What should the Packers do?

The LeBron James of the NFL?

When Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers went down with a broken collarbone Monday night against the Chicago Bears in their 27-20 loss, that sound most heard was GB fans gasping and holding their collective breath.

 Not this year buddy

Rodgers is expected to miss an estimated 4-6 weeks as he recovers. Jason Campbell suffered a broken collarbone in 2011 when he played for the Oakland Raiders in the 6th game of the season and he didn’t return until the final few weeks of the season. Rodgers suffered it a little later and could be looking at missing most of the regular season if he needs the full 6 weeks.

Seneca Wallace completed 11 of 19 passes for 124 yards, no touchdowns and an interception replacing Rodgers. He may not have had much time practicing with the first team, but he wasn’t particularly impressive so what do the Packers do now?

Well, to me it’s obvious. Matt Flynn was recently released by the Buffalo Bills, his second team this season, and he’s available. Flynn may have had a nomadic journey across the NFL since leaving Green Bay (he has played for Seattle, Oakland and Buffalo since leaving after the 2011 season) but he’s familiar with the Green Bay system. And this counts for a lot in the NFL, it shouldn’t take long for him to be back up to date with their playbook if they were to bring him back.

The Packers have a fairly easy schedule over the next several weeks:

@New York Giants

They need to win at least 3 of those games (preferably 4) and need a player that can manage the game and move the chains with some short to intermediate passes.

Green Bay has a much better running game now than they had the first time Flynn was in the land of the Cheese Heads. They are averaging 148.6 yards per game (2nd in the NFL) and 5 yards per carry (1st). Rookie running back Eddie Lacy has been a huge addition and is averaging a team-high 85.1ypg (with 4 rushing touchdowns) and James Starks is averaging a team-high 6 yards per carry. int

Bring Flynn in, start Wallace for a week and then turn over the reigns to Flynn after he’s had a week to re-acclimate himself with the playbook. Heck, if Wallace struggles again….yank him and throw Flynn in there against the Eagles. Green Bay still has Jordy Nelson who Flynn hooked up with a lot in his record setting game against the Detroit Lions
on January 1st, 2012 in a 45-41 victory. Flynn completed 31 of 44 passes for 480 yards, 6 TD’s and 1 INT. Nelson caught 9 of those passes for 162 yards and 3 TD’s.

The LeBron James of the NFL?

There aren’t many quality QB’s available at the moment so it would make a lot of sense for them to bring in a player who knows the personnel. And the only person that meets that would be…….Mr. Flynn












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