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Welcome to 7pounds of something, I hope you like the new design, if you have a mobile device take a look at it, the template I am using looks a TON better than it did last year when I tried this one out, nice upgrade WordPress. This week I talk a little UFC 166, BCS Rankings and ROn RIvera.
First off, 1) UFC 166 was awesome, and if you missed the show, it was great, but a hearty F-U to 2) Roy Nelson who did absolutely shit for 2 rounds. I’ll have a show review up later. But even the prelim guys deserve some love. I didn’t do great on my picks, and Hector Lombard made me look stuipid, but it was a great show. UFC 167 is a one-fight card in my opinion, but we will have a preview for it as well. Florida State Seminoles
First 3) BCS Rankings are out, and it is no suprise to me to see FSU in the top 2. People can say what they want about Oregon, but the Pac-12 has very little respect, and sad to say, as much as they love to pile on USC’s woes, they need USC to be better. For once, its not the humans that are hating on you, Duckville, its the PCs, and the PCs can be programed to not care that you dropped 150 on Eastern Idaho A&T.
4) FSU has to stay lucky to stay ahead, some voters will do whatever excuse they can to drop FSU down and get the Oregon/Alabama matchup, and to be honest, I can see that as the matchup we should have.

Speaking of PC hate, no one likes the 5) Big 12, with both undefeated teams ranked 11th and 12th, and lets face it, Baylor can drop Wilt-Like numbers just like Oregon, and it won’t matter.

The wrecked SEC has 6 schools in the ranking, even with 5 schools losing on the day, again, its Alabama who has to keep chugging along to get that SEC Payday/Title string going, but LSU really damaged a chance to get a second team in there.

Finally for all you non-AQ people out there, Fresno State and NIU are 17 and 18, and unless they get stupid or get caught, one will get a Big BCS check.Panthers O-Line

I think I have a candidate for my coach of the 6) Panthers. I supported getting Ron Rivera, and i loved the Seigfert hire. The Fox i could see, and I loved the Capers one- but now? I’m done with Ron. Anyone that comes out with Mike Shula and says, we got this, should be slapped and forced to watch 7 year olds play Madden 95 on Nintendo, because that pretty much is the same offense.
Who do I want? 7) Paul Johnson.Paul Johnson
I saw him at Navy, making me hate life during the Army/Navy game- and more often than not, the Navy/ND game.
Then he goes to GaTech, and things did not improve, he gets a better class of player, and I see what he does to the UNC offense, and even the LSU defense. he’s never had great offensive linemen, but his teams play hard, play smart and don’t become dull.
I think with the running back talent, plus Cam, and a TE/WR that can catch the short throws and make impressive runs after the catch, Paul Johnson could really scare the NFL .


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