The Problem with John Wall

I am writing the Season Preview for the Baltimore Bullets, and I am having an issue.

What do I do with their best player? I mean I can talk Kemba Walker and Mario Chalmers and the like, I know what I have there, I’m not sure what I have with Wall. How do I describe him in the big picture?

John Wall

Here is the problem with John Wall.

If he is your best player, can you win a title? I’m not talking about beating Miami, I’m talking beating “normal” contenders, like Indy or the Spurs. For all the shit that Dwight Howard gets, and justifiably so, if he is your best player, you can win a title with him. Is Wall that good? If you swapped Wall for Tony Parker, do the Spurs make the Finals?

I love the NBA DRAFT, It’s more fun to me than day 1 of the regular season. Unlike the NFL draft, where I look at longevity and performance, I think you have to look at pure wins and losses to “grade” a player. If I have Drew Brees, its stupid to draft Johnny Football- even if he goes into the Hall of Fame, but if I have Lawrence Taylor, its fine to take Urlacher, I can find a spot for him. In the NBA, its almost the same thing, if I have Drexler, I can pass on Jordan right?

Exactly. If I have talent, I can win, regardless of position. If you swap LeBron out for any teams top player, are they a title team? I daresay a dozen teams become challengers, admittedly a couple because Miami isn’t there. If I add LeBron as a free agent, then a few more become contenders.

Think about Lebron on Golden State. Can that team beat the Spurs?

I am not just going with LeBron here, add Durant or CP3 or even a 100% Howard or Kobe to Golden State. I think that can be contenders. Now add Wall to the Warriors, is that a title team? Do they beat the Rockets or Spurs? Add the Dirk from 2 years ago to that team instead. I think the Bogut/Nowitski/Barnes/Iggy/Curry is a title team.

But Bogut/Lee/Barnes/Iggy/Wall (Curry playing his dad)?

Now is Wall a Good player? Without a doubt. 18/8 with 4 rebounds is never going to be thrown away, and is defense isn’t bad either.

He’s more than exciting, and lets keep in mind, last year would have been his senior year, and its not like he has had great coaching along the way either.

Number 1?
Number 1?

So All this is moot, there is no chance you let Wall walk from DC.

But can you build on him?

I just don’t know.

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