Its a cold, cold, cold WTF world out there sometimes…

1) On Wednesday (October 9), reporter Dan Friedman of the NYDN wrote that two House Democrats were going after the congressional dumbbells.

Dumbbells was his word; not mine. I would have chose another word or two, however, dumbbells does work.

What piqued Friedman’s word association skills was that two Democratic Reps were reacting to the factuncle sam begging 2 that although the federal government is supposed to be essentially closed, the House gym was not.  So, they now demanded the shutdown of that gym.   Murphy and Foster said it did not make sense that lawmakers enjoy access to their “exclusive gym and spa” while other Americans are making sacrifices because of the government shutdown.

Republican aides said the gym must stay open because scores of lawmakers, including many Tea Party-backed members who pushed for the government shutdown, sleep in their offices while in Washington and shower in the gym.

My solution?  No work, aka no working government (I know that’s an oxymoron but it’s all I got to work with here); no pay, and, that means no associated amenities either. I mean for crying out loud, when the government is in a so-called working state Congress gets to act like a bunch of freeloading dolts then the least that can happen is that when the government dole is suspended their freeloading should also be suspended.

Besides who is working in the spas to keep them open anyway?

Hell, ya wanna act like a cheap whore making deals in a back alley then get a cheap room with a cold shower.

2) Then over the weekend, I read that an Oklahoma couple got so addicted to their avatar lives in an online game/second life that they lost most of what ever touch they had with the real world.

Mark Knapp, 48, and his 33-year-old wife, Elizabeth Pester, were busted for child abuse and neglect on October 9, after they left their emaciated child at a hospital and then went back to their home to resume playing an online game.

Police believe that the two so-called adults spent so much time playing with their avatars in a life-simulation video game that they were ignoring and letting their real life daughter starve. A police spokeswoman told KOTV that the child “… weighs 13 pounds. She’s not able to walk, she’s not able to move and she has very limited vocal skills.” And although the child is in very serious and grave condition she is expected to survive. 

As if this ain’t bad enough, get this: According to court papers obtained by KOTV, it wasn’t the first time authorities had to take the child away from the couple for alleged neglect. The documents showed that Oklahoma Department of Human Services took the child into custody in 2010, when she was just a few weeks old after they found out the child Pester avatarwas having feeding issues that were largely suspected to be due to the fact that Knapp and Pester weren’t interacting or spending time with the child.  Then, when the baby was somehow, and incredulously, returned to the parents in 2011, she was returned to the hospital a few months later … malnourished.

At this point if I am in Human Services I begin fighting very hard to place this kid in (1) foster care and start looking for a family who is suitable to adopt and (2) fight against ever returning this child to these idiots. However, I ain’t in Human Services, and, for whatever damn fool reason, Oklahoma Human Services decided the best strategy for all concerned is to have a therapist visit the couple once a week and then weigh the child during each session.

But, Human Services still didn’t quite grasp the concept that at this point they are the people who are supposed to be calling the shots and not this maladjusted couple. Because when Pester requested the therapists visits be limited to the afternoon hours, because she had a late-night deejay job, they windup bending to the will of the couple and granting the request.

Okay, let me interrupt myself here and say in no uncertain words: Why in hell are you (Oklahoma Human Services) listening to anything that either of these peeps is telling you? They have already been proven to be, at worst, liars and, at best, people who may be incqapable of understanign the conept of parenthood. And, if, in the name of all that is holy, you are going to give a tad of credence to the fact this woman, could be telling the truth… at least a truth based in reality, shouldn’t her claim be verified? And the answer is “nope” because obviously they did not.

Because, if they did then how did officials, ultimately, find a nearly starved child? And you know what else they found out? They learned that the job Pester mentioned was really only a part of a computer game in which she played a deejay.

Wow! Really? Ya know, sometimes, you just never know about people, huh? I got one word for Human Services in Oklahoma: Dumbasses.

THEN!!!! As if all of this crap isn’t having my WTF bell ringing off the damn walls, investigators found that the child had only been weighed twice in a five-month period since she was returned home.


And, this gets even more stupefying because according to the Tulsa World when Knapp and Pester had to wait a couple of hours at the hospital this last time, they must of got a bit antsy to return to their “lives” because they left the hospital… went back to their house. Pester is said to have told medical staff that she would return the next day, even though they lived just three miles away.

This is your damn daughter! You are responsible for this poor girl and you just up and leave? I don’t know about ya’ll, but if that was me, I know for a fact, my mom would have been at the hospital until the sun rose the next day and she would continue to be there until someone came and dragged her away or they guaranteed her I would be OK. But then my mom would not have been so engrossed in a piss-ass computer game that she was acting liked a crack addled junkie who couldn’t care for me.

