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What up world? It’s EJ and I’m back with another edition. It’s November and it’s unseasonably warm out here in the NYC. I love it. I might have been born on a cold December day, but my ass hates the cold. Fuck snow. Fuck snow for real. Anyway, I digress. This week, I’ll keep it brief. Going to talk about bullying in the NFL, Carmelo Anthony sending out mixed messages, and finally a boxer from Kazakhstan who I really like. Let’s get it!

Years ago, I had a heart to heart with my friend’s son. Little man told me he was being bullied and he couldn’t wait to get big. Told him that unfortunately no matter how old you are, you’ll always come across someone who wants to be mean to you for no reason. I didn’t want to break his spirit, but I just wanted to let him know that bullying is not a little kid problem. I’m guessing that offensive tackle Jonathan Martin of the Miami Dolphins is coming to grips with that today. The NFL is known as a man’s sport, where jokes and hazing is common place. You’re expected to roll with the punches and just deal with it. However, what happens when you can’t deal? What happens when you have something going on in your head, and enough is enough? Martin leaving the Dolphins facility on Monday because he was being teased, has him being painted as a punk (to put it mildly) but I’m proud of the guy that was being called “Big Weirdo” by his teammates.

I was teased growing up. It didn’t hurt me or break me, but I was (and still am) overweight, I was (and still am) quiet by nature, so I was an easy target. Just like Martin, I blew up a few times. I’d think that’s normal behavior, but since this is the first reported case by an NFL player, look for bullying and hazing in a sports locker room to be viewed in a different light. Gone are the day of vets out to crush a rookies spirits, in order to incorporate him into the team. Times have changed, personalities have changed, and so have a players interests. I hope Mr. Martin sticks with the game, and I applaud him for taking a stance. Now, I hope he dedicates his energies towards an anti-bullying campaign and help those who are being ill treated just like he allegedly was.

Moving on, I want to say something to New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. Please make up your mind. One second you’re telling the New York Observer that you want to test free agency, and the next second you’re announcing that you want to retire a Knick. Last night during the TNT broadcast, Carmelo Anthony said that he wants to retire a Knick. Personally, I believe him because he orchestrated his way here when the Nuggets dealt him, and the Knicks can offer him a contract of 5 years and $129 million, which is 1 more year and $33 million more than any other team can offer him. Money does talk. Now, while I believe Carmelo Anthony will remain a Knick, I think Knicks fans would be wrong to let Melo’s recent comments put them at ease. I absolutely believe the Los Angeles Lakers, the Dallas Mavericks, and maybe one or two other teams will take a run at him this off season, and as much as I don’t believe Melo will leave $33 million on the table I wouldn’t be stunned if he did end up a Laker. Why? He and his wife LaLa own a home in Los Angeles, and LaLa has been serious about her acting these past few years. For that reason alone I COULD see Carmelo in Los Angeles, but as of today I DON’T see Carmelo leaving the bright lights of the Big Apple behind.

Finally, Gennady Golovkin is fighting Curtis Stevens tomorrow night on HBO. Golovkin, the WBA and IBO middleweight champion from Kazakhstan is fighting at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Known as GGG, Golovkin is a mean boxer, with a sluggers mentality and I love that about him. The 31 year old Golovkin is fighting in his 4th fight of 2013, and his 5th fight in the last 14 months. He’s never been knocked down in 375 fights (amateur and professional) and holds the highest KO rate in middleweight history, and the 3rd highest among all the weight classes. He hits hard, he can take a punch, and he wins in memorable style. With a record of 27 wins and 0 losses, Golovkin is slowly building up name recognition in the United States. He’s a staple on HBO, and it should be a matter of time before he fights Darren Barker, Peter Quillin, or Sergio Martinez who all hold middleweight belts. That is if they don’t duck him. GGG is that ferocious, that the other title holders have been looking at other fighters just to avoid him. When he knocks Stevens out tomorrow night, you heard it here first, it’ll be time for some of boxing’s top middleweights to answer the bell and step into the ring against the Good Boy, a.k.a. GGG, a.k.a. God of War, a.k.a. the Kazakh KO King.

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  1. Regarding Carmelo and him leaving money on the table. I just want to remind you about Dwight Howard. He wanted out of LA and left the money behind. I think he did this for two reasons: Kobe and he believes that LA will not be winning any championships in the near future.
    Now, Melo does not have someone like Kobe being a pain in the ass (unless you count Jim Dolan) that he wants out of his life but I think Melo doesn’t see the Knickerbockers winning a championship real soon either.
    So, I think Melo will leave the Knicks and the extra cash on the table and go where he thinks he has the best chance to win a ring. And, in my opinion, that won’t be LA.

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