Bellator PPV is cancelled, and where to go from Here?


Bellator has cancelled the first ever Bellator PPV and moved it to Spike TV, following an injury to headliner Tito Ortiz

I’m guessing Rich Franklin was not available as a short term replacement?

Why not do Rampage Vs Mo?
I’m FAR more interested in that fight over any Tito fight since he was going to fight Chuck again, oh, In a fight that was scrapped and Rich Franklin replaced him in!

So why didn’t we get Rampage vs Mo, have the 205 champ have a miraculous recovery and have a title fight?

Think if we were heading to a sellout and 100K buys this wouldn’t be an issue? Let Chandler/Eddie II be the main event and move on?

Might it be the fact we have less than 2K tickets sold and estimates are around 30K buys?Bellator PPV

The scary thing is what does this do to the Eddie deal? He  was supposed to get PPV bucks, now that’s gone. Will he pull out? I wonder if Eddie would throw the fight, not in cage, but pull a Shamrock in the dressing room.

Finally back to Tito. I, personally have no doubt he’s injured, I have no doubt he’s been been hurting. I also think he was hurt when he signed the contract.

So Bellator PPV is a complete and utter failure, much as many expected. So what should Bellator do from here?

1. Stop trying to keep fighters that want to go. Treat fighters like NCAA coaches.
You want out? Then you have to pay 200K to get out of your contract. Of course, you can have different amounts for each fighter. Say you have a 20/20 contract, then would 5x be too much? If Chandler waxes Eddie, would Dana drop 100K to buy him out? If Askren wants out, maybe his payoff is $7.84 but still. How much is Cole Konrad worth? Not much now, but say if Cain kills Werdun and mauls JDS a fourth time? Maybe he’s worth dropping 75K to bring over another champion.

2. Ditch the tourney as the only way to get a title shot. Its nice, but we need to get bigger names shots to build homegrown stars. Imagine if DC had to face Shogun, Rashad and Guffy to get his shot.
I’m not saying don’t use it. Just don’t make it the only way to get a shot. Win the tourney, you got next.

3. Drop guys whose name is bigger than their skillset. If they were pushing this PPV on Eddie/Chandler II instead of Tito vs Rampage, they could have survived.

Super Nice Guy Too!
Super Nice Guy Too!

4. Love the Homegrowns. They need to be after the untested 11-0 MW, not Okami. I can pay for 4 fights over the money Okami is going to cost. Is Okami a draw? Now I’d pay for Leben, I think he’d be great, much like the way Rich Clementi has been, but Rich has a school and a good eye on talent.

5. Forget PPV. Seriously. When you can run huge numbers on SPIKE, then try again. But the UFC is having problems cracking 500k buys, so when you average more on Spike then they do on UFC Countdown, then lets talk PPV, OK?

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