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SM4I’m from Brooklyn, New York. Proud of it. It’s the toughest borough in the greatest City in the World. I make no apologies for the pride I have being from here. That’s Brooklyn for you. Scratch that. That’s BROOKLYN!!! for you. The Brooklyn Nets are about to start their 2nd season at the Barclays Center, and while this team is much tougher than last year’s edition I still feel the Nets are missing that Brooklyn edge. It’s still missing that Brooklyn star that will tie the residents of this borough closer to their team.

I look at the Nets roster and I love the fact that Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Jason Terry are here. Last season my biggest complaint, and the complaint of many, were that the Nets were too soft. This was especially true in the playoffs when the Chicago Bulls shoved their way into the 2nd round. The Nets allowed themselves to be out-toughed, and out-manned in a sad display of basketball. That isn’t Brooklyn. That’s not what we’re about and the Nets just didn’t have that swag that is needed to truly rep here. They have that now. Pierce and Terry both play with that mental toughness, but they also talk the right amount of shit to back it up. Add those two with the biggest asshole in the game in KG and that killer force has finally come to the County of Kings.

SM1You heard that? There are kings in Kings County. However, looking at the Nets roster there is one thing missing. An actual Brooklynite. Someone that was born and raised here. Someone who knows the blacktop. Someone who played on courts with no nets. Someone who used to use milk crates as a basketball hoop. Brooklyn, and New York City, as a whole is known for producing tough players. Players who impose their will on the game, and I think that’s the one thing the Nets are still missing. They’re still missing a home grown player. I have a player in mind though. There is probably 0% chance of this happening but it would be my dream if Stephon “Starbury” Marbury comes home to finish his career with the Brooklyn Nets.

Yes, Stephon is 36. Yes, he’s spent the last three years in China. Yes, his NBA career came to a pathetic end with the Knicks who exiled him before he limped to an embarrassing end to the 2009-2010 season with the Boston Celtics. Yes, Stephon was a Net before. Who doesn’t remember his mother Mabel rushing the court whenever her boy was hit too hard? Actually, it was the Nets trading Stephon for Jason Kidd that led the Nets to short term glory in two NBA Finals appearances in the early 2000’s. Now Coach Kidd is running the place. His career and Steph’s careers are intertwined with both of them playing for the Nets and the Suns at one point in their careers. That’s a tie that binds but there is one major roadblock.

That roadblock? That aforementioned asshole: Kevin Garnett. As young SM2players, these two didn’t get along in Minnesota. Both considered themselves “the main Timberfwolf” and their entourages encouraged their egos. Well, Garnett won their pissing contest and Steph was dealt to those aforementioned Nets. There hasn’t been a known reconciliation between the two so that’s an issue. However, I want this to happen.


Stephon, would have to wait until the end of the Chinese Basketball Association to come back to the NBA and that likely wouldn’t be before March 2014. At that point he’d be 37, but if the Lincoln High School product wanted one more shot at the League, and to play at home, why would the Nets say no? A few minutes a game for Coney Island’s Finest who can probably still run an offense, and hit the occasional jumper would be the perfect marriage to boost the Nets on court image. With Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Jason Terry, Shaun Livingston, and Tyshawn Taylor the Nets would be a low risk situation for Starbury but also more of a media/fan win for the team and himself.

The #4 pick of the 1996 Draft might not have been the street-icon the way #1 overall pick of that draft Allen Iverson was, but as far as Brooklyn’s concerned Stephon is our icon. He’s that swag, he’s that bravado and if he has any thoughts of ending his playing career with one last hurrah in the NBA, I hope he and the Nets can get on board. I admit this is all wishful thinking of mine, a thought I’ve had since the Nets playing in Brooklyn actually became a reality, but this is one that needs to come true. If it does, put me down as the first person who’s going to buy a #3 Brooklyn Nets Marbury jersey.


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  1. Damn
    Does he still sell those 20 dollar sneakers?

    Its amazing how much talent Minny actually did have at times

  2. Good stuff, EJ. But (and you admitted it’s wishful thinking, something I do a lot), he’s happy playing over in China. However, I agree. This would be a great fit.

  3. He is happy in China, but I’m pretty sure I mentioned this as a career ending move for him. It wouldn’t be for nothing more than a few months.

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