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What up world? It’s the boy EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s about 4 am right now, your boy can’t sleep, so I’m on the computer, listening to some old Big Daddy Kane, and blogging for the peoples. That’s just what I do. Ain’t no half steppin’ to my game. No sir. This week, I’m going to give my opinion on Jordan vs. LeBron, why Kobe Bryant is a smart man, and why Buffalo needs to call Josh Freeman. Let’s get it.

13Earlier this week Michael Jordan started up a little shit talk with LeBron James. MJ said that in his prime he could beat LeBron and this started a little debate. This debate raged on ESPN, on Twitter, and I’m sure it was discussed by b-ball fans everywhere. Even I got in on this when I had a semi-heated discussion with a co-worker on Facebook. Well, actually I was cool. My friend is a LeBron fan, and I was just saying shit about Bron to get under his skin. Let’s just say it worked. Back to the topic at hand Jordan’s comments got people wondering. Could he beat LeBron James in his prime?

I’m a Jordan fan. I hated the Chicago Bulls coming up but I respected the way Jordan just willed himself to victory. The myth of Michael Jordan is that he was a player cut from the varsity team in high school, the 3rd option on a title winning North Carolina team (although he did hit the winning jumper to beat Georgetown in 1982), and the #3 overall pick in 1984. MJ made up slights just to motivate himself to crush people. Michael may have a problem with LeBron’s size and athleticism though. LeBron is 6’8″, 260 pounds, and if he had to run a 40 yard dash like they do in football he’d probably do it in under 4.5 seconds. Michael never had to guard a combination like that. He might have defended tall players like Magic Johnson, or a pure athlete in Dominique Wilkins but he never saw such a complete package like he would in LeBron. One on one, LeBron’s skills would be difficult for Jordan to check but it’s Michael’s intangibles that makes me believe he would win a one on one match-up.

As I said earlier, Michael just knew how to get the job done. Brooklyn style. 12Michael would get in your face, talk trash, and guard as closely as he can. For all of Jordan’s offensive exploits few people remember the fact that he was often on the All-NBA defensive team. MJ might give up height and speed to LeBron but it’s the man’s will to win that made him the best player in the game. The rings, the MVP’s, the personal accomplishments came all from his “I will not lose attitude”. That’s something that LeBron just doesn’t have. Don’t get me wrong, LBJ has 2 rings, but he has always been someone comfortable in the confines of a team and a supporting cast. He doesn’t dominate all the time. That’s the one thing Michael Jordan knew. Yes, he played with another top 50 player in Scottie Pippen but when it was game time, it was all Michael Jordan. Look at the players and teams he ran through to get to his 6 rings. He defeated and embarrassed Hall of Famer’s. Why? He knew that when them lights came on he was going to set it off.

14Michael Jordan said he could beat LeBron James. Who did Michael say he could lose to? Kobe Bryant. Yes, it’s because Kobe stole his moves, and it’s because Kobe has the same will to win as MJ had but this isn’t why I bring up the name Kobe Bryant. No, this week I’ll talk about Kobe and his intelligence. When Kobe went down with his Achilles injury last season, he made a lot of waves by declaring he would be back by the start of this season. I said then that was a mistake. Due to his age, and the severity of an Achilles injury it didn’t make sense that Kobe could be back on the court in a couple of months.

Apparently, Mr. Bryant picked up on that logic because now he refuses to set a timetable on his return. That is smart. Very smart. Instead of putting himself and the Lakers in a Derrick Rose like situation where it seemed Rose and the Bulls were in constant conflict over when he’d be back on the court, Kobe is taking matters into his own hands. However, if you look at Kobe and his movements it looks like he has 0% of a chance to be ready by opening night. He only recently started light running, and now he’s gone off to Germany for an Orthokine procedure on his right knee. He should be back with the team next week, but that only pushes back his timetable.

I consider myself a smart guy, so if I were able to talk to Kobe I’d tell him don’t15 come back until your body is 100% ready. Why? The Lakers won’t be very good this season. Steve Nash and Pau Gasol are also coming back from injuries and their supporting cast is questionable. I’m not saying the Lakers should be Riggin’ for (Andrew) Wiggins but a lottery pick in a loaded 2014 NBA Draft wouldn’t be the worst thing for this franchise.

