WTF… November 12


1) Back on November 5, the news services wires reported that according to the Spartanburg County Detention Center, Rapper DMX, whose real name is Earl Simmons, was arrested outside a South Carolina airport for driving with a suspended license, without a vehicle tag and with no insurance. The 42-year-old entertainer spent about three hours in jail before posting a $1,335 bond on what was called “minor traffic charges”.  Now this, in and of itself, DMX booking photowould probably be no big shakes, and truth be told, it makes no never mind to me if this dude gets arrested, or, not, but it appears that this was not good old Earl’s first run-in with the local gendarmes down there in South Carolina land.  In fact, it seems he was popped down in Tar Heel country in August and charged with possession of marijuana just two days before he was due in court on a drunk driving charge from July when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI and failure to have a valid driver’s license. Plus, he has a laundry list of various other arrests for a variety of charges that I won’t get into here. Just know, that his legal incidents in South Carolina, alone for 2013, number three, and, who knows, I might have missed one or two.

Now, keep in mind those arrests, and, understand that in the article about his latest arrest, it states that the reason he was pulled over was because the airport police due to his having been arrested on various occassions already in 2013 are familiar with who he is, and, sort of know him on sight. So, once they recognized him behind the wheel of a vehicle, they immediately knew, at the minimum, he was driving without a valid license.

Okay, this is just my opinion… but… ya dumbass, it says right there in the damn article that police are familiar with whom you are. They know your face! It never crossed your mind that given your record that they would pull you over on sight and that there would be consequences to be dealt with?

Guess some people crave attention or just want grief no matter what, eh?

Maybe he likes the notoriety. I don’t know. But, let me tell ya’ll, I have had some short jail experiences due to a certain dumbass period in my life, and, I am here to tell you it ain’t romantic, it ain’t fun and it is sure as hell ain’t on my bucket list as something I want to repeat.

So, can someone, please, tell me why this dude needs to constantly and consistently flaunt his illicit activities in public which inevitably invites a trip down to a local jail cell that might invite him to a longer stay at a county facility down the line?

2) Speaking of craving attention, Craig Cobb, a self-described white supremacist who has made international news wires for trying to convert a small North Dakota town into a white man’s haven, agreed to take a DNA test for the syndicated talk show “The Trisha Show” to determine his ethnic origin. The Trisha show is fronted by Trisha Goddard who is black.  FYI: Previously, Goddard had been a guest conflict-resolution expert on “Maury” and has also served as guest host of the talk show several times, and has a growing, and loyal, legion of fans.

Anyway, there was Cobb in the studio with Goddard and she announces to him, “You have a little black in you.” Seems the DNA results said he is 14% African.

Now, as could be expected, the studio audience erupted with laughter and cheers.

Fist bump offered
Fist bump offered

Of course, Cobb said the results were just “statistical noise,” whatever the fuck that is. But, when Goddard tried to introduce Cobb to his newly revealed blackness by offering a fist bump as she said, “So there you go, bro”, Cobb recoiled and refused the fist bump offer.

I am still holding my prodigious gut in from laughing so hard at the pure lusciousness and beauty of that thing called karma well served.

Fist bump refused
Fist bump refused

3) On Thursday (11/7), I read about Franklin Reyes being in court to face charges that he killed 4-year-old Ariel Russo while severely injuring her grandmother, Katia Gutierrez, when he crashed a SUV into them on the Upper West Side of NYC. The 17-year-old Reyes was in the act of fleeing police when he struck the two and his lawyer is said to want to try and use a pothole defense. What’s that, you say?

Franklin Reyes
Franklin Reyes

A little background hopefully will clear this up for you: The particulars preceding the crash are that the teen was unlicensed and driving his parents’ SUV without their permission; had been pulled over for driving erratically, and, as cops were approaching the vehicle, he hit the gas and took off and eventaully and consequently struck and killed the aforemntioned child.

Now, during a break in the court proceedings Reyes’ lawyer said he is seeking city roadwork records to buttress his intended argument that street conditions figured into the tragic crash that left a child dead and a relative severely injured. The attorney told reporters that, “If the vehicle went over a pothole, it would explain how it went out of control.”

