Puppet Master II

Puppet Master IIWe come back 50 years later to 1991, apparently we had a few leap years, since 1939 is when the first movie started, but anyway.
Open Scene: Dark, Graveyard, Spooky Night.

Pinhead is digging up a grave, and when he gets out a spooky vial of something is poured on the body. Skeletal arms rise up! Toulon is ALIVE!!!!!


— Ok, if the puppets were around, and they knew how to make Toulon come back, why wait the 50 years and put up with the dude from the first film again? Quiz time!

A) If they had to learn the secret from the first film, then why didn’t they kill him straight off and raise Toulon.

B) If Toulon taught them the secret, why didn’t they raise him in 1946, after the Nazi threat was gone- since apparently that is why he shot himself?

C) If I’m Toulon, I’m pissed. You wait 50 years to drag my skeleton ass out?

We next find out about what happened to the Heroes of Part 1.

Megan was killed, apparently her brains were pulled out from her nose (ala the Egyptians) and Alex has gone insane and is in the mental ward. No idea what happened to the dog.

4 investigators from one of those trashy “news” shows from back when there were hundreds of those type of things on late at night (Instead of all having thier own channel now) come in, to see if Alex is onto something.

Camille: Older lady who is a real physic, who just does TV tripe to pay the bills.
Carolyn: Leader of the group- trying to be a hardass
Patrick: Carolyn’s brother
Lance & Wanda: Just here to have the sex scene so they can die.

She does stop off to talk to two idiots who say that their cows have been attacked by someone- I am getting a REAL Scooby-Doo vibe here. If they pull the mask off of Camille and Blade starts talking about “those Meddlin kids” I’m gonna go insane.

Camille sees two puppets- and decides she done with that. But decides to pack first- instead of warning the rest of the gang. Pinhead and Jester attack and kidnap her.

Next day Camille’s son Michael shows up to find out what happened to his mother, since all her stuff is still there and she hasn’t contacted him. Uh, she just said she was leaving last night- kind of a needy kid ain’t he? Think Momma didn’t go shack up with some fan for a night? This is the 90s.Tuneller

Patrick gives us our first kill and Tunneler is on the board- we finally get to see him do the deed now. That drill doesn’t look that sharp, but I guess it is to split the forehead that quickly. Take a look at my facebook picture- the skull is pretty hard to punch through- thank goodness. Lance runs in- and gets added to the smart guy list by not only knocking Tunneler off, but going to town on him with a lamp. Being “Investigator” they take Tunneler apart, and find out that he is not a machine- but artificial intelligence. For some reason- they figure out that its some chemical that runs him.


That would be like opening us up and deciding that we run on blood, ignoring the muscles, bones etc. I would think IN THE 90s they would be looking for a curcuit board or some kind of control module. They USE THE TERM ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE. So they can’t be overly ignorant. You would think they would pull the head apart- not just the body. Even Puppets have to have some kind of brain, right?

Personally, I’m calling Oprah and everyone else to come over here. I am NOT splitting up since we have foot tall things running around that are weaponized and WANT TO KILL. I’m screaming Duces and heading out the door. I’ll come back with SWAT, Ron Burgundy and every camera known to man. I will say Carolyn takes her brothers death rather easily, but I guess she’s all wet for Mikey she’s good.

NOT Kevin Bacon
NOT Kevin Bacon

Some dude name Eriquee Chaneé shows up, saying this is his hotel now. He lets them stay- as long as they leave him alone.
He looks like a stage performer for the Invisible Man, and says was in Budapest. Uh, Why would he not sound Californian then?

Now we get the backstory of the puppets and who this Eriquee guy is, as the people try and survive the night.

Overall, I liked this movie more than the original- other than a VERY SLOW spot coming up after the spoilers, where Basil Exposition just takes over the movie. Take that 10 minutes out on the second watch, when you know the back story, and this is a very well done movie.

I’m gonna make some Hate here.

