UFC 166 Preview


UFC 166I am as excited as can be for this card, Sorry for the lack of the Prelims, but Notepad died on me

Gabriel Gonzaga


Shawn Jordan


Regular readers know I loves me some Shawn Jordan, any alumni of USAMMA gets love from me, and Jordan is no different. I am still a big fan of Napao, even though he cost the world the Randy/Cro-Cop match we didn’t know we wanted. I don’t expect much of this fight, I think it could be a long slow plodding fight, until then end when either man goes down hard and brings the fight fans running from the concession stand to watch the replay. Problem is the posturing could be  in round 1, 3, 7, 21, 187th round. Lets hope Shawn makes it happen early.

Pick: Jordan KO 3

Gilbert Melendez vs Diego Sanchez

I love Sanchez. But his problem is, he really has not advanced much in the past few years. He can do what he wants in the cage, but just has not been the Nightmare for quite some time. I almost wonder if he missed his window for being a dominate guy- had he came around 3 years before would have have run everyone else out of MMA Gilbert is still a top 10 lightweight, who has TONS to prove still.
I just don’t see how Diego wins this one. I actually think he might be better at 170
He’s not a title contender, or even top 5 at either weight class, but at 170 he can push the pace and be a solid PPV gatekeeper, and has the wrestling to keep
things moving.
Pick: Gilbert vis DES

Daniel Cormier vs Roy NelsonRoy Nelson

I’m going upset. Yes I said it. I have not been impressed with DC since the Barnett performance, and I gave Mir a round against him, of course, DC might have been so far ahead he took his foot off the gas, but still, a win is a win- but when you are looking for a title shot, I need a white wash vs guys like that. Roy Nelson has power that Mir can’t reach on his BEST day, sorry Nog, and if DC sleeps on Roy in round 3 like he did Mir, then Roy will make sure he is sleeping . Here is the problem, I’m not sure DC can run the top game all day long on Roy, Roy is smarter than most give him credit for, he has almost NO pressure on him, and if DC is cutting like he claims, he might have another 40 pounds on DC when they hit the cage. Roy isn’t a huge Heavyweight, not like he’s rolling at 280 in the cage, but he’s been carrying that belly for a long long long time. Can DC knock out Roy? I have no evidence. Can DC knock out anyone? Yes.
Can DC FINISH Roy on the ground? Lets see, Barnett, Mir- No. How is Roy’s grappling compared to theirs? Close?
Can Roy Submit DC if DC gets cocky/Lazy/Bored/Tired? Absolutely. Roy isn’t afraid of anyone or anything, and DC isn’t faced anyone like that since Barnett, who broke  bones early in that fight. Mir Crumbles under heavy pressure- and DC was unable to do that.
Would I bet a house payment on Roy?
Would I bet a happy meal on it? All Day
Pick: ROY via Rd 2 KO.

Junior Dos Sanchez vs Cain Velasquez

The Problem I have here is are we going to see a difference fight than last time, and if so, how different?
I still don’t see JDS stopping every takedown, and to be honest, I agree that Cain might not have the power to drop JDS unless its a pound out on the ground.  I think JDS can threaten on the bottom, but I wonder if the pace that Cain puts up, can anyone really do anything against him on the ground? Much as I’d love to see JDS repeat part 1 of thios trilogy, I think part II is FAR more likely, even though I will pulling for JDS.

Pick: CAIN by 49-45 scorecards

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