese has been somewhat exaggerated in regards to people not caring and not acting to help her, the incident did give birth to “Genovese Syndrome” or what social psychologists sometimes call the “bystander effect.” And if anything, this incident is a clear example of that syndrome taking place. That shit needs to stop… we need to care enough to do something when someone’s life is in the balance. Think about it this way… what if that was your son..  or brother… or mom… or sister.. or pop and nobody did genovese bookanything… would it matter then?

Now, today, (10/19) a NYDN news article says the attacker, IDed as Hayden Holder, “… claims he was too bombed to remember the savage beat down.”

Listen dude, no one forced you to pour that alcohol down your throat and get drunk so don’t even think about using that as an excuse. That bullshit don’t play here, jackass.

And, the article also said, that a representative of the Sergeants Benevolent Association said the video is “painful to watch, seeing that no one actually came to his aid.  I don’t know what the mindset was of the people that were there if they were part of it, if they were afraid of this person, but it’s difficult to watch…”

In plain words, people need to check their consciousness and reflect upon doing what’s right and getting involved to stop this shit from going down. We are all in this together whether we know that fact or not.


“He who passively accepts evil is as much involved in it as he who helps to perpetrate it.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

3) On November 6th the Huffington Post wrote about a high school cross country runner, Codie Thacker, who spent months training for a big codie thackerregional race in Kentucky only to drop out at the last minute. Why? Because the 16-year-old was given the number “666″ for the race.

Big deal; it’s just a number right?

Well, as many probably know, “666” is often thought of as the number of the beast in the Bible and it just so happens young Ms. Thacker is a very religious and Christian person and in her words, “(She)… didn’t want to risk my relationship with God and try to take that number.”

Gina Croley, Thacker’s cross country coach, sensed the problem the girl would be facing and tried to get the number changed, but the Kentucky High School Athletic Association (KHSAA) denied the request. At that point, Thacker said “thanks, but, no thanks” and withdrew from the competition.

When asked why she withdrew from the competition Thacker said, “… I didn’t get to do it; of course, I was upset, because I’d trained all season for it. But in another sense I stood up for my beliefs and I stood up for God.”

A spokesperson for the KHSAA said that race officials, had they been made aware it was for religious reasons, would have changed the number.

First, many of you may recall that organized religion is not something I personally cotton to and I got my reasons for feeling that way… but… it makes me no never mind if you, or anyone else, including young miss Codie, does happen to believe in religion and if it is important to how you live your life.  Hell… it’s your life. So, if you tell me, or in this case,  tell the Kentucky High School Athletic Association that you got some strong feelings about wearing, or not wearing as the case may be, a certain number because it damn well goes against your strong personal ethical beliefs then, hell, it’s a damn number change, so get it done.  It is not that big of a deal.

And, as far as the Association commenting that if only they had been told it was a religious issue… My ass .. You mean to tell me that not one solitary person ever raised the issue that Codie had problems with wearing “666” due to her faith?

“Kentucky Fried Bullshit” is what I say. The Association just couldn’t be bothered is more the case.

codie PS: While searching for a photo of Codie Thacker I found another article on her story wherein it was reported that Thacker and her coach asked three different officials for a different number but they refused to give her another one. And, she says, ““I told them it had to with my religion, what I believe.”

So, who ya gonna believe her or the KHSAA who have a motive to cover their asses?

Like I said, “Kentucky Fried Bullshit.”

4) Ya just gotta love this next piece for no other reason than the pure chutzpah involved.

On Saturday, various news wires ran a story about this Michigan guy who says he’s angry at the man who lives next door because that man had an affair with a woman.

The woman is now his ex-wife.

And, she also lives next door.

Got all that?

Now understand this is not any ordinary guy but a so-called Detroit legend by the name of Alan Markovitz, who owns a string of strip clubs and he reportedly bought this house next to his former wife … and, then installed a statue.

Not just any statue but this:middle finger sculptureA giant 12-foot high, illuminated, bronze sculpture of a hand flipping the bird…  $7,000 worth of revenge, or come-uppance, to be exact.

About the how and why he brought the house? Markowitz claims it was a coincidence that a realtor happened to show him the house, but, once he realized where it was “karma” took over.

Righhhtttt… he happened to be looking for a house, that happened to be in a certain neighborhood, that happened to be next door to a house that a certain couple, who happened to be his ex and her new beau, were living within. Just a coincidence and nothing more… whatever…

Still love that sculpture, though… and, it must be nice to have money. Huh?

5) NYDN ran an article, (10/19) with this headline “George Zimmerman to be arraigned in same courthouse of Trayvon Martin trial”

Yep, that George Zimmerman and he is back in court again. And, it involves guns again. The former neighborhood watchman, was arrested after a domestic dispute with his new, and pregnant, girlfriend.

Samantha Scheibe called police and said  that Zimmerman  “ … (is) in my house breaking all my shit because I asked him to leave..  He has his freakin’ gun, he’s breaking all of my stuff right now!”911 call

And, this isn’t Zimmerman’s first run-in with the law since his famous court case, as he was also involved in a domestic  têteàtête with his soon-to-be ex-wife.

Now, I ain’t about to get into a protracted told-ya-so discussion here because in my opinion what is done is done and there ain’t no going back. But… and, this is just my opinion, it is clear this guy has got some serious authority and anger issues that are all spurred on by a drive to be right and a drive to control.

