7 Pounds of Something: Sept 28th Edition

Welcome to 7pounds of Something, this week I explain why life sucks, Bones Jones,

Just to continue the theme of starting off the blog badly, lets talk 1) Windows

I have a laptop. Well, its the wifes laptop, but still, I got her hand-me down laptop. Better than mine, but that’s ok.Microsoft-sucks-Yeah

The hard drive dies, so I go buy a new one, and Compaq tells me is my fault I don’t have a restore disk. I tell them it their fault for making a cruddy product. I think I have owned a half-dozen Compaqs but both PCs I have bought since the HP merge have had issues. I bought a Dell, against my better judgement- and its chuging along just fine and its XP.

Anyway, a friend of mine has a Vista disk, so I install that, thinking I can upgrade to 7, use my product key and be fine. After taking a week to get the right drivers installed (don’t get me started) I find that Microsoft doesn’t let you upgrade online, you have to buy the disk. I tried to download ubuntu, but that didn’t take.

So my PC is dead, again.

Damn you Microsoft. Damn you Compaq

Viva Dell and XP!

I missed 2) Agents of Shield. Totally missed it on DVR. I’ve got it on season pass now, but I’m gonna have to wait on episode 1. If you want to review a show or a movie for us, let me know. Once basketball season kicks off, I’m hoping to get back to more movie reviews. AoS is kinda getting mixed reviews, so I don’t know how good it really is.Glover

3) Bones Jones wants 4) Glover Teixeria instead of a rematch with Guffy. This is the first time that Jones has been in real danger of losing. I can understand him wanting to wait for the rematch. We had the same issue when Anderson almost lost to Chael, and Sonnen had to go through Bisping to get hid rematch. There is some push to get Guffy in there with either Phil Davis or Rashad Evans. Both fighters would present some serious issues for Guffy, and to me, both men are better than Glover. Guffy should push for either Shogun or Lil Nog.

Bones isn’t stupid. He would love nothing better than to takeout Glover, then get another rematch, then destroy Cormier, then get a HUGE matchup with Cain. He knows that he can’t stick at 205 for much longer, maybe 2 years at most. He also knows that he needs to get close to double digit wins as champion to make SURE no one touches his record. Beating Glover gets him another easy win, taking on Guffy doesn’t.

Who wants to feel old?

As a young man born in the 70s, in the dark ages before Madonna, there was a woman who was a one hit wonder that created one of the most iconic song and impressive videos in the early 80s.

5) Tony Basil.

For young men of a certain age, many times would the world stop when that song came on and stop and watch those Las Vegas High Cheerleaders . . . Good times before Madonna came out and changed videos forever.

Well, remember that Toni Basil?

Yeah, her?


Yup, that’s right. How do you feel about that? I feel old. Not only for the fact that I’d still take a run at the septagenatarian, but the fact that when I was finally old enough to take a run at anything, she was over 40!!

Yeah, I still would.

7poundbag_com is almost up to 500 followers on 6) Twitter, and we’ve cracked over 100 likes on 7)Facebook.

Thank you for the support, and thank you too the writers who make it possible.

Finally, Much love to my buddy Thomas, who has had to go into the hospital for the second time- I beat his ass pretty bad in our fantasy matchup, but I guess I didn’t know my own strength! Get well soon buddy.

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