WTF is going on in this world, now…

1) “All these gifts that I have I like it. I’m going to the National League and I’m going to do another year and then wrap it up.” Mariano Rivera

say what2


omg monkey


Ohhhhh…… it’s a joke. Right?

mariano laughing

I mean, it really is a joke… right?

2) News item you probably missed: NYDN sports op-ed writer Bob Raissman writes in his September 30 column, “Here’s an eye-opening stat courtesy of ESPN snoop Adam Schefter. Going into Sunday’s action, Rex Ryan, since he was hired by the Jets in 2009, had the exact amount of regular-season wins as (Tom) Coughlin (36). And the exact same number of postseason wins (4). ”

Of course, as Schefter pointed out, Coughlin has two Super Bowl wins under his belt.

Ryan said what, Coughlin






This just goes to prove that it’s not the quantity but that its really the quality and the timing of the wins that really counts. Or, in other words, it don’t mean a thing if you ain’t got that bling.

XLVI ringCoughlin XLVI ring

3) Back on last Wednesday (9/25) whilst perusing my newspaper, I came across a picture that a ranger in Cerros de Amotape national park had snapped of an obviously hungry cane toad trying to munch down on a bat. Seems the ravenous little critter was caught in full gulp-down mode of a flying rodent that he had just plucked out of the air. Looking like a bizarre animal hybrid, the toad appeared to have a lengthy tongue and giant ears coming out of his head.

bat toad

Right after the ranger snapped the picture the toad gave up on trying to swallow the critter whole and the bat was able to fly to freedom. A tad wobbly at first, but, the critter did fly away under his own bat-wing power.

A biologist instructor and postdoctoral fellow at the University of Washington, Charles Linkem, said since cane toads don’t have any teeth, it crushes and then swallows prey. Linkem added, “The bat was a little big for that. The toad may have tried to reposition its mouth to swallow and that was when the bat was able to escape.”

See, it is true that you really shouldn’t bite off more than you can chew.

You're the dirty toad who killed my brother.
You’re the dirty toad who killed my brother.

Plus, payback can be a mother fucker.

3) In the online version of New York Daily News, following the terrorist attacks that recently occurred in Kenya, the following headline appeared:  “American Kenya mall massacre survivors describe rescues by ‘American security forces’.”  The associated article reported that Bendita Malakia said “American security forces” led her and 15 others from a break room where they had been hiding for five hours as the terrorist siege played out.


Malakia, a Harvard grad and lawyer at the World Bank, told NBC News that she and 15 others hid for five hours at the Nairobi mall while the terrorist assassins went from store to store killing innocent shoppers. Malakia said that intially it seemed as if the killers were just shooting indiscriminately and murdering people at random but as they proceeded in their death march through the mall that they began to differentiate victim’s based on religion.   She said, “It was terrifying. We all had a very real sense that we were going to die.”

She also said that after five excruciating hours, an “American security team” came into where she and her thrown-together comrades were huddled and were told:  “If you guys want to get out… this is probably your best shot. If you don’t get out now you may not get out.” Malakia said the frightened group decided it was now or never.  She added that the terrorists lobbed grenades as she and the others ran out of the mall, but they dodged the blasts and managed to get outside, safely escorted by the “American team”.

Clancy's rainbow team

The New York Times reported that Kenyan authorities had declined an offer from the U.S. to help and the Pentagon denied having a response team in the mall. A US government spokesperson said, “Not sure who the witness saw, but they weren’t ours.”

Now I’m not sure how many readers are familiar with the writer Tom Clancy and his work, but damn if this ain’t something right out of one of his novels. It’s always been scary how what he writes either mimics or presages world events.

Clancyclancy books


But, ya wanna know sumpin’? I kind of hope that the folks Malakia saw that went into that mall and got her, and her scared-ass companions, out of that terrible scene was sort of like a real life version of Clancy’s Rainbow Six team. Because as much as I hate wars and as much as I hate us being the damn “good guys” who always gotta go to the vast reaches of our globe to put out the wildfires, I do understand that sometimes a little kick-ass is necessary. But instead of us being so damn visual… and here is where I really vary from my olden days of peace, love and hippie activist antiwar days… ain’t this what the CIA, or whatever other  antiterrorist forces we might have, actually for?

