The DoneLosthismind Chronicles.

Back by Popular Demand . . . I mean seriously. You people must love these.

Remember, these are NOT SAFE FOR WORK and smallish Children. nsfw

The Source If you just can’t wait a week.

Please Enjoy. . . and you have been Warned. . .

10. The hardest urge to resist is the one to say F***k You!! to someone who really needs to hear it.

9. Said to myself, “Self? what the hell were you thinking?”

8. Congrats you won a lifetime supply of who gives a crap.

7. Even the miracle of duct tape can’t fix stupid, but it can muffle the sound

6. Please tell me your smoking dope, I don’t want to think your aways this stupid

5. You know you’re trailer trash if… Your Hallowe’en pumpkin has more teeth than you do

4. I wouldn’t say your ugly, just facially challenged.

3. I think attempting to understand your ignorant ass just shortened my life span!

2. U ever sneeze so hard it felt like your brains slapped the inside of your forehead?

1. Jesus take the wheel, cause I’m about to slap the stupid out of everyone else in the car.




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