So, they leave the hospital, go home and cops eventually come to investigate about how the hell did this kid come to weigh a whole 13 pounds (some newborns are nearly that freaking big!) and near death’s door.   And they find the pair playing the damn computer game. And what comes from the “father’s” lips next is just amazing and appalling… he asked the officers if they were visiting to tell them that the little girl had died.

The cops told them that the child was alive and then, essentially, said “assume the position” and cuffed them on child abuse and neglect charges.

But riddle me this: When did we as a society begin to get so self-absorbed with technology and pseudo-lives that this has come to pass. Yeah, it is not the norm for this crap to happen but it seems to me it is happening more and more.

A kid down south finds his grandma’s gun and blows her away after watching some shoot ‘em up game.

The various stories we hear that connect mass murders with extensive role playing and/or violent computer games.

I could go on and on with other examples but the point is we have way too many people who get hooked on these games and somehow forget there is a difference between fantasy and reality.

And, I don’t have any answers but some people, who be way smarter than me, need to start coming up with some because pretty soon it won’t be zombies we need to worry about taking over the world because we will be our own mind zombies who take over ourselves. And, it won’t be pretty.

Sometimes when people have a problem with booze or drugs they need someone to shake the peaches from their tree and intervene. So, maybe if you know someone who is constantly in front of a computer screen and, maybe with the shades drawn down, and, if by chance you are allowed in their inner sanctorum and they seem a bit distant then it just might be time to say something to them, or to someone else, before their brains go blue screen.

3) A Fairfield (CT) man was busted with bomb-making materials in his home and one of the things he told cops ws that he planned to blow up Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards.  WTF?


The Fairfield Citizen reported that Joseph C. Callahan, 69, was arrested at his Fairfield home on October 1 after cops found several thousand pounds of explosive chemicals in his garage, including the explosive material used in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing, as well as a collection of hand-built rockets and detonators. Callahan has since been under observation for mental illness and charged with more than 100 counts of illegal possession of explosives, reckless endangerment and manufacture of bombs.

That kinda, sorta, was enough to tick off my WTF meter but the one that made my meter do a full tilt boogie was when police were questioning about what all he intended to do with this stuff and the dude told police that one of the bombs was designated for Stones’ rocker Keith Richards. Richards lives in Weston, a town over from Callahan. His reps didn’t comment.

Keith Richards CT home
Keith Richards CT home

Now, Callahan’s  lawyer was quick to jump in and told reporters that Callahan was distraught over an ongoing divorce and never intended to blow up Richards or anyone else.

Maybe… and maybe not.  But Keith Richards? Seriously?! Ye gods and little fishes (always did want to use that Tallulah Bankhead line from “Lifeboat”), why in hell would anyone want to take out Keith Richards?

Mick Jagger? Him? I could understand taking him out.

But, Richards? He’s the talented one.  He probably wouldn’t be worth a dime without Jagger pulling the financial strings but Richards is the essential musical heart and soul of the Rolling Stones. Plus, Richards has played with, and, arranged/produced more music for people than you can shake a stick at, including Aretha Franklin, Chuck Berry, Tom Waits and the Neville Brothers.

Jagger just shakes his spandexed skinny ass and prances about playing at whatever role he thinks will sell more records and thousand dollar tickets to the next Stones show.

4) Caught this little tidbit yesterday (10/15) about a man with a knife who was arrested trying to enter London’s Buckingham Palace.

Seems a 44-year-old man tried to run past security at one of the palace’s gates but was apprehended immediately and taken to a London police station.  Police said no one was injured and the man was arrested on suspicion of trespassing on a protected site and possession of an offensive weapon.

Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace

Excuse me?  And, naw, I ain’t talking about what the dude did but instead about that there report that described as him being in “possession of an offensive weapon”.  I mean, since when is a weapon anything but an offensive weapon?

According to any reference I pull up on my computer, it typically says that a weapon is any device that can be used to inflict damage or harm to living beings, structures or systems.

Now, I know some weapons could be construed as defensive in nature or purpose, i.e., pepper spray or stun guns, or, because they are used in self-defense but the bottom line is that they are used to inflict damage or harm to people, places or things.

Ergo they are offensive.

Pheesh, does not anyone think before engaging in opening their mouth or putting their paws to keyboards anymore?