Just go do it and then get out. Just keep it covert and if ya’ll get caught then ya’ll gonna have to take the weight as the US government is gonna deny that the CIA was authorized to do the deed, or, that they knew any other forces even existed.

Mossad Operation espiciale


Or, we could blame it all on the Mossad.keep calm Mossad is here

PS: Today (10/3),  it was annouced that Tom Clancy has died. He could be a tad too damn conservative for my tastes but, boy, could he write a poltical thriller. RIP, Tom Clancy…

4) On September 25 the Daily News ran an article that said, “Starting Monday (9/30), there will be a new sheriff on the phone lines called Nomorobo, and it aims to hang up on robocalls before they can invade your home.”
Free for consumers, the Nomorobo service was developed with money awarded by the Federal Trade Commission to create a robocall blocker. Aaron Foss, the award-winning Long Island inventor who dreamed up Nomorobo, said he’s already heard from 23,000 people urging him to “let me know when you’re going live.”

Aaron Foss
Aaron Foss






Give this guy the Nobel Prize, the Pulitzer Prize, an Academy Award and any other damn award or prize you can think up because he has just managed to salvage, at the minimum, my sanity.

I am so tired of getting those damn calls no matter what time of day it is. My strategy for handling the calls is simple. If I don’t hear a response to my hello within one second, well maybe two seconds, I hang up. If you can’t call me live then you don’t deserve my time.

5) Another story last week from the Daily News was about a father of a Brooklyn teen who died on a late spring school field trip. Seems he was getting calls from the school system that were asking why his son has been absent from classes.

The father, Jonas Pierre, who this month filed a notice of claim for two $5 million suits against the city over the 16-year-old’s death, said staff from Prospect Heights International High School called him to schedule a time to discuss his son’s awful attendance record. Pierre said the school’s phone call brought back his devastating heart break over the loss of his son just as he had begun to get to the point of coming to grips with his loss.

Education Department officials said they would make sure Pierre receives no more calls. A spokesperson said, “We apologize for any pain or suffering this may have caused the family and are checking all data systems to ensure that the family doesn’t receive these calls anymore.”

An attorney for Pierre said the father still hasn’t heard an apology from the city.

Right… so, although the son drowned on a class field trip in June, it seems that didn’t deter school officials who called the devastated dad to tell him his son was “skipping” class.

This deserves one of my bigger WTF’s of the week. No, actually, it deserves the Golden Douche WTF of the month award.

douche award

I mean, at no time did anyone check any records for why there might have been a reason, any type of reason, for the son’s “absenteeism”  before calling this man?  Like before making a dumb-ass call, no one noticed that the son was not just absent a lot but that he had not even attended one class so far during the present school term? Hmmm… wonder why that was? Wouldn’t have something to do with his being dead would it?

If this wasn’t so damn serious and tragic it would almost be like a Monty Python skit.

Monty Python

And it’s real nice that the education officials are checking all data systems to make sure the dad doesn’t get any more stupid, ignorant and insensitive calls but next time maybe do it before even thinking about picking up the phone. I am sure somewhere there is something in a file folder or computer file that makes a note of the fact that the son drowned while on a school trip. Especially, since there just happens to be two ongoing lawsuits about that exact issue.

6) Various media sources reported last week that a Los Angeles Dodgers’ fan had died from a stab wound (9/25) that he had gotten after a fight following a Giants-Dodgers game

In what began as a verbal argument between fans escalated to a physical confrontation involving a knife, and the man who was wearing a Dodgers’ hat, was stabbed and subsequently transported to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead. According to the report, three people have been detained and police are interviewing witnesses.

