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WWWhat up world? It’s EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. This week we got a new quarterback in St. Louis, why I think it’s time for the Vikings to trade their star, Tony Romo and LeBron James mentioned in the same sentence, Diddy wants to be an NFL team owner, and why I think Vitali Klitschko running for the Presidency of the Ukraine is the best thing for boxing’s heavyweight division. Without much further ado: let’s get it!

18The St. Louis Rams have a brand new quarterback. No, it’s not Uncle Rico (from the movie Napoleon Dynamite if the reference is unfamiliar to you) but considering the Rams called Brett Favre’s agent and sought out his interest in a comeback at age 44, it makes you wonder who didn’t receive a phone call from the Rams. I mean, other than Tim Tebow and Vince Young, it looks like the Rams left no stone uncovered in their search that ended with the signings of recently released Brady Quinn and rookie quarterback Austin Davis. Those two will join presumed starter Kellen Clemens (like Quinn a former New York Jet) on the depth chart of the Rams. Clemens will be getting the start in place of injured starter Sam Bradford who tore his ACL last week against the Carolina Panthers.

Now forgive me, but I have no hope for Kellen Clemens. As a Jets fan I remember a god awful quarterback that was eventually replaced by Mark Sanchez (yikes!). So, although Clemens has familiarity in the offense thanks to Rams offensive coordinator and former Jets offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer, I predict the Rams are on their way to a top 5 NFL Draft pick.

Before I move off from the Rams, I actually do not understand why Jeff Fisher did not give Vince Young a phone call. Young, the former Tennessee Titan, might have busted out of the game due to poor play and an unstable mindstate but he sounds like he’s recovered from his tough times and he didn’t look too bad in a short term stint with the Green Bay Packers this preseason. Also, if you follow him on Twitter (like I did for one point) he sounds extremely motivated to succeed in what would be his last NFL chance. With a team going nowhere, and a team that needs to move on from high priced but failing incumbent Sam Bradford, I thought Vince and Jeff could have been a good match. Vince apologized to Jeff for their problems in Tennessee, and Jeff turns to a familiar face. There’s time for this to happen but I won’t hold my breath.

The Rams are going nowhere. Another team that isn’t going anywhere, in my humbleap opinion, is the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings are 1-5 and at a stage where they should consider blowing up the team and rebuilding through the draft. That’s why I think it would be smart to consider trading Adrian Peterson. Adrian has been through a lot this season with the murder of his young son, and playing through a hamstring injury, and despite coming off of a season where he finished with 2,097 yards (2nd most in NFL history and 9 yards short of the record) I think it’s time for the Vikings to deal him.

Let me explain. Peterson is 28 years old and playing in a League where there are no more star running backs. Running backs used to be drafted high, and in the 1st round. Now most franchises wait until at least the middle rounds before plucking a running back that can fit their system. Teams are also employing a running back by committee system in which 2 or 3 backs share carries. The days of where you have one star, like Peterson, are slowly being phased out. So, the Vikings must capitalize on the fact that there are some owners out there who still like a star. Like, Jerry Jones of the Dallas Cowboys. Despite Adrian’s injuries, I’d think Jerry would be salivating to bring the son of Palestine, Texas back to the Lone Star State. If I’m Dallas I’d definitely offer some draft picks and see if they can finally add a capable running back to pair with Tony Romo. Finally take that pressure off of him.

Speaking of Tony Romo, Stephen Jones, son of Jerry, came out this week and said like LeBron James all Tony needs to shut his critics up is win a ring. Now, I don’t think too highly of Stephen. He was wrong when he declared Dallas’ loss to Denver earlier this season, a moral victory and he’s wrong now. Yes, Tony puts up a ton of stats, but he’s not a winner. At least LeBron won a couple of MVP awards before he won a ring. Tony hasn’t even done that. Now, Dallas does put a lot of pressure on Tony because all the Jones’ care about is winning Super Bowls but before you try to define Tony’s place in history, how about he wins the division and actually make it to an NFC Title Game? He hasn’t even done that. At least LeBron made it to two NBA Finals, and a couple of Conference Finals before he won the big one. If Peyton Manning can still be criticized for making the playoffs 11 times, and winning a Super Bowl ring, what makes Stephen Jones think no one will criticize Romo if he finally wins one? However, if the Jones’ are serious then they need to put together a team that can get it done. Once again the Cowboys are not a contender. Once again. They need a winner. They need Diddy!


Sticking with football for one more topic. Sean John Combs a.k.a. Diddy wants to own an NFL team. Take that, take that, take that. Diddy is a winner. He’s won in the music game. He’s won in the clothing game with Sean John. He’s won in the liquor game with Ciroc, and even though his music television station Revolt just kicked off he’ll win there too. Of course I’m biased. He brought the world one of the greatest rappers of all time: The Notorious B.I.G. and I can’t hate on the man that brought the world the man that makes me proud to be from Brooklyn. I can’t stop, I won’t stop. This week Mr. Combs declared that he wants to own an NFL team. Now, this isn’t new. He made a similar announcement three years ago. I applaud the fact that Diddy wants to become the first African-American majority owner of an NFL team but as crazy as this sounds, he doesn’t have the money.

There are NFL franchises out there with values over 1 billion dollars. Mr. Combs’ net worth is $580 million. Now, that’s a ton of money but not enough to buy a team outright. Diddy might be 44, so there is time for him to acquire more wealth, but in the time it will take for him to boost his worth, NFL franchise amounts will also increase. The odds against him are big. It might benefit him to become a partial owner of a franchise. I don’t mean owning less than 1% like Jay Z did with the Brooklyn Nets, but owning a 10-20% of a franchise. He’s a very public figure, and to have such a high profile figure like Sean Combs would be great for the NFL.

Finally, I think it’s a wonderful thing that Vitali Klitschko is seeking the Presidency of the Ukraine. Why? That means the heavyweight division is nearing the end of the Klitschko strangle hold on it. Vitali, and younger brother Wladimir have controlVKled the division for at least a decade and all that has led to is boring and predictable fights from the two brothers beating down over matched opponents.While the brothers Klitschko are dominant, they both have a hug and clinch style that make fights terribly painful to watch. They’re literal snoozefests.

The heavyweight division used to be the pinnacle in boxing. That’s no longer the case. The action now belongs to the middleweights, but if the Klitschko’s can be eased out of the way, along with these super tall but untalented Eastern Europeans that have flooded the division, I think we can finally get back to the days of marketable heavyweight boxers. It also wouldn’t hurt if an American finally comes to the forefront of the division. It will take the end of the Klitschko’s for that to happen, so I encourage any Ukranian who reads this blog, or anyone who even knows a Ukranian to vote for Vitali for President once elections start. Vitali belongs in an office in Kiev, and not in a boxing ring. As a matter of fact put Wladimir up as a write-in vote for an office too. Take both brothers, please Ukraine!

The blog was a bit lengthy this week, but I’m done. I hope you enjoyed this edition, and while you’re here at please check out the rest of our excellent content. Thanks for reading. Peace.

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