I don’t like Torch. These guys were created pre-WW2, where is he putting the gel needed to start the fire? Is the Brown goo flammable? Yes Its a movie, but I want a little realism. I’m down with power drills, edged weapons and all, can even deal with the mutant leeches on a small scale- since she’s dead, but a flame thrower in 1939?

Back to the movie. You are about to enter a VERY Dull and drawn out explanation of the Puppets, I can live with it, but do I need it? No. Watch the movie, or ignore the spoilers and get more thoughts at the end. I do like show not everyone is an idiot here- making sure Tunneler is dead before moving on.

All In All, an improvement. Way too much plot though.


Spoilers Shead

That night, Blade and Leech Woman go out to the Sticks and attacks the farmers house Camille stopped at- the “letric fence” didn’t help as they got in anyway. Leech Woman kills the husband, but the wife gets out and is ANGRY. She snatches up Leech Woman and throws he in the furnace- one of those wood burning jobs- and grabs a shotgun to take shots at Blade- but out comes a new puppet! The favorite of my buddy Adam, and I’m sure of most fans – TORCH, Yup, we got a flame throwing puppet people! He sets her on fire to tilt the scoreboard back to Puppets 3, Humans 2. Torch

Ok, Now we get Toulons Story. He bought the secret in Cairo with his wife, who looks just like Carolyn- who is played by the same actress. Long boring skippable story. Its a bit dull. Sorry, we get to the point where I quit caring. The important point is the puppets are getting weaker because they need the secret formula. The formula main component? Brain Tissue.

Just cause we are not bored enough, investigative person Carolyn goes hunting in Eriquee’s life, she can find no records of him, and finds two dolls in his room. She gets a little loving from Mikey.

Finally we move on, as Blade Kills Lance and Wanda- not to be outdone by the new guy. Torch has a Toy Story moment with some kid being mean to his knockoff Gi-Joes, and we can assume he flambe’s Sid, even though its not shown.

Carolyn gets captured by Eriquee, who ties her up, and Micheal hears her screaming- goes to rescue her, fighting off the puppets. He finds Camilles body- but I’m not giving Jester the kill, he could just be the creepy puppet.

Finally we get the Climax, Toulon transferees himself into the male puppet, is going to send Carolyn into the female puppet, and they are going to be together forever! Michael is coming in the door but held back by the puppets. Toulon finds out that they used Cows Brains on his formula- nice callback to the Trailer Duo and Camille- He gives Jester a boot- and its on now! You don’t touch the puppet! Toulon gets turned on, and the Puppets whup his ass. Carolyn gets untied and the lovers haul ass. Torch gets credit for the kill when Toulon goes out the window. We see Jester heading to Camille with a vial of the formula.

Ok, Post script the female manikin is driving a truck with a puppet show sign on the side, going to the Bouldeston Institution for the Mentally Troubled. I’ve read its Camille who is going to be the new Puppet Master. Torch is the top dog, riding Shotgun.

Several days later, it is revealed that Camille’s soul has been put in the woman-sized mannequin, and is now running her own little puppet show. Blade, Pinhead, and Jester, are locked up in a cage, leaving Torch free. Camille takes them to the. Camille puts the puppets in the back of her car, and Torch up on the passenger’s seat, and drives off, leaving this movie as a cliff-hanger.PM 2 end

Finals thoughts are about the same, I like this one better, the ending is pretty good- we learn the lesson to not F with the puppets. I can see Toulon being upset with them for using Cow Brains- but why turn on them? If you train a dog to kill, you don’t give them your neck. We still don’t find out why they waited so long- or why Toulon wants to be a puppet, or why even to have his wife a puppet. I dunno why they left everyone alive so long- I would think trapping them all, then taking your time and getting it right before self-experimentation.

Why is Camille the one picked to be the new Puppet Master? I guess she was in the best shape? Why even need a human anymore?

See you in Part III!

Murder Board-
These are known kills- or can be 100% assumed ones. I’m not doing half points.

Blade: 3
Torch 3
Tunneler 2
Leech Woman 2
Pinhead 1

Multiple 1
Unknown 2

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