SF arrests

Ironically, the incident comes only days after the Giants began a three-game fundraiser for Bryan Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan who was severely beaten after the Giants’ season opener at Dodger Stadium in 2011. Portions of the money made from ticket sales from three recent Giants’ games will go toward a fund for Stow’s assistance. After a long period in a rehabilitation facility, Stow has been recovering at home for the past several months and continues to suffer from a variety of physical problems and memory loss. -bryan-stow-speaks-

This is beyond the pale as far as I am concerned. I have read, all too often, about how various fans from all over the country get into these damn stupid arguments that escalate into physical confrontations that result in serious injuries and at times, obviously, death.  What the fuck is wrong with these people? It’s sports. Sport is not life and death. billboard

Poverty is life and death. Your health is life and death. Having a job is life and death. War is life and death… I think ya’ll get my meaning… no? And, having said all that I don’t think any one of those issues should be a reason to die before you had a chance to live a life worth living.

You are supposed to be able to go to a game and root, one way or another, for a team. You are supposed to be able to bring your families to these games… your children. Sporting exhibitions are supposed to be entertaining and be a release from the everyday pressure of having to make a living and pay bills.  Sporting events are not for people to get so emotionally involved that they become stupid and insanely protective about perceived affronts to their team.

News flash! It ain’t their team. It is just the team they root for and whether the team loses or not; whether the team is good, decent or otherwise, it really doesn’t matter. In the whole scheme of things that are really important, the most important thing is that you do your job every day. And that job is to make it through the day alive so you can meet your responsibilities and be with your loved ones.

Or, as my friend Moses says, “My job is to live.”

All that other shit doesn’t matter one whit if you ain’t alive to wake up the next day to thank your maker for just one more chance to make it right.

7) New item: “Kid gives record grand slam ball back to Alex Rodriguez.”

When ARod hit a record 24th career grand slam ball a 12-yeard old fan, Steven Gieseler Jr., retrieved the ball from the stands at Yankee Stadium.  A security official approached him and said Rodriguez wanted the ball.  Gieseler said he had no problem with the request because he felt the slugger had “worked hard” for the feat and deserved it.

Ironically, the HR allowed Rodriguez to break a record which was formerly held by held by Gieseler’s all-time favorite Yankee, Lou Gehrig.

New York Yankees' Lou Gehrig, the "Iron Horse," wipes away a tear while speaking during a sold-out tribute at Yankee Stadium July 4, 1939.
New York Yankees’ Lou Gehrig, the “Iron Horse,” wipes away a tear while speaking during a sold-out tribute at Yankee Stadium July 4, 1939.

Rodriguez did meet the young man after the game and he presented him with an autographed bat and ball.

Grrr…  The sum’n’bitch broke Gehrig’s career grand slam record and then the freaking phony gets the damn ball back that he did it with so he can relish in his false accomplishment? Yes, it is false because how many of those grand slams were done cleanly or were done due to his “alleged” PED use?

If it were me, I know there would have been an allfired serious discussion about ARod getting that damn ball back. And, if I was eventually convinced to give it to him, it would have cost a lot more than an autographed bat and ball.  And, if I did accept an autographed bat and ball, then it would be without his damn autograph. Anyone else’s but his… Jeter’s, Mo’s or even Andy’s. Although, I really do still got some issues about Andy’s so-called limited use of HGH. But Pettitte’s would be a hell of a lot more preferable than ARod’s.

Oh well, at least the kid did what he did because he thought it was right and had his heart in the right place. Not that ARod would even begin to understand anything like honor and respect and doing the right thing.

8) McDonald’s Corp announced, on September 26, that it would offer healthy options such as fruit, vegetables and salad as sides in all of its 20 major global markets by 2020.

Now, that is all well and good but this is nothing but a knee jerk response to government and consumer pressure to address the global obesity epidemic. Yes, it is true that McDonald’s often hears the most noise and bears the major brunt of criticism over the restaurant industry’s penchant for tempting diners with indulgent and often high-calorie food, but, really, why does anyone go to MacDonald’s, if it ain’t for the grease?


9)   On September 27, the online NY Daily News ran an article that essentially said that the “Original ‘Rosie the Riveter’* girl, now 93 years old, is still working on a California assembly line.”

