Cynical? Yes! I’m a Jets fan.

Do they have a prayer?

I always say pro football is the last sport I was introduced to. I gravitated to basketball, tennis, and bowling early on in life. I watched the first two on television, and participated in the latter competitively from the age of 5 through the age of 19 (I still bowl but more occasionally now). I won several trophies, participated in a few New York State tournaments, and if I took it seriously as some of my peers I might still be in the alleys shooting for glory. Anyway, I digress. The first football game I remember watching was Super Bowl XXV between the New York Giants and the Buffalo Bills. I was 9, but the only reason I was even watching the game was because my parents were at a dinner party and the TV was on to keep us kids quiet. I didn’t really seek out the NFL before. I barely was into the college game at that point, however after Scott Norwood’s epic missed field goal, I started getting in to professional football.

I still didn’t have a team though. I’d watch the Giants. I’d watch the Jets. I’d watch the Super Bowl but I had no team. I did have some Raiders gear around this time but that was more of a fashion statement. Who doesn’t like wearing black? So, I wandered the wilderness of fandom until a terrible 1-15 football team captured my attention. Yes, before the horror that was the 1996 NFL season I decided to cast my lot with the New York Jets.

Doing so meant following a team that hasn’t won anything since Super Bowl III back in 1969. Following a team that hasn’t won a thing in your almost 32 years on Planet Earth can be demoralizing experience. However, there I was back in 1996, a 14 year old high school sophomore ignoring his homework and focusing on a team that would eventually land the #1 overall pick and select University of Southern California wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson. I probably should have done my homework and left the damn Jets alone. Might have gotten me better grades in school, and avoid a few beatings.

So forgive me if I’m cynical. Forgive me if the season starts and I have no faith in the New York Jets. Forgive me if the Jets are currently 5-4 and I still don’t think they’ll make the playoffs. Why? I’m conditioned to expect failure. It’s the same reason I consider myself a Mets fan. I’m used to feeling like my team won’t win, while our closest competitors (the Giants and Yankees respectively) will always win. Why? God’s cruel trick I guess.

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  1. and, it wasn’t just the black that made the Raiders’ unis so cool; it was the silver and black together: that combination may be the greatest team colors ever.

  2. And the saddest thing (or is it the best thing?) is that every team that the Jets needed to lose, that could lose, did exactly that. Unfortunately, two of the 4-5 teams, that were playing, played one another, so, one had to win… Miami is now 5-5 and tied for the last playoff spot with the Jets. But next week I guarantee the Jets will win. After all it is a week after a loss and they have yet to lose in that situation. The dumbasses.

  3. I saw this loss coming. DJ texted me this morning and said “6-4 Jets!!!”. I shut him down quickly. From that moment on I felt the loss coming.

  4. I think on some level all sports fans can relate with this blog. I know I can, as a Cowboys fan. Yeah, the 90’s were sweet but it’s been a long time since the ‘Boys made any real noise in the playoffs.

  5. Thanks. At least the 90’s were sweet like you said. The triplets got y’all some trophies. I’d like to believe if Jerry Jones can get out of his own way, you all can get back there soon.

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