The Donelosthismind Chronicles 11/19

Welcome the Donelosthismind Chroniclesnsfw

This is again the Best of the Facebook Feed from the creator.

Not safe for work.


You have been warned.


10) I am sure there is someone out there who gives a shit…but right at this moment I AM NOT one of them!

9) camouflage condoms because you don’t see you coming…

8) wonders if I can purchase You some headboard insurance?

7) My deodorant said push up bottom… my ass hurts like hell but on the plus side every time I fart it smells great!

6) If the broom fits, by all means ride the bitch.

5) Not every flower can say love, but a rose does. Not every plant can survive thirst, but a cactus does.

4) Not every dumb ass can read, but look at you go!
3) says,”If at first you don’t succeed, You did it wrong DUMB-ASS!

2) Common sense is a horrible thing to waste.

1) When couples get older they do it doggie style. He sits up and begs, she rolls over and plays dead……………



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