7Pounds of Something: 10/14 edition

Jim has a point he has to make!

Welcome to the New 7PoS, Moving over from Saturday,


Cause Saturday is awesome already, so its not like it needs the help, and Lets face it, I’m not as awesome to be on a Friday.

But what is awesome? NCAA Football. Welcome to the new King of Football.ACC

The 1) ACC is running this game. They have 2 teams in the top 5, and with Miami, 3 of the top 10, and if you count the University of Pitino, they have FOUR of the top 10!

Not to be outdone, the 2)SEC set a record with EIGHT of the top 25 teams.

Now keep in mind, this is the poll, and if you think half the SEC wouldn’t be ranked if they played in the Big 12 or B1G in the top 10, you are kidding yourself. I do think Clemson or FSU might have a chance vs Alabama, and I would not have said that last year.


I’m going to be honest here, sometimes I have doubts about religion, sometimes I have problems with the world

Like the apostle Thomas, I have doubt.
But in times such as yesterday, I hope that Hell exists, I hope that there is a certain happy place that people get thrown into. I am a big fan of Dante’s inferno, and I know there is a deep deep pit there, and I think we added another resident to the Rae Carruth wing of assholes. My thoughts and prayers go to3) Peterson, and as a parent I have no idea how he could function at these times, much less play football. I hope in 6 months some lifer is wearing a Vikings jersey in solitary for some inmate on inmate crime.Bellator PPV
Anyone going to go see 4) Bellator?
Plenty of good seats available. I mean Jaguars tickets are going faster than for this show.
Per MMAJunkie, Only 1700 Tickets are gone. I’ve gone to local shows that have done better numbers- Lets also keep in mind this is a 12,000 seat arena.
They have until Nov 2nd to do something.
I wonder if they will try and break out Frank Shamrock and make it a 3-way dance.
Let me be honest, the only fight I care about is 5) Chandler vs Alarez II, and Tito vs Rampage, I just don’t care about, Rampage might gas walking to the cage, and Tito’s standup is weak. I see Tito working a lazy double, and making Askren look like Jon Jones.

7poundbag is looking for people!

I think we have one kickass group of people talking baseball, with the addition of 6) Jim Pryor to the staff, I’ve known him for years, and had many many MANY arguments with him, and if there is one thing I love its a person that can hold his ground in a storm, and boy Jim fits that to a T. He might be standing on the only clod of dirt around him, but his root will run deep (no matter how wrong he is)

Jim has a point he has to make!
Jim has a point he has to make!
As soon as the season starts I am looking to repeat that success with the NBA roundtable, if you think you know basketball, let me know.
We are also still looking to additions on the TV//Movie site, so  Big Fan of a TV? Let me know and we can setup to review the shows.

Chandler vs Alarez II

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  1. Welcome, Jim. You’re a fine addition to the group of misfits we have over here. Archie is a fellow grumpy old man and GET OF MY LAWN’er. Like David, I’ve also had many arguments/debates/temper tantrums with him (mostly football if I recall correctly) and he can definitely hold his own.

    Oh, yeah. The Bucs suck. Big time.

    Now, I need to remember where I put my remote.

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