5) Okay, this is against my better instincts, but, I have this little piece of info for any of you who get so shitfaced that you have trouble getting out of your car: Do not, I empathically repeat, DO NOT call 911.too drunk

The Billings Gazette (Montana) reported that a woman called dispatchers and said she couldn’t get out of her vehicle. The dispatcher asked if she was having medical or mechanical issues. The caller replied she was too drunk.

Cops were sent to her location and found a woman obviously intoxicated in a car with the keys to the vehicle in her pocket. This, technically, is considered drunk driving. So they arrested her and charged her with DUI.

Prosecutors said Omeara’s blood-alcohol level was 0.311%, nearly four times the limit at which a driver is considered legally intoxicated. Court records also revealed that Omeara has three previous DUI convictions. She made an initial appearance in Yellowstone County Justice Court on Wednesday and remained jailed on $3,000 bond.Carol-Frances-Omeara

And, that, taking all things into consideration, is exactly where she probably needs to be, as much for being stupid as for being drunk.

I mean, its bad enough being stupidly drunk and behind the wheel but then she compounded everything by proving how completely insane and stupid she actually was by dialing 911 for help… well… that’s just pure-d dumb.


6) The NYDN also had an article yesterday (10/15), that says that the Philly Police Department says it is investigating an incident captured in a YouTube video that shows two men being subjected to an aggressive search by two officers. Among other things that can be heard on the video are the cops tellign the two men “’Don’t come to fucking Philadelphia, stay in Jersey!”

Damn, and, here I thought it was the “City of Brotherly Love. Silly me.

According to the article, the video, which was recorded by one of the two men’s cell phones, shows two men being stopped very rudely and then frisked on the streets of Philadelphia by police for supposedly the simple act of saying “hi” to a stranger.

Part of the exchange goes down like this: frisk16n-3-web

First officer:  “Why were you talking to him? You don’t say ‘Hi’ to strangers.”

Second officer: “Not in this neighborhood.”

First officer is seen grabbing one of the men by the arm and pulling him to the side of his squad car with the assistance of the second officer.

The verbal assault then continues: “Don’t come to fucking Philadelphia. Stay in Jersey!”

“We don’t want you here anyway, all you do is weaken the fucking country.”

One of the men is then heard replying: “Yeah? I weaken the country? How do I weaken the country, by working?”

An officer replies: “No, (by) freeloading.”

The NYDN report also said that during the 16-minute video (which has had about 350,000 plus YouTube views) the men are called “crooked,” “free loaders,” and described as “fucking dirty ass” by the police officers. And, they are threatened with arrest on a variety of charges from “having a big mouth” to “crossing against a light”.  In a statement to ABC, the Philadelphia PD said that their “internal affairs department is investigating the matter and appropriate action would be taken upon their investigation’s completion.”

The Pennsylvania American Civil Liberties Union told ABC that the video, combined with other evidence against the department for unlawful stop and frisks, shows “substantial likelihood there is no legal justification for (the stop).”

First, let me say I happen to agree with “stop and frisk” as long as it has some basis in the real world to be used. I mean like two men approaching another citizen and appearing to either threaten that citizen or, maybe, exchange money and do some type of a deal and NOT for the simple act of saying “hi” to someone. AND, even if the two cops, who were probably on their usual patrol beat, just didn’t recognize the two men and had their curiosity piqued, the whole Q&A session could have been done with a lot more dignity and a lot less confrontation.

Simply put, there is little to no reason for officers to be degrading and humiliating.

I know being a cop is hard and sometimes a very thankless job but it doesn’t mean cops have to go out of their way to exacerbate situations by letting their testosterone and position of power go to their heads.

However… see my next WTF for when it just might be all right for officers to be just a tad rude…

Penn State mace-27) The online version of the NYDN (10/15) has photos of a Michigan fan who was hit with pepper spray during Saturday’s game against Penn State at Beaver Stadium after stadium security and local police were called to deal with his inappropriate behavior.

Two major news outlets were able to catch the shocking images from Happy Valley. Eventually, the photos were posted on Deadspin and a reader saw them and wrote that he saw the scene unfold as an eyewitness.

The reader wrote: “He was standing for every play with his buddy and became confrontational with those around him…  people behind we’re getting pissed and some lady actually had enough and hit him.”

The witness then wrote that after Michigan scored a touchdown in the second half that he started taunting the Penn State fans and was being rather nasty about it. Security was called and came to escort him away but he grabbed onto a railing and refused to leave. The witness then said that the idjit took a few swings at the cops and one of cops let loose with pepper spray smack dab into his kisser.

