The Donelosthismind Chronicles 11-13

Welcome the Donelosthismind Chronicles. Birthday Edition!nsfw

This is again the Best of the Facebook Feed from the creator.

Not safe for work.


You have been warned.


10) There’s nothing hotter than a drunk cougar. Haha, Kidding! Give me a snack ya old bat! I know you have some Animal Crackers or raisins in that purse!

9) I am simple in my complexity and complex in my simplicity.

8) ah memory impairment, the free prize at the bottom of every vodka bottle

7) Redneck word: Asphalt
It’s your own dumb asphalt for thinkin that would work!

6) I may seem docile, but mess with those I love ..and I’ll shake you like an etch-a-sketch !

5) How many bad decisions did you have to make to arrive at a point where your emotional well being is totally dependent on online relationships?

4) Making sense is entirely overrated.

3) Hey ladies, more of you should shave your eyebrows off. Nothing sexier than big black lines drawn all over your face.

2) No matter how low I lower the bar of expectation some people manage to roll right under it.

And Number 1 . . .
Went for a walk through my mind today. I can have one hell of a garage sale with all the useless crap that’s in there!

Bonus Birthday:
Ive been called many things in my life, but the one thing I’ve been called that affects me the most is


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  1. Funny. Not sure why this isn’t not suitable for work. Nothing here that offensive. I work in a cubicle environment (although I should admit there is no one sitting behind me or next to me) but there’s nothing on this page that is so bad.

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