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In looking for a new series to review, I figured I would grab a collection from the discount bin, that I have never seen, and run through the whole series with a fresh face.

Please don’t spoil the whole thing for me, or tell me how things change from movie to movie, ok?Puppet_Master

I bought a chunk of movies, containing Puppet Master, Killjoy, Hellraiser (I’ve seen them all) the Watcher, and a B-Movie collection.

So I figured we would start with Puppet Master. This one’s from 1989. By the way, the collection I have is barebones, so no bonus features. Just movie after movie after movie.

So we open with a hotel shot, and there is William Hickey painting a puppet. 2 dudes get out of the car and start walking up to the hotel, and this isn’t exactly Travolta and Sam Jackson, but the intent is there. The Puppets are moving around and watching them come up. Hickey starts hiding them in this big ol cabinet, then shoot himself. 

Damn. I love Hickey. WTF?

ok, FF 50 years- and we get 4 new people Alex Whitaker (who keeps having visions), Dana Hadley (hackey Crystal Ball) , Frank Forrester and Carissa Stamford (investigators) meet up at a hotel to find Neil Gallagher, who is supposed to have uncovered Hickey’s secrets, and also gotten married to the chick who owns the hotel.

Neil just died, and the body is in state in one of the rooms, the wife is distraught, the housekeeper leaves them with the body but warns them to not touch it. Love her already.

Dana pulls out this LOOONG pin and stabs the body. Nothing happens. Dana is not going to end well. Promise.

We get a WHOLE lot of foreshadowing, including a rape(?) so we can get a boob shot, and then Alex pulls the wife aside to explain whats going on.

Alex: Can see the future and has visions.

Dana: Fortune Teller, but she doesn’t do the visions like Alex. She does it more on purpose, while Alex seems to be random. (Plot Driven)

Carissa: Can touch something and get its history, and is a bit of a horndog. Love her. She lays on the bed and starts talking about some of the Movie stars that did the deed on it in the 50s

Frank: No Clue.

Toulon is apparently the last true alchemist, and they want to find out what he discovered. Night falls, and the Puppets goto work.

I enjoyed to movie, the stop motion is a bit behind what was out there, and at times a little OBVIOUS- like BLAZINGLY bad. I’m glad for the fact that all the puppets are different, not like army men. I am SO happy they don’t talk.

So Toulon is out to make sure the puppets don’t fall into the hands of the Nazis I wonder why the Hotel isn’t on the West Coast, or why not use the Japanese, oh wait. Hitler was the one into all of the mystical stuff.

I do wonder why the puppets didn’t try and stop the 2 gunmen. They seem to be ok in defending themselves. I would think with the half dozen out there, why go the suicide route? Plus why would Toulon trust that they wouldn’t find the trunk?

The acting is wooden, but that’s to be expected, I suppose. This is a VERY low budget movie, and not a ton left for the cast, preferring to use most on the effects. I do wonder who Hickey was related to. So finally whats the verdict on Part 1?


Little bit of a slow burn, and the actors really can’t do the job the actors did in Jaws making you wait to see the shark. The TNA tease is still a move it along bit to get to the rampaging puppets. Thats what we are waiting for, and lets be honest, we don’t care about anything else.

Its a good way to waste time. Solid 6, Skip the first half hour.

Spoilers Shead

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