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Welcome to 7Pounds of . . Something. This week I talk PCs, SNL, Simpsons, and more. Hope you enjoy this more than the last night comics love the Government Shutdown.

If you read my column last week, I gave some details on my 1)PC issues. Well, other than the fact that Windows 8 makes me pine for the days of Windows ME, those days are over. I’ve got a new laptop.pc
The problem is, of course, what laptop to get?
Used to be, was an easy question. The biggest hard drive for the money, then the one with the fastest processor.

Now? If you know me, you have heard me state that I think hard drives as we know it will cease to exist in the near future, PERSONAL computers will be little more than an operating system slaved to an internet connection, everything else will be online (and the NSA/FBI/IRS database.)

What to I need a hard drive for? Hell I don’t even use office anymore, I rarely do anything that isn’t on the web. The only games I really play are on Facebook (Vega) or on my phone, so I don’t need a huge processor.

So what did I base my choice on?

2)The keyboard and battery life.

That’s it. The sizes for almost everything under 400 bucks are the same, so how did the keyboard feel? Amazing how buying the 4th most important thing in my life (house,car,tv) came down to how smoothly I could type thequickbrownfoxjumpedoverthelazydog over and over again.

And yes, it was an HP.

Its amazing we have a 3)government shutdown. For once I actually got responsible reporting from some network shows about what it is and what it is not going to do. They actually came out and admitted that Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and the Military are all going to be paid. One network even admitted that the members of congress and the Pres will be paid as well.

Congress, the only job where not only can you vote yourself a raise, you can get a permanent salary,- even if you quit after 1 day for the REST OF YOUR LIFE now if you absolutely fail at your job- so badly they actually SHUT DOWN, you still get paid.
Is there anything, outside of the government that lets you do this? I mean other than being the child of someone that’s super-rich.Maggie shoots Burns
News “broke” this week that the 4) Simpsons are going to kill off a character. I’ll be honest, I have not watched the Simpsons in years, and could not tell you what day it comes on. I stopped watching it around the time – well, I know it was not long after Flanders dies – after that I would make a point to watch the Treehouse of Horror, then after a time that wasn’t even enough. There wasn’t really a “jumping the Shark” moment for me like in South park, but it just kind of faded for me. I did get the first 7 seasons- and I liked the way they were done, but then the cases started getting odd., and more expensive, so I stopped getting those (finances did play a part in that as well) So who is going ot get killed? I can see it being Apu, since he’s a bit annoying and one-dimensional, even when I watched, plus they can bring him back as reincarnated
Reincarnated, I can see it being Mrs Krabapel, since she married Ned Flanders. I’d like to see it be Mr Burns- even though he’s one of my favorites,  and makes one of my favorite songs “See my Vest” I don’t know the current Simpsons world, but this isn’t going to change my mind and make me watch.
Speaking of things that used to matter to me but don’t anymore, 5)SNL added new cast members. One of whom is the spokescomic for ATT, 6)Beck Bennett, so that might be interesting. I work for ATT, and from what I have read, he’s really funny in “real life” with the kids. I do find it hard to see they didn’t add any minority candidates, but lets be honest- how many funny black people are there?
I don’t think the problem is black performers, its black writers. For a show where two of the funniest words to ever come out  are “Dead Honkey” to not really have anyone any good is just sad. But SNL has picked good (black and white) performers before and not done anything with them, or had some performers on there that just were not funny- and I’m looking at you Tim Meadows.Nat-X

So do I have a problem with the SNL casting? Not really. I’d rather have a cast of lilly-white males than a whole show built around Finesse Mitchell or Keenan. – or for that matter almost anything since Tim Meadows doing the Ladies Man.

Would having a black member (or two, or three) make the show funnier?  Watch the finals few seasons of ” In Living Color” to see that doesn’t happen- or better yet, watch anything with Damon Wayans in it from SNL that didn’t have .. Or any Chris Rock non-NAT X or Weekend Update segment.
The problem is not the quality of the black performer, its the QUALITY.

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  1. Great stuff. See My Vest is an awesome song and unfortunately I have to agree with you on SNL. I rarely watch SNL but there is a shortage of quality black performers and writers. Just to hire one for the sake of hiring one is just wrong.

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