It seems that, about 70 years ago after she got hired (that’s circa 1942-1943 for you mathematically challenged or lazy peeps), Elinor Otto is still punching rivets into planes at a Boeing plant in Long Beach, California. And at 93, she says she has no intentions of stopping. The California woman is one of the original “Rosie the Riveter”* girls, who were hired due to the fact many men were away fighting World War II.
Otto says, “I’m a working person, I guess. I like to work. I like to be around people that work. I like to get up, get out of the house, get something accomplished during the day.”

atta girl circa 1942

When she started, Otto was making 65 cents an hour. And back then, she had to spend $20 a month on her son’s childcare. Now, she makes about $40 per hour.
And, Otto says she is still not ready for retirement and that she plans to work for as long as she can, or at least until next year, when Boeing ends its contract for C-17s.

She said, “I’ll be the one that closes the door… I’ll be the last one there.”

Damn, I can’t even imagine what her social security checks look like right about now.

And, yes, she is required to collect those checks once she reaches a certain age. I think my mom had to when she was 68 or 69 although she told the SSA she was still working. They said, “You don’t understand you have to take a distribution. It’s required.”

But regardless, I think she gets a WTF (not all WTF’s are necessarily bad, ya know) because in these times of people wanting to use just about any excuse to sit on their rumps and get stuff for free she is out there working and being productive.

My hats off to you Rosie…  I mean Elinor.


* “Rosie the Riveter” was a cultural icon in the 1940s, encouraging women to step up during World War II and work the jobs that were previously reserved for men. Many women continued to work after the war ended, which, in a way, eventually helped propel the women’s rights movement.

10) In the Monday online version of the Daily News was a piece about an incident that occurred on September 7 in Lakewood, California.  Seems this man came into the store and wanted to buy a Swisher Sweets cigar, which totaled $1.41. But the man only handed over $1 to a woman cashier and he said it was all he had. The woman said that he had to pay the full price for the cigar and that was when the man punched the clerk.

punch in face over 41 cents

Yep. Over 41 cents this dude gets so enraged and indiginant that he feels he needs to haul off and cold cock the cashier. The surveillance cameras caught the entire sequence that shows some deranged dude with an out of control mind reaching over the counter and bashing this woman’s head.

At last report, cops were hunting for the violent suspect.

The shocked 23-year-old clerk said she suffered bruises to her face but “nothing too serious” from the attack. She is, however, now scared when at work. She said, “There’s cowards out there willing to do stupid stuff… it happened so fast … I didn’t think he was going to hit me…  Really? Over 41 cents?”

WTF is wrong in this world that people think they are owed anything in this life. You are owed nothing. There are certain rules that need to be followed if we are to live together in relative harmony and one of those set of rules is that everything in a store has a price and at the end of the day merchandise sold and the money in the till needs to agree. If everyone who wanted to just came into a store and just paid what they felt like or even if it were only “what they could afford” sooner or later some people would start to come in to that store and then walk out with whatever they felt like taking. It is just the way some people are. Greedy.

And, I can hear it now: I was having a bad day… I lost my job… I had a hangover… I had an argument with my old lady…  Pick the excuse…

Look it, we all have got our problems and maybe this dude really was having a bad day or lost his job or whatever and just need a smoke to chill out but did he even think that what he did just made this poor woman’s potentially good day just turn into a real fucked up one?

I just hope when they get the punk ass coward he don’t trip over the curb getting into the police car and smack his forehead on the cruiser’s door.

Stupid freaking horse’s ass…

horses ass award


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  1. New York City public high school records have been bad for decades. I started high school September 1995. My local school called my house and said I missed the first month of school. The funny thing was I wasn’t enrolled there. It seems 2 different high schools had my records.

    Great blog and I had to share that.

  2. The problem with big bureaucracies is that people are placed in positions and are either incompetent or just don’t care or both and that is essentially what happened to you and the man referenced in my story. Instead people should take enough pride in what they do to do their job the best they can or as MLK,Jr. said: “If a man is called to be a street sweeper, he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted, or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry. He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say, ‘Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well.”

  3. Agree 100%. I see that every day on the job. I won’t say where I work, but I will say that I see people not care about what they do every day. Much to my frustration.

  4. RIP, Tom Clancy… He could be a tad too damn conservative for my tastes but, boy, could he write a poltical thriller.

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