Okay, if ya’ll know me then ya’ll can probably guess what I am fixing to say right now… but, ya know what?  I don’t have to because the little girl’s parents done said it all when the girl’s mother, said. “He seems like the type of person to put the blame everywhere else…”, and, her dad said, “How are you going to blame it on a pothole? He shouldn’t have been driving the car in the first place.”


But, wait; there is more, as prosecutors had said back in September that if Reyes were to plead guilty to manslaughter, they would not recommend anything below a maximum sentence of 5 to 15 years in prison. And the kid’s lawyer said “I’m not going along with putting teenagers in jail, that’s it. I think that’s cold-blooded grandstanding.”

WTF! Excuse me? Grandstanding? To ask for a max sentence, of 5 to 15, which seems to me to be a very short time to give up considering this kid took away one life and ruined many others, is grandstanding?  I don’t think so…

4)  On Friday (11/8) morning, as I read my morning paper, I mulled over an article about Oscar “Isaac” Theil, 65, who on Thursday evening was on his way to his Brooklyn home on the Q train when someone fell asleep on his shoulder for more than a half hour.

A fellow passenger noticed the scene, and, probably thinking that Theil might be a bit unsettled by this, softly asked if Theil wanted help to wake the slumbering straphanger.subway sleeping

Theil simply said, “He had a long day so let him sleep. We’ve all been there.”

The other rider somewhat surprised at the answer took the moment to take a quick cell phone picture that he then posted on reddit with a brief caption of what the picture depicted.

The posted picture and caption went viral with 1.3 million “likes” and 172,563 shares on Facebook. It also got 228 comments on reddit..

When Theil was contacted by the Daily News he was slightly taken aback by all of the attention… including a call from his sister  who lives in Montreal and saw the photo within hours of it being posted online.

Theil said that “She was the first person to call and tell me how proud she was of me.” And, the NYDN reported that his phone has been ringing constantly with messages from friends and family as far away as Israel.

Of course, he downplays his so-called heroic kind act and says, “I just kept steady so he would be able to sleep. It wasn’t easy to do because he was dead weight.”

And, the guy who posted the picture that started all the attention said, “It really wasn’t about the ethnicity of the people…(Theil appears to be a practicing Jew by vitrue of the yarmulke he was wearing and the sleeper is black)…  It was just more that New Yorkers, especially in the subway, don’t want to touch people or have them get in their personal space. That was striking to me and made me smile and I thought was a very nice gesture.”

Indeed… only in New York. Who says that NYC is impersonal and cold? Not me… I love that damn town and this is but one of the reasons why.

Yeah, you may hear about a lot of shit that goes on in NY but there are a lot of kind acts like this that happen every day, and on a frequent basis, that far outweigh the nasty ones… they just don’t get the press that the nasty ones do. They ain’t news. Too bad  ’bout that, huh? Maybe it might be good to print more of these stories just to remind us all that most of us are decent human beings who actually do give a shit.

5) Modesty has never been Gisele Bündchen’s strongest attribute…  and with a body like hers, lucky us. The 33-year-old supermodel recently made another barely there dress look sort of … for lack of a better word… hot.

gisele-bundchen-paris-vougeTom Brady’s lady appears on the cover of the November issue of Vogue Paris and she looks pretty damn nice but the photos inside are much more revealing… and that is in every sense of the word.

Well, ya know what… these old eyes may have seen some who were better, but I gotta say, not very often… but, then, you make the call:


gisele-bundchen-paris-vouge 1













6) On Friday (11/8) the Daily News ran an article that was headlined: No Happy Meal for this Dad.

It seems that an Upper East Side father, David Schorr, was filing a defamation of character suit against a court-appointed psychologist who had branded him “wholly” incapable of handling his 4-year-old son because he refused to take the boy to McDonald’s.

David Schorr - No Mickey Ds Dad
David Schorr – No Mickey Ds Dad

Court papers, field by Schorr, said that on October 30, his son threw a temper tantrum when he had the “audacity” to say no to going to Mickey Ds and when he returned the boy to his soon-to-be ex (1) she undermined him by taking the boy to McDonalds to chow down, and, (2) then alerted a psychologist who spoke with Schorr and reported him to the judge handing his divorce case and said that Schorr’s visitation time should be reduced because he can’t manage his son.

