The Blog About Nothing 10/18 Edition

What up world? It’s me EJ, and I’m back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. This week I’ll look at a mutiny in the world of college football, a Cuban baseball player that’s about to get paid, and talk about Case Keenum and his elevation to the starting quarterback spot for the Houston Texans. Let’s get it.Grambling

This week a college football team went on strike. Players refused to attend practice over complaints of taking busses to games that were far from campus, and to protest over the removal of their head coach. No, I’m not talking about the University of Southern California Trojans. This mutiny took place at Grambling State University in Louisiana. The school that brought us head coaching legend Eddie Robinson and the first black quarterback to win the Super Bowl in Doug Williams is currently in the middle of player revolt. Incidentally enough, Doug Williams plays a part in what’s going on currently at Grambling. Williams, was a popular figure at the University and he’s served as an administrator and as of September he also was a head coach. However, he was fired due to the team finishing 1-10 last season, and starting off slowly this season. Williams, had an overall record of 61-32 in 2 stints at the University and despite the slow start he was highly regarded by fans and his players.

Williams was replaced by running backs coach George Ragsdale who went 0-4 this season, and thanks to the player revolt he has now been replaced by Dennis Winston, who is also a former NFL player. Winston will be the 3rd head coach this season for the Grambling State Tigers. Tigers players had other concerns besides coaching. The Tigers have played two games in Indianapolis and Kansas City so far this season and have traveled to those games by bus. In this day of college athletics, where football is king, colleges and universities charter planes for their athletes to travel. Of course, Grambling would not have the same athletic budget for travel than say Louisiana State would have but just like the Bayou Bengals of Baton Rouge would, these Tigers from Grambling would like to fly to games away from campus instead of taking long bus trips.

While there has been no word from the administration, as far as flying to certain away games, it looks like the player revolt at Grambling has been successful. The players were unhappy that a legend at the University was unceremoniously cast off, and they took power into their own hands to bring in a coach that they can approve of. Now, it’s in their hands to play better. Grambling is 0-6. Most of us know Grambling for playing Southern University in the Classic at the end of the season. I tend to watch that game, mostly for the battle of the bands at halftime, but I hope to be watching Grambling on the upswing and not just a team looking to revolt again when this hire doesn’t work out.Jose Abreu

Enough talk of revolt from kids who do not get paid to play. Let’s now turn our attention to someone who is about to get paid in a major way. Cuban defector Jose Abreu is about to receive a 6 year $68 million dollar deal from the Chicago White Sox. His deal surpassed Yasiel Puig, Yoenis Cespedes, and will make Abreu the recepient the of the largest initial free-agent contract to an international player. With all that money coming to him, he must be good. Right? Well, we here in the States don’t know of Abreu but when I heard that he would be signing a deal that large, I did some research. Abreu hit 33 home runs with 93 RBI’s in the 2010-2011 season in Cuba. He did that while missing some time with a shoulder injury. In his most recent exposure to the world audience, the recent World Baseball Classic the 6’3″ 250 pound 1st baseman hit .360 with 3 home runs and 9 RBI’s.

Abreu is expected to take the place of White Sox mainstay Paul Konerko next season. Losing a veteran and fan favorite like Konerko will be rough on the Chicago White Sox but this is a franchise that is in rebuild mode. The upside to Abreu is the lack of familiarity pitchers have with him. This has worked so far in the favor of Puig and Cespedes who have both played well since coming across from Cuba. It’s too early to tell if Abreu will follow in their footsteps, but the amount of money he’ll be receiving has placed a bullseye on him. Pitchers will be watching, and I think we will too.

Its a callup!
Its a callup!

Finally, the Houston Texans are making a change at quarterback. Out is starter Matt Schaub, who has been having a horrible season so far, and in is Case Keenum the former University of Houston quarterback. Keenum, a hometown boy, went undrafted in the 2012 draft after spending a successful career with the Houston Cougars. The Texans came into this season with Super Bowl aspirations and are currently 2-4. This is in large part due to Matt Schaub’s struggle under center. Schaub looks like a player that’s lost his confidence, and with the offense struggling the Texans defense has spent far too much time on the field. That is a huge issue for a defense that has players nursing nagging injuries. That unit needs their offense to put up points and to better manage the time of possession. Schaub is technically out with an ankle injury but the way he has played so far this season it wasn’t going to be long before he’s benched. Now that he has, it’s time to see what Keenum has.

The thing I like about Keenum is that he’s surpassed T.J. Yates for this starting opportunity. Yates, who was drafted out of the University of North Carolina, was Schaub’s backup. Yates did come into the game after Schaub hurt his ankle, and he promptly threw a costly interception that cost the Texans the game. The Texans aren’t doing Keenum any favors starting him against the 6-0 Kansas City Chiefs in the loudest stadium in the NFL. That’s a rough place to make your 1st start. However, the Texans need a spark. Turning to Keenum, who was regarded to be too small to play in the NFL and a system quarterback, might be what they need. He showed in the preseason that he can make smart decisions with the ball and has a quick release. If the Texans keep it simple on offense it wouldn’t shock me if they win this week. Not at all.

So, that’s it. I’m out of here. Enjoy your week, thanks for supporting and peace.

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  1. Grambling has gotten nearly ZERO attention from the local Media
    Part of it is Shreveport Media, by and large, ignore EVERYTHING- even Bossier City (the TV stations are almost as bad)
    Part of it is that Grambling rarely cares about anyone but themselves- and I think if they could dig up the entire campus and move it outside of BR or NO they would in a heartbeat.
    Part of it is the FACT that Grambing could be 10-0 and people would ask – How is the band? They could be 0-10 and people would ask – How is is the Band?

  2. I figured that Grambling was more of a national story. It is a small HBCU so that isn’t surprising but something really big is going on there. When is the last time you heard of a football team refusing to practice? That was a full scale revolt.

  3. I know you are. To be honest I didn’t really evaluate the Texans. Keenum could succeed or he could fail. We’ll know for sure come Sunday.

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