TOP TEN: Black Characters on SNL

After reading some of the feedback on the Black/SNL part of my blog last Saturday,got me thinking about what are the best black characters in SNL history?

First, lets have a short Quiz.

Name every black male in SNL history.


You ready? I’ll give you a curve depending on your age.

I’m going to set the Mendoza line at 5.

OK, Ready?

Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, Tim Meadows and Tracy Morgan are the musts, you have to be able to name those.
If you are over 35, then you get a pass on Finesse Mitchell and Kenan Thompson.

If you are over 35, then you have to have Damon Wayans and Garrett Morris.

Thats it right? Is that the list?

Nope- there are two more.

Jerry Minor & Dean Edwards

I will admit I have no idea who are those two are.


The Top Ten

So the TOP TEN Black Characters in SNL history.

By the way this is characters, not impressions, so no James Brown- even though that is EASILY top ten best sketches in SNL history.

10. Woodrow

How sad is this?

I almost went with the Eddie Murphy as a white guy just to cheat, but I have to be true. I’m not posting a picture, since you have to make me laugh to get a picture. Oh and Fuck You Brian Fellows. I’m glad I stopped watching before you and “Gilly” came on the show.

Raheem Abdul Muhammed9. Raheem Abdul Muhammed

If you don’t know this guy, then find him. I’ll wait.

This character was actually done better by Damon Wayans, but not on SNL.

Yes, get ready for a LOT of Eddie Murphy.

Ned Jones

8. Ned Jones

Also done better on another show, but you could see it coming here.

Velvet Jones

7. Velvet Jones

Go ahead. Try and watch this without laughing. Go ahead. Its not possible.

Ladies Man

6. The Ladies Man

This just kind of shows how sad this list is, I actually liked the movie, but is this even top 30 overall?

I think this could have been a decent 10 minutes almost every week, I mean almost like the Anti-Frazier, and he did almost 20 years.

Chico Escuela

5. Chico Escuela

Its the guy from 2 Broke Girls!

I know, Garrett Morris was the first black character, and if not for the white powder, he could have been HUGE. I hope the comeback is berry berry good to heem.


4. Gumby


That’s all you need to know.

Nat-X3. NAT-X

You just can do the any black man better. Just can’t. Don’t even try. Why we never got Nat-X on that NPR show with the 2 girls with the Schweddy balls, I have no idea.


2. Buckwheat

One of the best nights in SNL history, if you are of a certain age, and got to see this as it happens there is no better night in SNL history, if not in TV history, and if you look at it as a parody of the Reagan shooting coverage? It hits another level.

Mr Robinson

1. Mr Robinson.

There can be only one. And if you want to say anyone else is close? Then look at the word for today, and that is what Mr Robinson will make of your suggestions.

To this day, I will answer the phone, WHO IS IT??



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  1. As I said on your Saturday blog, I barely watch SNL but it’s hard to disagree with the top 3.

    I also loved the Ladies Man movie but I had no clue Damon Wayans and Garrett Morris was on SNL. Learned something.

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