Now as usual there is more behind this story then meets the simple eye… Schorr’s side of the story is that he drew the line at McDonald’s because his boy has been eating “too much junk food,” so he gave his son two options: another restaurant or no dinner at all. Schorr’s court papers stipulate that “The child, stubborn as a mule, chose the ‘no dinner’ option.”

So, Schorr effectively said “fine” and returned the supposed hungry boy to his mother; the angry boy ratted out dad. Then one thing led to another with the gist of it being that the mom, for whatever reasoning, took the kid to Mickey

Happy Meal
Happy Meal

Ds for a Happy Meal (I guess she didn’t have anything worth eating in her home, huh?); told the psychologist handling their case about the dads behavior, who after talking to him then labeled him ‘wholly’ incapable of handing the 4-year-old boy.

Schorr says he is “… kicking myself mightily (and) I wish I had taken him to McDonald’s, but you get nervous about rewarding bad behavior. I think it was a 1950s’ equivalent of sending your child to bed without dinner. That’s maybe the worst thing you can say about it.”

Schorr said after the “crime” had happened that he told his mom about it and his mom could only say “Why didn’t you just take him to McDonald’s? What were you thinking? You know that this is a divorce situation.”

Man, what is now considered abuse and bad parenting behavior is beyond the pale as far as I am concerned. Now, I don’t recommend the return of the old quarter inch thick leather belt to be hung back on hooks in kitchens throughout the good old U. S. of A. like they were in my childhood days but, why in the hell, when a dad makes the correct decision… not to feed his child junk food but rather take him somewhere to get something nutritious… should he be raked over the divorce coals and lose his time with his son?

This obviously spoiled four year old is learning fast how the game is played by pitting one parent against the other to get what he selfishly wants.

You know what? Maybe a well placed palm on the boy’s ass might not be such a bad idea after all.

7)  I like to pride myself here at WTF Central as being capable of some biting, sarcastic, pithy and sometimes insightful, yet  humorous, commentary on issues that appear in our world that catch my attention. However, there comes a time in men’s lives when you need to realize, and recognize, that we are not all created equal and you just have to let the pros take over…. After all, it is why they are the pros. Soooo, without further adieu… I give you the best of the Daily Shows comments (zingers?) on the JayZ/Barneys debacle:

Jon Stewart said about that Jay Z being caught in the middle of the Barneys controversy is “not as awkward a position as sitting handcuffed in the back of a police car wearing the $300 belt you just bought.”Daily show and JayZ and barneys

While “Daily Show” correspondent Larry Wilmore paraphrased Kanye West’s Katrina comments about George W. Bush by saying, “Jay Z doesn’t care about black people.”

Wilmore also said, “He’s got a multimillion-dollar brand to protect … He’s not Jay Z, he’s Jay Z Penney!” and “Make up your mind, America. You can’t tell brothers to pull up our pants and then arrest us when we buy a belt.”

Larry Wilmore
Larry Wilmore

As you may or may not know Jay Z will launch a product line at Barneys on November 20, when the Barney’s profiling crapola surfaced and he has been robustly criticized by fans for not speaking out about it.  Jay Z said he was gathering the facts and would speak after Barneys officials met with community leaders but the meeting passed and Jay Z never said another word.

Stewart said that given its contract with Jay Z that Barneys should have been prepared for black shoppers but that “They forgot to have that staff meeting where they said, ‘Guess who’s coming to Barneys.’”

Like I said, sometimes you just gotta let the pros take over the room.

8) Way back on August 6, 2012 CNBC reported that the IRS is paying out billions of dollars in fraudulent tax refunds to identity thieves; a problem that the tax service’s inspector general told CNBC is a “growing problem” involving numbers that are increasing “exponentially.”irs_new_2011_rules

Then, in a new report, issued on November 7 the inspector general said that tax thieves are stealing the identities of taxpayers and then filing bogus returns on their behalf and collecting fraudulent refunds as a result.

