What grinds my gears? MLB style.

MLB: Milwaukee Brewers at Atlanta BravesIn Peter Griffin format, something happened last night in MLB that caused an outpour of criticism and boo-hooing from baseball fans outside of the Atlanta fan base.

It really grinds my gears when I read comments suggesting that the Braves as a whole go over-the-top with their respect to playing the game “right”. And what I mean by this is, you hit a homerun, you run the bases and not stare down the pitcher; let alone run your mouth as you circle the pads.

Last night, and admitting that he was wrong and apologizing later, Carlos Gomez’s moon shot to left center field brought the ire of the Braves as he first stood and pimped the hit at the plate, and then started barking at pitcher Paul Malholm and then exchanged pleasantries with first baseman Freddie Freeman as he rounded first. He continued to bark and exchange words with Malholm as he finished his trot until he saw catcher Brian McCann standing in the base path as he reached home.

And that was when both benches cleared. No one will post or say what the exchange was between Mac and Gomez but I am sure they were not exchanging apple pie recipes.

AND I AM GOOD WITH ALL OF THAT! What really grinds my gears however is some of the stupidest homeristic comments from fans outside of Atlanta that is criticizing the Braves for over reacting. Really?

Baseball is the only sport we have left that is heaped in tradition; football has a few, but not as traditional as baseball. It is the only sport I know of that has a bucket load of “unwritten” rules that most players at all levels respect and abide by. And of those unwritten rules “Thou shalt not hit a homerun and then try to show up thine pitcher that served ye the pitch” is among the top for those that respect the game and play it the right way.

I have never once seen a film clip of a Babe Ruth homerun where the Babe stood at homeplate and admired the flight of the ball, even though he did call his shot in the ’32 WS and then hit a homerun where he pointed.

Today, we have in epidemic proportions those that like to take their sweet time leaving the batter’s box as they admire the long flight of the ball traveling to the cheap seats. Even some of the Brave’s players take too much time going into their homerun trot on occasion. (Upton). Bat flips, bouncing towards first, pistol firing fingers and all the crap of amateurs has gotten out of control. I can understand hitting a walkoff homer is a reason for celebration after you cross the plate. However, no need to stare at the pitcher or run your jaw at the first baseman.

When that happens, NO ONE should take offense if the next time up they get a little chin music or get thumped with a pitch. As well as, NO ONE should take offense if the pitcher’s battery mate has some choice words for them showing up his pitcher.

I am not saying that all comments posted were of the negative variety towards the Braves. In fact there are many fans that commented in support of the Braves or at least against Gomez’s action. For instance, from a Cardinals fan, “a player would never last on the Cardinals that acted even remotely close to this. reminds me of 2 years back when the Brewers were on top. they acted like complete idiots, Ngyer Morgan, Gomez, all of them. They forget its a team game. That is probably why they are in last place. I blame their coach really, the culture has been laid down.” Now this comment could be that of a NL Central rivalry, but it still at the very least suggest there is a right way and wrong way of leading a Major League club and proper etiquette on the field of play.

But here are examples of what I don’t get, “Who died and made the Atlanta Braves hall monitor for MLB? It’s not like this is the first incident with the Braves, and McCann seems to be the chief instigator in most of them.”

This to me screams of no knowledge of baseball and how these things work. In 90% of these incidents, the Catcher IS going to be the one confronting the player trying to show up or attack his pitcher. Especially a catcher with team longevity like McCann. What do you want, Gattis or one of the other outfielders coming in to the infield and saying, “I’ll handle this?”

Secondly, and not that it really matters that much, but just in historical retrospect, the Braves are the longest continually operating team in ALL of MLB; so if they do want to be hall monitor, I don’t have a problem with that as well. Especially since Hammering Hank hit them and ran the bases; he did not stand there and admire the flight.

Here is another example; PeteyWheatstraw “Thing is though, this is the third time McCann and the Braves have been the instigators of bush league baseball, first against Puig, then Jose Fernandez now Gomez. The fact that its all Latinos probably says something worth noting at least, but the fact that all 3 players have owned the Braves after the Braves pulled the bush move first, says the most about this Braves team.

Reed Johnson is a psychopath who should be suspended the rest of the season for swinging on Gomez when he did literally nothing other than ask McCann to move. All those guys, Chris Johnson, Reed Johnson, Maholm, Freeman, McCann, are all bullies who cant handle it when the guys they try to intimidate beat them on the field. They deserve much less respect than Gomez gave them here.

I had to stop laughing before I can even begin to describe everything that is SO WRONG with this comment. In fact, the only thing I will address here is the fact that this commentor really thinks he knows the definition of what constitutes “bush league” play. And for those scratching their heads at this, protecting your teammates is NOT the bush league move here. The only one of the three that I felt remotely bad for was Jose Fernandez, I don’t think he was really trying to show up anyone, I think he was in shock that the ball went over the wall. (cough, cough)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6OxpsF4aNw if you want to watch.

For a rookie pitcher to stand and stare like he did is TOTALLY wrong.

And as far as the statement about Yasiel Puig and the Braves, I’m not sure what “bush league” move the commentor is talking about unless the whole MLB final vote thing for the ASG. And the fact that Freeman won out over Puig may have something to do with fans wanting to see an established player win out over a new guy with less than 30 games into the league. And the Braves and Dodgers have not squared off since June, so when exactly has Puig “owned” the Braves after their “bush league” play? And did I miss something? Did Gomez buy the Braves last night?

And by the way, the reference to the Braves being racist did not go unnoticed; that was just sour grapes and bad taste.

This is just my opinion….You are welcome to your own.

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  1. Well I’ll be damned. I thought I caught you in a faux pas but it seems you were right. But, who knew the Atlanta Braves descended from the Boston Red Stockings? Not me, fer sure. Kudos on your basebll historical acumen.

    But, ya know what? Where the hell is Bob Gibson when you really need him for a pitch or two.

  2. LOL….I do get lucky at times. However, being a true fan of the game, I pay attention to things like that especially when it involves my favorite team.

    And, hell you remember the old saying takes one to know one….

    Maybe it takes one to throw one………………where’s Rocker?

  3. Great writing Archie………

    I agree with Joe……If Gomez did that against Bob Gibson, or countless other old school pitchers, his next at bat would have resulted in a fastball shoved down his earhole……….

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