The Blog About Nothing 11/15 Edition

What up world? This is EJ, and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Last week’s blog was all about the situation in Miami with Jonathan Martin and Richie Incognito. That blog, and blogs by other 7poundbag contributors, led to some great debate on this site. I could keep it going with the story still fresh in the news, but I won’t. Why? It would be overkill at this point and I’d rather leave it to others. This week I think I’ll steer the blog back to the light and breezy fare that I’m used to. So, this week I’ll talk about Ed Reed joining the New York Jets, Twitter beef, and why I hate the NBA Christmas jerseys. Let’s get into it!

Free safety Ed Reed signed with the New York Jets this week after being released from the Houston Texans. Reed, who signed with the Texans in the off season, joined the Texans after winning a Super Bowl last season with the Baltimore Ravens. Upon leaving the Ravens, the Louisiana native stated that he wanted to join a Super Bowl contender that was also close to his home. For the time being it looked like the Texans were a good match, until Reed came down with a hip injury and shot his mouth off at embattled head coach Gary Kubiak.

The combination of the two led to the 35 year old Reed to be an ex-Texan and a new New York Jet. Also in signing with the Jets, Reed reunited with Rex Ryan and Dennis Thurman (the Jets head coach and defensive coordinator, respectively) who were his coaches for several years with the Ravens. For the Jets signing Reed is a win because he brings veteran leadership to an embattled secondary but I question Ed Reed for signing with the Jets.

Why? Ed Reed as aforementioned is 35 years old, has dealt with dehabilitating neck and hip injuries and arguably on the last legs of a Hall Of Fame career. If this season, or next season, is to be Ed’s last go round why didn’t he look to sign with a contender? Yes, familiarity with a system is a good thing but there is no guarantee Rex will even be the Jets head coach next season. The Jets are currently 5-4, and entering the easy part of their schedule, but with a rookie quarterback in Geno Smith, and banged up wide receivers and running backs it is no guarantee that this squad makes the playoffs. For that reason alone I think Ed should have looked to hook up with the New England Patriots, a team that will make the playoffs under esteemed coach Bill Belichick, or with any other contender that showed interest. Ed Reed won a ring last year, and usually athletes that know they are at the end try to chase that winning feeling. I am likely making too much out of his decision but I question the man’s hunger and I definitely question his decision making. I might be a Jets fan but I don’t get why Ed Reed signed on for this project. Wasn’t smart Ed. Wasn’t smart.

Speaking of not being smart, what the hell is wrong with New York Knicks shooting guard J.R. Smith? This week Detroit Pistons point guard Brandon Jennings took to Twitter and tweeted his surprise that Chris Smith, J.R.’s brother, has a roster spot in the NBA while guards Bobby Brown and Pooh Jeter do not. Brown and Jeter are not household names but they do hold respect in the basketball community for being some of the best guards currently not in the NBA. Chris Smith is making $490,000 this season and made the team despite shooting 1 for 7 this preseason and playing all of 20 minutes. To be honest Chris Smith does not deserve to be in the League. He isn’t a good point guard, and he definitely isn’t even D-League material but he is J.R. Smith’s younger brother and the Knicks wanted to keep J.R. and his agents, the Creative Artists Agency, happy so Chris is on the team while sorely needed big man Ike Diogu didn’t make it. Brandon obviously has a valid point but it’s J.R. tweeting that he will send his “street homies” to Detroit to confront Jennings makes me believe that J.R. is a damn fool.

It’s one thing to defend your brother. Granted. I understand that, but your “street homies”? Damn. J.R. should know by now that the NBA does monitor Twitter. He’s been fined for obscene tweeting before. A few seasons ago he tweeted the behind of Tahiry, who can be seen on VH1’s Love and Hip-Hop New York (she has a lovely ass by the way… I mean it’s a vision of beauty!!). This may be an empty threat but he best believe that David Stern will come calling and money will be leaving his pockets. Plus, why get defensive? If you can’t be honest with your family, who can you be honest with? J.R. must know that his brother never had his talent. He was a scrub at Louisville, and he’s lucky to be making a couple of dollars on his own. He’s stealing a spot from better talent and that’s just not fair. The Knicks need to bring in a big man now that Tyson Chandler is out and they can’t even cut the one player that deserves to be cut. It’s a sad day when scrubs are made untouchable. Sad.

Almost as sad as the pajamas the NBA are calling the Christmas Day jerseys. These things look like they should have the little feet on the bottom. They’re ugly as sin. I wouldn’t even buy them for my little cousins, or my little nieces and nephews. Who’s going to wear these things as a fashion statement? Or on the court? With the oversized logo on the chest, and the sleeves, it really doesn’t resemble the basketball jersey tank-top style that we all know. I get fashion, and I get the need for a million diferent jersey styles for sales, but these abominations are ugly as shit.

Except for the Nets jersey. I’d rock this. Black and White, with the big B in the middle. Wear that with some crisp jeans, and maybe a nice pair of J’s. The black and white Jordan XI’s would look nice with this jersey. For real, and a crisp Brooklyn fitted. You’d be killing the block with this on. Killing it. Wait, I’m from Brooklyn. Pride is pride but even I wouldn’t wear this. My bad.

I’m done. Thanks for reading. Thanks for supporting and peace.

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  1. Hey, dude, why no faith? Jets make the playoffs and grab their second super bowl trophy when it is all said and done. Reed picks off Drew Brees, twice, late in the game to seal the deal.
    It could happen…

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