Now if you ain’t sitting down, please, do so immediately…. The inspector general estimates that the IRS could issue as much as $21 billion in fraudulent tax refunds over the next five years. And, that the IRS issued $4 billion in fraudulent tax refunds last year to people using stolen identities, with some of the money going to addresses in Bulgaria, Lithuania and Ireland and as well as the U.S.  The IRS also said it found one residential address in Lansing, Michigan that filed 2,137 tax returns, and, that the IRS sent more than $3.3 million in what appears to be potentially fraudulent refunds to that address.

Potentially????  How about calling a pig a pig… they are fraudulent and the IRS is very fucking stupid.

The IRS says, “Once the money is out the door, it is almost impossible to get it back” and that “The bad guys know that the IRS is unable, given the limited number of its staff it has, to address every single allegation of tax fraud it has.”

Okay, now wait a freaking memento here… with all the vast resources at the disposal of the federal government,la-na-tt-nsa-surveillance-20130612-001 including electronic surveillance type stuff and given all of its spy agencies capabilities, etc…, they can’t keep tabs on how many tax returns are filed from a given address and then have someone say, “ Golly Gee, that sort of looks weird and quite suspicious…”  No? They can’t do that, eh?

Oh yeah, my bad… the good old inspector general actually does admit that when he says, “Unfortunately, the IRS is not using information that it currently has, nor information that could be available to them.”

Then, maybe some butts need to be fired and some mutts put in place who have the decision making power to use the resources out there to stop pissing money out the door that the government could use for other matters… like education, like health care, like disaster relief, like building or repairing roads, like developing new energy resources, or, what the hell, like even for defense purposes…

9) Did anyone know that in Jacksonville, Florida there is a high school named Nathan Bedford Forrest High School?  Most of you probably don’t. And most of you are probably saying why should I care?Forrest_&_Maples_listing

How about, the school is named for a Confederate General who was also the supposed first Grand Wizard of the KKK? And, while there are strong indications that Nathan never was the Grand Wizard, or even the Great Gazoo, of anything closely resembling the KKK, the fact was that he was, at one point, closely associated with the sheet wearing bastards.

But the biggest problem with any school being named after him is that he was a bona fide slave trader who made a fortune by selling black bodies into slavery.

Originally, it was a white school but it did start to “allow” black students to be taught there in 1966. And, by 1971 mandatory integration introduced even more black students. Currently, over 1800 students attend Forrest with 54% being African-American.

I wonder how these kids feel about going to a school named after someone who may have sold ancestors into slavery.  Very strange….

Now the fact that someone could even think about naming a school after a confederate general in the deep south is one thing but after a slave trader???? I don’t care if it was 1959 and that society, even down South, was much different than today, I find it, if nothing else, to be very strange and sadly sick.

Nathan Forrest
Nathan Forrest

And, what, you may ask, brought this sad state of Floridian education affairs to my attention?  Because, just last week a newspaper article said that the Duval County School Board finally voted to change the name of the school.

And, just for the record, besides being a slave trader it seems Forrest was accused of war crimes at the Battle of Fort Pillow for allowing forces under his command to conduct a massacre upon hundreds of black Union Army and white Southern Unionists prisoners.  And, while it is true that Union Major General William Sherman supposedly investigated the allegations and did not charge Forrest with any improprieties it is still accepted that he was involved with the massacre.

Just when you might think we are making progress, we are maybe begiining to resolve our sad legacy of American racism, there comes along the Barneys’ profiling shit, and, now this insanely ignorant and stupid school stuff that was allowed to exist… it really is true that some stuff you just cannot make up because it is so incredulously really real.

Now, get this: This school in Florida that was name after this guy? It was not the only one… seems Chapel Hill, Tennessee has a high school sporting his name, too.  There is no word if that school board has ever tried to change the name of that school at this time….

10) This is the inaugural occurrence of “A picture is worth a thousand words…” feature, which will be a randomly appearing in future WTF articles:



And just in case someone was wondering what to get me for Christmas…. I want this!caucasins shirt



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  1. Pothole defense? Really? You’d think every New York driver would have tried that defense in court before. I love my City, but damn there are some people here who can’t drive, shouldn’t be driving, and clearly have no reason to being on the road.

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