In a statement released by Penn State, the university’s police chief backed up the eyewitness account.  The chief said, “Fans in section NL asked an usher for assistance when the man became disruptive and offensive toward them. When the usher tried to eject him from the stadium, he allegedly struck her, which is when police were called to assist. Four officers responded – two from State College and two from Penn State – but when they tried to remove him from the stadium he continued spewing expletives, became physical and resisted arrest. At that point it became a safety issue and that’s when the decision was made to use the pepper spray and attempt to handcuff him.”

Worse yet for the stupid ass, who obviously got his just desserts, Penn State rallied from 10 points down in the fourth quarter and then beat the No. 18 Wolverines 43-40 in four OTs.


Hopefully, when they tossed this lunkhead into the lockup he tripped over his shoelaces…. and the rest, as they say, was history.

8) Yesterday (10/14), the online NYDN also asked the incisive question that all America needed to know the answer to… okay, maybe it wasn’t all that damn importnat but the NYDN asked it any way and I am glad they did because I got a deadline to meet and a lot of shit I’m seeing just ain’t doing it for me this week. Anyhoo…. “Who needs the Boston Red Sox bullpen cop?” and then “Nothing says playoff baseball like… a dancing bear???”

I know that is two questions but math was never my strong suit.dancing dodger bear

But, what’s with this dancing bear stuff?

Well it appears that when the Dodgers played their game versus St. Looie the other day (10/14) they were down 2 games to none. Which meant if they lost again they were behind the proverbial “three and oh” eight ball and would then need to pull out a Red Sox miracle… aka winning four games in a row to advance.

Well it seems the Dodgers were nursing a 2-0 lead going into the eighth inning when suddenly a presumed Dodgers fan dressed in a bear costume bounded atop the Cardinals’ dugout and danced a jig during the 8th inning.  dancing bear and securityThe bear lasted for about 20 seconds before being pulled off the dugout by security but not before pulling off a cabbage patch and two jumping splits.

And glory be, if the old Dodgers didn’t score an insurance run to go up 3-0.

The rally bear, as some Twitter fans (hashtag #RallyBear) have taken to calling him, got some big props and will live on due to video but it’s too bad his 15 minutes of fame was reduced to about 15 plus seconds because in his own harmless way he kinda put things in perspective for a while… it’s just sports and when it all comes down to it, it just ain’t supposed to be that damn important but it is supposed to be fun. 

9) Ya’ll thunked I forgot, didn’t you?

 cara 2cara 6cara 4 Nope, nada and no way.  And, look out Eli…. I present for my scantily clad woman of the week… Cara Delevingne!

cara 1cara 7

Now she may not have all the QB moves down like Eli, (Giants fans might say that ain’t exactly a bad thing right about now… not being like Eli, that is) but she sure does have some moves as evidenced by her NYC shoot for a DKNY ad.

And ya know what? Maybe she can’t throw like Eli (again, don’t ask Giant fans about that) but I bet she sure could show us all some beautiful moves out on the Meadowlands field.

10 In Monroe (CT), there is a  farmer who sells fresh eggs laid by his own chickens and word has it that people from as far away as an hour’s drive or more come to buy his eggs and pay anywhere from $4 to $4.50 per dozen. (And I don’t give a hoot ‘cos it won’t be me paying that price no matter how fresh or good these eggs are supposed to be!)

The reason this is news worthy though is the way this guy transacted his egg business and what happened regarding thatfresheggssign method.

For the past three years, he’s sold his fresh eggs from a refrigerator on his property. There was a cup inside the refrigerator where customers could place their payments, and a box alongside it, where there were small bills and change, so that the customer could make change for him or herself. Then one day he noticed there was some money missing but he said he just figured someone made an honest mistake. But when it happened for a third time in less than a week, the rudely awakened egg farmer realized he was “… out close to $100… (and about) 36 dozen eggs” and he now knows better.

The Monroe PD has suggested to the farmer to get rid of his honor system and replace it with a way that allows someone to make a payment, but not remove money from the box.  The farm guy said, “I am definitely taking their advice… (and) I’m installing surveillance cameras all over my property. I figure either the police will catch who did this or I will.”

This is a sad commentary on how our society goes through life. Pope Francis says it is due to a problem that plagues the world today… “Global Indifference”.

I might add, it is just that some people just don’t give a fuck and think that whatever they can take is simply theirs for the getting.

Sad, sad, sad… and… cold, cold, cold… (any excuse I can get for a Lowell George/Little Feat reference.)

I hate to sound old and anachronistic but when I was a boy we would leave money in an insulated box on our porch and the milk man, or the egg man, would come by and leave his wares… eggs, milk, butter, cream…. whatever, and there was never a problem.

Milkman 2

The world has certainly changed.

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