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Give the Big Guy a Bat and a shotgun, and the little guy will STILL beat the hell out of him.

Welcome to the 7pounds of Something, Today I am going to give my take on the Martin/Incognito reaction, UFC Fight Night, NCAA Basketball, and Veterans Day.

Ok, Its stunning that 3 of the top 4 stories for the Month of November are on this story, seems like everyone is absorbed into this mess. I do love getting into arguments about it, especially when it comes down to way too many people that think that Martin just should have punched Richie and none of this would have mattered.Richie and Martin

My first question to these people:

Ever been in a fight?”

There are a TON of 300 pounds guys that can neither throw a punch or take a punch. Don’t beleive me? Watch the early UFCs More often than not its not the huge guy that walks out 100% even if you dont count the ground games.

Back when I was getting into fights, I was 6’2 and 260-280 pounds. You know who gave me the toughest go? The ones who didn’t care, the ones who have been the smaller person in dozens of fights. Wasn’t long I was aiming for the big guy with the looping punches over the bony guys you almost had the throw through a WALL to get them to stay down.

Give the Big Guy a Bat and a shotgun, and the little guy will STILL beat the hell out of him.
Give the Big Guy a Bat and a shotgun, and the little guy will STILL beat the hell out of him.

Point 2.

Incognito is a dirty player. He goes after knees, nuts and hair on national TV with camera’s rolling.
What exactly is going to be beneath him behind closed doors when his manhood is challenged? Yes sometimes you can stomp a bully and he will leave you alone. Sometimes you beat on a bully, and the only thing you have done is made sure there is going to be a rematch. Not sure I would want to be in the shower with soap in my hair with someone like Incognito looking for me. I’ve seen a guy get blasted with a helmet from behind, its not pretty and not exactly something you can just walk off.

So for all of you saying Martin is a wuss. Might want to think about how long it might have been since Martin was in a fight vs how long Incognito has been in one. The NFL is a JOB. Bottom line, and just cracking your co-worker is never acceptable, but neither is allowing one employee to act like an extra in the Godfather to another- even if it is a rookie.

The UFC has been POUNDING out good quality shows. I’m getting to the point where more and more of these guys I just don’t know, since I just don’t have the time to youtube/AXS the fighters until they get here. But it is stunning we are coming up on 20 years for this. I became a fan because of TUF I. Kind of still angry that I could have walked to see UFC 37 back in the day. Amazing I had no clue what UFC was and just how in the dark and shitty marketing they had back then. Can I get that TRT stuff on Amazon? (Proud Sponsor of 7poundbag.com)

I’m gonna have a UFC 167 Preview up this Friday, so look forward to that. Its kind of a shitty card, other than the MAIN EVENT, they are doing an AMAZING job on the build though.

NCAA Basketball has started!! UNC Ram

Yeah, I kinda stopped caring. I’m still a Carolina guy, and I bleed Carolina Blue, But I can name more guys on the football team than I can on the basketball team (that sound you hear is my 10 year old self dying) I probably wont watch a game until the ACC/other conference beatdown and then might not care until the conference schedule starts- why?


Its not even really the NBA thats hurting it. I can’t even drag my arse to NBATV for too long. I feel as if the NCAA season is SOOOO long, and lets be honest- the All-ACC team back in the 80s would have made the finals from either conference, and so could the All-Big East team. I’m not sure the All-ACC/Big East team could win the rookie game this year.
Also, part of the fun of being an ACC fan was just the simple fact that we were better than you. Maryland could have been second in the SEC most years, Wake could win the Pac-10, Florida State just dropped Florida by 20 on the road, etc. Now the musical chairs, and the super-conferences have killed most of that. I can’t pull for Pitt. I will NEVER pull for those Orangemen. Who the HELL GROWS ORANGES IN CANADA?? I know the skill level is down. But to be honest with you, I’m fine with that. I pull for Carolina, Carolina, Carolina- cause I’m FROM THERE. I don’t care if its the Tar Heels, Panthers or Fighting Mudpies.

But I can’t get jazzed to see UNC put the beat down on Winthorp or Idaho A&T. Call me when we play Duke. Call me when I’m looking at a 4 seed or a 5 seed based on what BC does against Ohio State.

Well, that’s it for the week. Have a great one. And Love a VET. They deserve it

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  1. Too bad Carolina Blue does not play UConn because the Huskies will put a beating on any ACC team’s ass. I had to throw that in there just to fan the flames.
    Too bad that we already beat Maryland and won’t/can’t play anyone else in the ACC before the NCAAs.

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