I mean, when he first hit the news it was not an issue about “standing your ground” it was an issue about not “standing down”.  Why else would he disregard a then stand-down order from a police official that ultimately resulted in somebody’s death and then continue to have conflicts that involves guns and law enforcement?

Just saying…

6)  On Tuesday (11/19), after free agent second baseman Robinson Cano’s representatives left a meeting with the NY Mets, Randy Levine, NY Yankees president, was asked if he thought the Mets could sign the All-Star second baseman. Levine said, “Yes, for $300 million they can.”nypost_20131119_2_068_C_2

And, as far as I am concerned the line needs to be drawn somewhere and I hope the Yankees stick to Levine’s pronouncement that $300 million is out of the Yankees’ range. After all, the Yankees are  rumored to have made an offer to Cano, believed to be in the area of between five and seven years for around $160 million give or take a few million of an average of approximately $23 million a year. And, that is, in my opinion, much more than Cano is worth. He has never led the team to any championships; never been a MLB MVP; never even been the face of the Yankees, ala Derek Jeter who plays the game the right way and goes all out on the field, and, has been accused of taking plays off and not running out grounders to first.

In simple words: He doesn’t put fannies in the seats.

So, now Cano/Jay Z wants a team to pay him $300 million a year for the next ten years when at the end of the contract Cano will be in his forties? Fergeddaboudit!

7) Look it’s not that I am prejudiced or anything… no, not that that type of prejudice, you yahoos … I mean about printing pics of other ladies in WTF…. But, JLaw just keeps on keeping on making me hunger after her look.JLaw1



And…  she does rock that Pixie cut.lawrence_pixie_

naked lady8) Another NYDN Tuesday article (11/19), reported according to witnesses and police reports that a 31-year-old woman boarded a Chicago subway naked and claimed to be the “Goddess of the Train.”

The titillating, and somewhat wild ordeal, during which she slapped, pushed and yelled at pasengers, unfolded after the woman, who was not identified, stripped down and got on the L Train at the Granville station on the city’s north side on Saturday afternoon. Police were called and took her away in cuffs… still nude.

Not that I care, but, I am a little surprised no one even draped a jacket over her shoulders. Or somthing…

Sort of weird, them just walking her away all naked like that.

Police say the woman, who has a history of mental illness, is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation.



9) A little back ground info first: The Golf Channel’s BIG BREAK show concept pits highly skilled golfers against each other in a variety of challenges that test their physical skills and mental toughness.  During the the filming of the series in Puerto Rico, coincidentally titled BIG BREAK NFL PUERTO RICO, teams will be subject to skills challenges from tee-to-green, including two of the series’ signature challenges, the popular “Glass Break” and “Flop Wall” challenges. The series, also, has special guest appearances from World Golf Hall-of-Fame member and Puerto Rico’s own Chi Chi Rodriguez..

Now the “Glass Break Challenge ”, or “Shattered Glass Challenge” as some call it,  is where contestants attempt to hit a small pane of glass from approximately 40 yards.

That’s all you need to know… So, let’s go to the video tape, so to speak:

Chi Chi’s golf days, at least as far as being a competing pro, are well behind him now, but the 78 year-old golfer was, and still is every now and then, famous for pulling off many a fancy golf trick or two with plenty of the panache he used to display during his days competing with Jack and the boys.  One of his best ones was where he would set two golf balls next to each other, smack the first one with a slice and then, quick like a bunny, spin around; smack the other ball with a hook and sometimes pull off the magic of having the balls smash together in midair.

This brings us to Rodriguez’ appearance on The Golf Channel’s Big Break series and how he was on to try the glass challenge. He addresses the ball takes a decent swing and sends the ball off towards the glass pane. And, as it would happen, the ball misses the glass, just barely, but it misses the glass… however… it hits something very solid, and, as golf balls are prone to do when they smack into something solid, it ricocheted hard and came flying back towards Chi Chi with a fair amount of velocity and nailed him in his nuts.

chi  chi

Chi Chi gets an extra ball.. (see white spot in photo)
Chi Chi gets an extra ball.. (see white spot in photo)

Chi Chi reacts, as would be expected of anyone who just got whacked in his nuts would. And while he doesn’t go down, he does grimace, walk gingerly from the tee area and take in a very deep breath… and off course every one oohs, ahs and groans… and, then, sighs in relief as they realize Chi Chi is gonna be OK..

And, all the guys stifle their chuckles as they knowingly commiserate with the dude. Because, of course, as long as its someone else getting hit in the cajones, it is always funny…

Chi Chi, ever the consummate pro, then says that at his age that he forgot he still had something down there… and he then addresses another ball and proceeds to shatter the freaking pane of glass.

You the man, Chi Chi.

And, off course he ended the scene with the flourish he made famous during his days as a playing pro:

chi chi sword 1



chi chi flourish

10) “A picture is worth a thousand words” … or, this guy has a keen insight into the obvious… righttttt….. the dumbass.

Dumbass winner

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  1. Great stuff. Jennifer Lawrence is hot, those officials in Kentucky were wrong to assign anyone that number, and unfortunately taking videos of fights and posting them to is all the rage. Their weekly fight videos are some of the highest viewed videos on YouTube.

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