Big Year coming up here
I’m outta here!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about the situation with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. I blogged about the Bucs and their state of mutiny against head coach Greg Schiano. In that blog I brought up quarterback Josh Freeman and how the head coach was treating him. Well, Josh is now an ex-Tampa Bay Buccaneer. The Bucs and Josh were on the road to divorce the past few weeks, and it was only getting more acrimonious by the day. Now, that it is over and Josh Freeman has been released the Buffalo Bills need to call him. A.S.A.P.!! Why? The Bills top 2 quarterbacks are both rookies: E.J. Manuel and Jeff Tuel. Manuel just suffered his 2nd knee injury this season in a loss to the Cleveland Browns and Tuel looked horrible in his place. Why is Jeff Tuel on a roster? He was 4-22 during his time at Washington State. I get that Wazzu was in a down cycle but a quarterback with such a horrible win-loss record should not be in the NFL. The Bills need help. Call Josh. Please.

That’s it. Thanks for reading the blog. Thanks for supporting and with that . . . I’m gone! Peace.

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  1. You mean- Carolina style, not Brooklyn, right?

    He might have been born there, but raised in a VERY nice cul-de-sac in Wilmington.

  2. Essentially, your words on Michael Jordan are what my friends here at work say. In fact the three of us have had long dicussions on Jordan’s place in NBA history. I always bring up Wilt Chamberlain. One reason is that I actually seen him play through a large part of his career and thought he was that damn dominant.
    Moses and Leeroy always say Jordan was the best, bar none.
    In fact your arguments, right down the line, about Jordan versus James is a mirror image of what Leeroy says.
    Now, the news flash: When you said the main reason Jordan would beat James is his “I will not lose attitude” you are saying essentially Leeroys exact words for why he thinks that Jordan would beat James, too.
    And that made me think about my argument of who is the best in NBA history.
    As good as Wilt was I don’t think he had that intangible that Micahel had.. that overall driving desire of “Give me the damn ball and I will win this damn game.”
    So, after further review I am now sayin Michael Jordan was the best ever to play in the NBA.
    see, an old dog can learn new tricks, after all.

  3. Thanks for that comment Joe. Arguments can be made for Wilt Chamberlain, or Bill Russell, and I’ve seen some arguments for Oscar Robertson but there is something about Michael’s competitiveness that is just unmatched.

    The thing that comes to mind with MJ is what if he didn’t retire after the death of his father, and retire after the 2nd 3-peat. How many rings could he have had? 8 rings? 10 rings? No one will ever know.

  4. I’ve told you many times EJ, you’re smarter than you’re given credit for. You’re exactly right. People forget that a game of one on one is different than a conventional hoop game. One on one is a lot of jumpshots. LeBron is unquestionably a freak of nature athletically, but he would never have the opportunity to take advantage of it. He would never be able to stop Jordan’s jumper, or keep him from going to the hoop.

    You may also remember that recovery from achilles tendon surgery used to be a year. Technology has significantly reduced that time, but Kobe isn’t a spring chicken anymore. If he’s back before the 1st of the year, he’ll never be the same. The trade deadline isn’t out of the question. That’s 9 months.

  5. Thank you Ira.

    It’s true that Achilles surgery recovery is about a year. Kobe is a freak of nature, or he’s competitive enough to play through the pain but sitting out until some point in 2014 would be smart.

  6. EJ saying shit to get under peoples skin? Neeeeeeeeever!!!! Joking, EJ. You my homie.

    Another classic from that aging boy from BK!!!!

  7. I disagree that the Lakers won’t be very good this season…as we’ve talked/texted about. Addition by subtraction and they improved the bench…a lot. If Kobe comes back by December or even January, they could have a solid 2nd half run like they did last year.

  8. Neither of us like Dwight Howard but he was a big reason for the 2nd half turnaround. He played solid team defense. Take away that defender in the post, and that spells trouble. Nash, Farmar, and Blake are not good defenders and the West is full of speedy point guards. Take away that guy who can protect the rim and that spells trouble.

    Between the 2 of us, you’re the optimist but the Lakers as built are a 40 win its best. Especially if Kobe misses time, Nash can’t play in back to back games, and with Gasol still not in game shape.

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