NBA Rankings 11-19 edition

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Welcome to’s NBA Rankings. Our rankings are taken poll style, and 7poundbag contributors EJ and David  have weighed in with their top 15 rankings, and our bottom 5 rankings also known as the Riggin’ for Wiggins poll.

Hope you guys enjoy, and if you have any beefs with us, please mention them in the comment section. As always thanks for supporting, If you know ball, let us know.


EJ’s Rankings David’s Rankings Your Name Here
1  Indiana Pacers   San Antonio Spurs
2  San Antonio Spurs   Indiana Pacers
3  Miami Heat  Portland Trailblazers
4 Portland Trailblazers   Miami Heat
5  Golden State Warriors  Golden State Warriors
6  Minnesota Timberwolves   Los Angeles Clippers
7  Los Angeles Clippers   Oklahoma City Thunder
8  Oklahoma City Thunder   Houston Rockets
9  Houston Rockets  Minnesota Timberwolves
10  Dallas Mavericks  Chicago Bulls
11 Chicago Bulls  Memphis Grizzlies
12 Phoenix Suns  Atlanta Hawks
13 Atlanta Hawks  Charlotte Bobcats
14 Philadelphia 76’ers  Phoenix Suns
15 Los Angeles Lakers  Los Angeles Lakers

Analysis EJ: The 9-2 Portland Trailblazers at #4 might be too high for some but let me tell you this: they are that good. Last night (November 18th) I had the pleasure of watching the Blazers beat the Nets at the Barclays Center and I left that game impressed with the trio of Wesley Matthews, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Damian Lillard. They’re damn good. Are they good enough to finish in the top half of the West at the end of the year? Probably not, but barring a huge dropoff this team is playoff bound. The only thing the Blazers are missing is a true rim protector of a center but if they’re able to acquire one, then this team will make noise over the next couple of seasons.

Analysis David: I’m gonna throw the Bobcats up there. They have beaten teams below them and lost to teams above them- other than the Pellies. I’m even more of a buyer than EJ is on the Blazers. I dont think we are gonna see Blazers/Spurs in the West Finals- but you put them up against any team on Tuesday on TNT? I like my chances if I’m the Blazers. I’m stunned with how good the Suns are playing and how bad the Heat look. I’m sure neither will stay in that position, but its amazing right now.


The Riggin for Wiggins Countdown


EJ’s Rankings David’s Rankings Your Name Here
1  Utah Jazz   Washington Wizards
2  Washington Wizards   Milwaukee Bucks
3  Milwaukee Bucks  Sacramento Kings
4  Detroit Pistons  Utah Jazz
5  Boston Celtics  New York Knicks


Analysis EJ: The Suns, Sixers, and Magic are off of the Riggin for (Andrew) Wiggins Countdown. At least for this edition anyway. The Jazz remain in the Countdown and now they are leading. I can’t say the Jazz are tanking, and I can’t even say they’d take Wiggins. Jabari Parker would be a better fit on and off the court in Utah (due to Parker being Mormon) but the Jazz are clearly a bad team. The Wizards and Bucks are bad too. Both might be too young, and both lack quality coaches. The Celtics want to lose, but I’m surprised at the Pistons. Drummond, Monroe, and Smith are a little too good for this list.

Analysis David: I took the Celtics off because they are playing good ball, and they are simply not getting beat on an effort basis. I think they are going to have a worse record than their skill level. I took the Pistons off just because the talent is just too good for what they are doing. I added the Knicks simply because they are looking to blow up the team, Melo is killing the locker room and they might be done for by Thanksgiving. Have you seen the Kings play? How is it that there are not 100 deals for Boogie right now?

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  1. I’m head over heels for the Blazers. Kind of like the guy who was sitting next to my friend and I last night, who tripped and fell head first into the row in front of us. The Barclays is one small and steep arena. Any misstep really does feel like a fall to the death.


  2. Just curious: Did anyone think about putting the Brooklyns on the Wiggins list? Because, so far, they look like crap.

  3. The Nets owe the Celtics a draft pick in 2014. It’s unclear whether it will be their pick or Atlanta’s but until things get a little clearer I wouldn’t put the Nets on that Wiggins list.

    However, they do look bad. If the Nets are still struggling by the All-Star break it would be smart of them to break this thing up. The Nets might want to play for a title but judging by the crowd at the Blazers game I don’t think they even care. Don’t think I’d ever seen a basketball game with a more apathetic crowd.

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