The Blog About Nothing 9/27 Edition

5What up world? It’s the kid EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. I’ve been a bit busy blogging for 7pound this week. If you get a chance you need to read 21 Years Later . . . A Pittsburgh Pirates story and The Book of Manning. I put in work with those blogs. This week, I’ll touch on the NBA coming up with nickname jerseys for the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat, why I agree with Kevin Durant, and a warning for Jay-Z. Let’s get it!

4This week the NBA floated the idea that the Nets-Heat will play a game this season with nicknames on the back of their jerseys instead of their surnames. So instead of seeing James on the back of LeBron’s #6, be prepared to see King James. This seems like a cool, youth-centric idea and I like it. Also, as a soccer fan I’m used to seeing a players nickname on the back of his jersey instead of his surname. It doesn’t shock me at all, but I’m sure it would take some getting used to from an older audience. I know for sure what jersey I’m going to get for myself and my fam: Ray Allen’s Jesus Shuttlesworth jersey. Why? He Got Game was my movie! From the threesome scene with Muffy and Buffy, all the way to the end when Jake, better known as Denzel Washington, throws his basketball out the yard. I love that film, and all praise Jesus!! That and Paul Pierce’s The Truth seems like a good buy. I know what jersey I’m not buying. I won’t support Dwayne Wade and his “3” nickname. I think Dwayne is a student of revisionist history. Yes, he has 3 rings. Yes, he was the key player when he won his 1st ring but he has LeBron James to thank for his last 2. Dwayne still thinks he’s the man and that’s why I agree with Kevin Durant.

1Huh, EJ? What does Kevin Durant have to do with Dwayne Wade? Well, this week Sports Illustrated listed their top 10 NBA players as of right now, and KD took issue with Dwayne being listed at #8. According to KD, Dwayne should have been removed from the #8 spot and be replaced by James Harden and I absolutely agree with him. Harden is on the rise. He’s 24, an All-Star, an Olympic Gold medalist and he is part of a tandem, with Dwight Howard, that should make the Houston Rockets one of the best teams in the NBA next season. Dwayne Wade is 32 and clearly on the downside of his career. He’s been battling several injuries, and honestly if it wasn’t for LeBron he and the Heat would have been well into Lottery territory by now. There I said it. Dwayne Wade is hopelessly overrated and has been the second he and the Heat beat the Mavs in 2006. Flash, 3, whatever stupid ass nickname he wants to give himself is not a top 10 player. Top 25? Maybe, but instead of going off on Twitter, Dwayne needs to heal up and come back strong to prove idiots like me wrong. I never played the game, but my two eyes sees a player that bought into his own hype. As KD said on Twitter, don’t tweet me, show me. Show me Dwayne Wade!

Finally, I have a serious beef with Robinson Cano. This week it has been floated Canothat Robinson, and his agents, are looking for a 10 year deal worth $305 million. First of all, is Robbie out of his damn mind? Yes, you are the best player on the Yankees but the Yankees not only did not make the playoffs this season, the Yankees as currently constructed will not make the playoffs next season. The Yankees are old. This Yankees squad reminds me of the Yankees that couldn’t smell the postseason in the mid to late 1980’s. If they resign Cano, Robbie better get used to being the Don Mattingly of this current squad. Great player, but nowhere near October. OK, I’m being harsh. These are the Yankees, and they are currently trying to keep their payroll low to avoid paying luxury tax in order to make a run in the 2015 off season, but 10 years and $305 million is far too much for one player.

Cano 2First of all, no one in baseball deserves a 10 year deal. Especially, a player who is already 30 years old. I have no problem with Cano wanting to ask for $30 million a year but what about 5 years $150 million? The Yankees would likely balk at that, but at least that deal seems manageable. Robinson Cano, Jay-Z, RocNation Sports, whomever, can all say they at least reached the $30 million mark. By the time that deal is done Robinson is 35 and at that point you can judge if he still has a few more high performing years in him, or that he’s on his decline. The thing is the Yankees invested way too much long term money into some fading players. Mark Teixera, Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia, Derek Jeter, etc… to the point that they can’t rebuild because their payroll has been hijacked by players who are all on the decline. For that reason alone the Yankees can’t shoot themselves in the foot again and offer a 10 year deal to Cano. If I were running the Yankees I would let Cano and his agents play the field and see what offers they receive and if someone does throw 10 years at him, I’d let him walk.

3However, in letting him walk I’d let Jay-Z know that if the Yanks do lose Cano I’d never let him in Yankee Stadium again. I’d float it on message boards that Jay is a traitor and I’d harass him so much that he could never wear his precious Yankee cap again. I’d take Empire State of Mind off the P.A. system and I’d harass that guy so much that he’d either have to become a Mets fan or support his wife’s hometown team of the Houston Astros. I’d dead all association to the dude. I’d threaten the mess out of him just to get Cano back in pinstripes on a friendly deal. Shit, if he and his company are going to play hardball, I’d definitely let him know the consequences of a decision that isn’t in my favor. Play that power of perception against the boy. Sorry Hov, but business is business.

That’s it. I’m out of here. Thanks for reading, thanks for supporting and peace.

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  1. No need for the SMH, DJ. David’s comment is not about Jay Z the rapper. It’s about Jay the sports agent. If his agency blows the Cano deal then Master P. 2.0 would be accurate.

  2. EJ, Rap ain’t my thing but good lyrics are. My friends Moses and Leeroy are always “discussing” hip-hop, rap, et. al. and of course Jay Z comes up. Both guys admit Jay Z is an excellent business man. But, Moses, in particular, says all Jay talks about is money, a generality but you probably get the idea. He then says rappers like Tupac and Nas actually have something to say and say it well.
    Opinion? Just curious.
    PS as you know from a past series I do admire Nas’ ability with words. I think he is a damn good wordsmith.

  3. Tupac and Nas were/are more socially conscious than Jay Z. I am a Jay fan but his approach has turned me off the past couple of years. All Jay does now is brag about how much money he has and how sophisticated he’s become. The hunger of his early days are a distant memory.

  4. I agree, EJ. We’ve talked about this at length and Tupac and Nas were excellent with their content in their songs. They were telling a story with their music.

    As far as Hova, he seems to be letting celebrity get to him. He seems to have lost himself.

  5. I don’t begrudge his success but it’s come to a point where he should leave rap alone. His recent album Magna Carta Holy Grail was disappointing. I get the fact he’s made a lot of money, and can rub shoulders with the President and a lot of the elite, but it’s hard to relate to him musically.

    I may not have grown up in Marcy Projects, or any projects for that matter, but I can relate to the Brooklyn of early Jay Z records because although I am 12 years younger than him, I knew the places, and some of the scenarios he rapped about. Now? Nothing.

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