7Pounds of Something: 11/4 – Going Overweight with Kanye

Its November, its a new month and a new Day. Time for 7pounds of Something. Enjoy.

I’m talking Monday,  Riding the Bus, Kanye, and Rap Music. Pre-Sorry for the ranting.

Heads up
1) Monday sucks.
Adding to the problem is my schedule has changed.
Instead of 3 days on, day off, 2 days on day off, I get 4 days on then day off 2-11 then day off. Yes I know most places you work 5 days straight, but that 2-11 really makes the next day start late.
But, Bossman say gotta be there, then gotta be there.
I’ve been riding the for several weeks now. Its stunning how clean and smooth it is, I had to ride a greyhound halfway across the country, and lets just say it was like riding in a mobile 2) porta-potty. Being a history guy like I am, when the wife and I decided to try doing the 3) bus thing, first thing I think of is MLK. I’ve heard the stories and read all about it. Last time I was riding a bus I was going to football games on them. Being a BFWG, I did worry a bit about hanging out downtown, and I’m not afraid to admit it. I grew up not far from downtown, and it was common, there were certain areas you didn’t go down if you were white, certain parts you didn’t go if it was night, and certain parts you just didn’t go down. Period. I’m sure every major city is the same.


I’m fine. No one bothers anyone. Most men get up to let older people sit down, ladies almost never have to stand up for long,wheelchair people have their own spots and don’t get crammed. It’s far better than I expected. I’m kind of proud that everyday I see white people and black people talking and laughing, Black men dressed like thugs get up to let old white women sit down. Makes me think there is hope for the future. I live in a country with a half and half president, a first generation American whose parents are Indian, a city with its first African-American Mayor- I’ve even cast a primary vote for a female president!

Yet my biggest hope for one America is riding a bus to work in the morning.

On the flip side.

How would you react to seeing me wearing this?Kanye

You might think Racist. But no, this is from the 4) Kanye Collection. Is it still Racist?

If I went out and made this shirt, I could see getting a reaction from people, If I bought this shirt, I would expect to see the same reaction.

Allow me to throw this out there. I understand the issues with the 5) Confederate Flag. I am a PROUD son of North Carolina- but I don’t think I have ever owned a shirt with the Confederate flag on it. You want to talk causes of the Civil War? I’ll let you in on a secret. It wasn’t about Slavery. It wasn’t about States Rights. It was about what causes almost all major conflicts.  .

EconomicsNow, lets be honest. Slavery was a HUGE part of it, to use a really bad analogy, its kinda like saying water is a part of 6) Kool-Aid to say Slavery had a bit to do with the Civil War. But ask yourself this. If the North was SOOOO strongly anti-Slavery, how come they didn’t make the states that didn’t join the Confederacy abolish Slavery for years after the war started? It wasn’t until the War was fully in the North’s hands that Lincoln emancipated the Slaves- and even THEN only did it in the south! If they cared so much for bla

Did you know he lived Free for all of 18 months?  Do you even know who this is?
Did you know he lived Free for all of 18 months?
Do you even know who this is?

ck people, how come they didn’t do anything about the 7) Sharecropping?

I mean, you could by and sell slaves in Delaware long after you could in the South. Isn’t Delaware down there around Alabama or something? Oregon’s Deep South, right? I could get Slaves there until 1859, just a few years before the Civil War. Not to mention thanks to the Dred Scott v Sanford, you could get away with having slaves in the North all the way up to 1865 in almost any state.

But lets not talk about old wounds.

Lets talk new ones.

Like this. Kanye is again, trying to cash in on racism. I know, he though Bush bombed New Orleans, he loves Beyonce‘s videos (who don’t) but this is plain and simple race-baiting for money’s sake. I bet if a major white star came out with this- think about if Eminem came out with this shirt on. Jesse and Al would be all over this.

I find this disgusting. I find it divisive. I find this doing a lot more harm to this nation in trying to heal itself 150 years after Gettysburg, the turning point of the War.

I wonder how I would feel if I was a black man and someone gave me that shirt. I don’t listen to rap anymore, to be honest. I find most rap now a bit on the dull side. I enjoyed it back in the 80s and early 90s, when it seemed like people actually worked on their craft. Way too much now seems almost boy-bandish in construction. I liked rap back when they looked to the NWA and Public Enemy  more than 2 Live Crew as topics. Yes I’m sure there are good ones out there. But I just can’t enjoy it the way I used to.

But How would I feel if I had the Kanye poster all over my walls, I’ve got all his albums memorized like I had everything D.O.C did, what would I think if some well-meaning idiot gave me this shirt for Christmas?

What if I was dumb enough to wear that shirt? NWA

I worry about the future of those kids who buy this shirt. I stress about the future of my country when a man who is more successful in life that I might ever be, thinks this is a great idea, and puts more money behind it than I’ll ever see, (unless I get that damn Powerball) and has a circle around him that simply doesn’t slap the shit out of him and tell him what a dumbass he is.

I wonder what Ice-T would say to him if he crossed him in the club. I have no doubt what would happen if the Ice-T from 20 years ago would have done in the street to him.

Sorry for the Rant. Blame the Other David.

In closing. No matter who you love


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  1. Good stuff. Not sure what’s wrong with Kanye. Lately he seems like he’s just going out of his way to court controversy. I guess he feels controversy sells, but as someone who considers himself a fan of Kanye’s musically, his asshole ways are starting to turn me off.

  2. Nice work, Dave. I must say, though, the issue with states’ rights and economics in this situation does stem from slavery, for it was a monoculture economy that was utterly dependent on an enslaved workforce to be economically viable. Anyway, you should expect as much of a Devil’s Advocate stance from me… keep up the good work!

  3. Lot of Cotton Fields in Oregon?
    Also keep in mind only 3-5% had more than 2 slaves, so you could even make a 1% comparison. The VAST majority of southerners didn’t even have slaves, since children were cheaper to have for the poor and you didn’t have to pay for them, plus they left home when you married them off.

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