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Welcome to’s NBA Preseason Rankings. Our rankings are taken poll style, and 7poundbag contributors EJ and David have weighed in with their top 15 rankings, and our bottom 5 rankings also known as the Riggin’ for Wiggins poll.

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EJ’s Rankings David’s Rankings DJ’s Picks
1 Miami Heat Miami Heat Miami Heat
2 San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs San Antonio Spurs
3 Los Angeles Clippers Chicago Bulls Brooklyn Nets
4 Chicago Bulls Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers
5 Oklahoma City Thunder Brooklyn Nets Chicago Bulls
6 Indiana Pacers Los Angeles Clippers Golden State Warriors
7 Houston Rockets Oklahoma City Thunder Indiana Pacers
8 Golden State Warriors Golden State Warriors New York Knicks
9 Brooklyn Nets Detroit Pistons Oklahoma City Thunder
10 New York Knicks Atlanta Hawks Houston Rockets
11 Memphis Grizzlies Memphis Grizzlies Detroit Pistons
12 Detroit Pistons Houston Rockets Minnesota Timberwolves
13 Atlanta Hawks Portland Trailblazers New Orleans Pelicans
14 New Orleans Pelicans New York Knicks Memphis Grizzlies
15 Los Angeles Lakers New Orleans Pelicans Atlanta Hawks


Analysis David: I’m not as high on the Knicks as my partner here, I’m just not convinced that all that money is going to mean a lot of success. I also think it’s going to take some time for the Clippers to come together. I know the Nets also have a good bit of work to do, but I have them ranked higher due to the fact that Garnett and Truth can just about fit anywhere, and Jason Kidd is going to be a great coach – until KG retires or gets hurt.

Analysis EJ: I might be too high on the Knicks and the Clippers, and I admit that I’m rewarding them off of their play last season. I expect I’ll be wrong on the Knicks, and they’ll drop off from their high finish of last year, but I won’t be wrong on the Clippers. I love the additions of Redick and Dudley, and Doc Rivers is too good of a coach not to have this team aiming for 60 wins. However, the team I love this season is the New Orleans Pelicans. I love that young squad and I think they will surprise. Also, I have the Lakers in my top 15. Why? I’m a fan. Simple enough.

The Riggin for Wiggins Countdown

EJ’s Rankings David’s Rankings DJ’s Rankings
1 Philadelphia 76’ers Phoenix Suns Phoenix Suns
2 Phoenix Suns Philadelphia 76’ers Milwaukee Bucks
3 Utah Jazz Utah Jazz Orlando Magic
4 Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors Philadelphia 76’ers
5 Toronto Raptors Orlando Magic Toronto Raptors

David: I have the Suns first, due to the fact they now have 4 first round picks with varied protections. I do think the 76ers do have one more good trade in them to take the top spot.

EJ: I saw the 76’ers beat the Lakers in person at the Wells Fargo Center in February 2012. I left that arena feeling that their future was really bright. Boy was I wrong! The Sixers are not even trying to hide the fact that they are tanking. Not that I blame them. Considering Noel is being held out to help their tanking cause, him, Carter-Williams, and Wiggins (assuming they do land that #1 pick) should form a fine trio going forward.

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  1. so, who, on your “Wiggins” list, do you think said, “OUR TEAM ISN’T good enough to win and we know it. So this season we want to develop and evaluate our young players, let them learn from their mistakes — and get us in position to grab a great player. The best way for us to do that is to lose a lot of games. This draft is loaded. There are potential All-Stars at the top, maybe even franchise changers. Sometimes my job is to understand the value of losing.”

  2. I’d say the general manager of all 5 teams we listed would have said that, but the GM’s in Philadelphia and Phoenix may really mean it.

    I know it was one game, but the teams we listed either won, or impressed in close losses last night. Imagine if Wiggins was added to one of those teams. It’d only validate the “tanking” process.

  3. Saying the BK Nets are 5th and 9th in the league is blasphemous. Only team with 5 all-stars. Don’t mention the loss to Cleveland. Everyone knows the NBA season starts in the playoffs. You might get good games on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  4. Hmm I dont think the Jazz are tanking since their picks are really originating around the success of the Warriors but having said that they wont be good. 30 wins at best, anyways I think the Jazz will be a little underrated and lose a lot of close games. They will be better when some of the injuries heal up and the team is 100% but the Jazz will likely make a deal with the Clippers or some other team over the luxury tax and basically knock themselves back down the standings.

  5. I have to agree that I don’t think the Jazz are tanking. In Kanter, Favors, and Hayward they have a solid nucleus. They’re just young. For that reason I think they’ll draft somewhere in top 7.

  6. I guess no one told the Sixers they’re supposed to lose. Michael Carter-Williams looks like he’ll be a damn good NBA player and Evan Turner is finally playing like a former #2 overall draft pick.

  7. When we do another set of rankings I’ll have to add the Celtics in the Riggin’ for Wiggins. They’ve looked pretty bad so far.

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