7 Pounds of Something: Sept 21st Edition!

Welcome to the Premiere edition of 7pos, where I’m gonna give thoughts on 7 items, just to give us a fun theme, this week I look at 3 dead guys, Jimi Hendrix, Ken Norton, one guy you have never heard of, plus UFC 165, Action Jackson, the Ultimate Fighter and Ron Rivera. Enjoy

Let me startoff with the bad news of the week, I understand this is the anniversary of Jimi Hendrix, but someone that was an even bigger impact on my growing up died this week.

1) Ken Norton is one of the best fighters of all time. His problem is, like most great fighters of the 70s, being part of the wrong era. Norton vs Ali

How great was Norton? Only 2 men beat Ali when Ali was F’N ALI. Lets also keep in mind if you watch Ali-Norton III, and didn’t know who was who, or what fight it was- you would think that was the fight Norton won. Norton beat the snot outta Ali and you would think Cecil Peoples and CJ Ross was working the fight.

How good was Norton?

Here are his losses: Ali/Ali(BS) Holmes/ Shavers/ Cooney / Foreman and Jose Luis Garcia, who when he was in shape, was a decent gatekeeper. Shavers might not be a household name, but he was one of the hardest punchers of all-time. Cooney might be a punchline to some, but he went to 25-0 when he beat Norton (and his only three losses were to Holmes, Spinks and Foreman)

I love Boxing. Well, let me restate. I loveD boxing. Its hard to care about the sport now. Way to many point fighters, and way too many inflated records, not to mention too many weightclasses. I eat a cheeseburger- and I’ve gone up 3 divisions.

Boxing’s biggest problem? Take any two fighters outside the top 5 in any weight class- now get 100K buys with them as the main event. Just not going to happen. Hard to care about guys that might be ranked #5 in the world, but could go 9-1 and never sniff a title shot.Jimi Hendrix

Now I understand the draw of 2) Hendrix, and I’m not trying to disparage him, but I’m 40, I missed his heyday. True, I’ve heard his Star Spangled Banner a zillion times, but have I heard more than purple haze, all along the watchtower and if you take WCW out, Voodoo Child anything he did more than a dozen times? No? Sorry.
I comptely understand why he’s influential, but like Janis Joplin and ABBA, I missed the window. Dont send me hate mail about saying Norton was the bigger impact on me this week deaths.

Uh oh.
We have a new champ, well kinda. A man died this week, and may not have even hit your news, or even the newspaper {do I need to explain what a paper is}
And to be honest, I couldn’t pick him out of a lineup- or could 99% of the people reading this.
Yet I own over a 3 dozen things that are directly attributed to him, and I might be on the low end here on the site. My brother Nate might be well over 3 digits, if you count underwear in the tally.
Who is this masked man?Yamauchi

3)Yamauchi. Never heard of him? Don’t think he counts?

How much NINTENDO stuff do you have?
How much money have you bought? Yamauchi took Nintendo from a company that made playing cards to a global gaming powerhouse.

Damn that’s a depressing beginning. Lets bump up the happy to some UFC talk!

4) UFC 165 is one heckuva card, with Jon Jones going to defend his title against Alexander Gustafsson and as much as they can hope Guffy can do something, but Jon Jones is just too good, and Guffy is going to have a hard time getting off a solid shot. Guffy has great footwork, and solid takedown defense, but Jones is just Jones. He will be able to dictate where the fight goes, and that means victory 9 out of 10 times. I also like Barao, Meathead, and the best fight of the PPV portion will be Nurmagomedov vs Healy. I’m taking KB just because I can’t get the Trujillo fight out of my mind.

Gotta love late night TV with a lot of movie options. I don’t do Netflix, yet, but I have a fairly decent DVD collection. That being said there was a great list of choices tonight, I’ve got Con Air, Sherlock Holmes, Total Recall (remake) and even U-571, but what I ended up watching was a movie that I haven’t seen in years:Action_Jackson

5) Action Jackson If you have never seen this one . . .uh, don’t go out of your way, but If you are bored and it comes on? Go right ahead. Look at how skinny Craig T Nelson was, how much Sharon Stone hasn’t changed, and wonder what the heck happened to Vanity- if you are not of a certain age, I’ll give a quick explanation. Prince used to have a, uh , collection of women, and he would work with them, and use them as openers or just to create music. He’s not the first (Ray Charles, Rick James etc) and wasn’t the last. Vanity just is one of the more famous ones. There is one exchange that I loved as a younger man.

Coach: Give me two good reasons I would say those things

(Vanity pulls down dress)

Coach: Those are good reasons.

Is it a good movie? Shit no. Its campy, Its silly, and Coach just isn’t “slimy” enough to be that evil yet. But it is fun to see Lando whup some ass.

6) Ultimate Fighter. I’m not doing a review this season, for some reason I just can’t get into it. I’m enjoying part of the show, but I wonder if having it so soon after last season was a mistake.  I wish it was just with the ladies. The stories are kind of running together, I get tired of hearing how its the last chance, they gave up everything, yada yada yada. The women are not much better, been disrespected, never thought they would see the UFC, they fought for bus fare infront or 2 people for 16 years, yeah yeah yeah. Not to mention the idiots talking about the women in the ONE way they shouldn’t be. Amazing, when some of these women can tap anyone in the house. Not to mention the coach that has come off like a douche- who can tap almost anyone on the planet under 185 pounds.

I’m ready for a new coach. I fail to see with a 6’5 QB, one of the highest paid RBs in the NFL, and a 3 point lead with a FOURTH AND ONE on the Bills 21 Yard line???
Oh by the way, 3 of the 4 starters in the secondary are hurt.

Finally, Can we punt 7) Ron Rivera yet? The problem is who to get? I’ve never been a big fan of interm coaches, and to put it honestly, I don’t see anyone who doesn’t have a job that I want as a coach in 2 weeks.

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  1. Action Jackson! Remember my Dad kicking me out the room when he be brought home the VHS of the movie. I really wanted to see it. It’s not the best movie but you’re right it’s a good click when you’re bored on a Saturday.

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