WTF! for the Week of Sept 18th

1) Last week I came across an article about a school teacher who told a 10-year-old girl she could not write about God as her idol. The incident occurred at Lucy Elementary School (Memphis, TN) after a teacher asked students to choose an idol and write a short piece about that choice. A girl, identified only as Erin, wanted to write about God for the assignment. However, Erin’s teacher said Erin would not be allowed to idolize God for the assignment in the classroom that day.

GodErin’s mom, Erica Shead, told TV WREG, a CBS affiliate, that “It was so cute and innocent. She talked about how God created the earth and how she’s doing the best she can.” She then added, “How can you tell this baby, that’s a Christian, what she can say and what she can’t say?” The concerned mother told WREG she promptly complained to the school’s principal and asked what specific school policy prevented students from writing about their religious beliefs.

When WREG asked District officials about the incident a representative said that teachers cannot promote a particular religion but then specified that students are free to write as they like about their own religion.

Now, I got problems with this entire scenario on so many different levels.

But, first, let me state for the record, I do not belong to any religion and, in fact, I do not believe in organized religion. However, I do believe in God. Just do not ask me to describe what my concept of God is because I cannot. It is a matter of my own particular view and it is very personal and not easily definable at any rate. For… hmmm… well, for lack of a better phrase… For God’s sake it’s God! How does someone define or describe God?

And, I could care less what anyone else chooses as their concept of God and how they prefer to believe in that concept personally and/or within a particular religious group.

I do believe in the concept of the separation of state and church/religion and for a damn good reason: I don’t want anyone’s personal feelings about what may or may not be a definition of what God is or is not, and, what they believe God is telling me I can or cannot do and for this possibly erroneous view of what the Almighty has in plan for us all being a part of laws that will govern my life. This is one concept I think our country’s founders got very right.

Now, having said all of the preceding… On what freaking planet and in what country does this idiot teacher exist?! Have we gotten so politically/socially inept and convoluted that if a little 10-year old wants to pick God as an idol she cannot do it? Damn it, that is her idol and it has nothing to do with the argument of the separation of church and state or of keeping any particular religion out of the public school system.  I don’t know of any religion (outside of devil worship or some other cockamamie ideology and I don’t consider that crap to be religion) where the concept of God is bad or evil. In fact, isn’t God pretty much perfection that all religions would tell its faithful congregates they should strive to be like? I mean isn’t that what the objective of being God-like is all about?

So in what universe is this moron teacher telling this little girl that, “nope”, she cannot have God as her idol?  I mean it might be kind of hard to live up to that idol’s example… because, last I checked most people’s vision of God is a pretty lofty ideal… as I said, usually perfection itself. But, hey, why tell a little girl she cannot strive to be the best that she can be… I say, “Erin never set your dreams or your goals low; always shoot high and do your damndest.”

Then, in the article, I read that it distinctly said that the girl was identified only as Erin… Now, I assume this was done to protect the girl from unwanted or undue attention.

So in what alternate reality do some of these media people exist when they go and identify the mother as Erica Shead? Because, even if the mother and the daughter do not have the same last name, how hard would it be to locate Mrs. Shead and find out who her daughter was? Thus, destroying any of the anonymity that the media was supposed to  have granted little Erin by purposefully leaving her last name out of the story?

People need to think before opening their mouths or putting hand to keyboard.  I mean for crying out loud just use the common sense that… well… that God gave them. Or is that too hard a concept to grasp?

2) On September 10, I read about a 51-year old man from Utah who killed himself an elk and then tried to roll the 600 to 700-pound animal over. At that point karma seems to have raised its sneaky little head and the dead elk got a measure of revenge when one of its antlers stabbed its killer behind his jaw.  At just about this time the “Oh, fuck” moment had arrived and the hunter now turned victim, or, if you would, wounded prey. He pulled out his cell phone and called for help and told dispatchers he was having trouble breathing.

elk kill 1His eventual rescuers wound up airlifting the man to a hospital during which a medical crew put a tube into his trachea to keep it open. The hunter was later flown to a different hospital for surgery, and was expected to make a full recovery.

Now, I ain’t no hunter and I am not really up on the whole strategy and technique of field dressing fresh kill, especially fresh kill that is about a third of a ton in weight. So, I have no idea why he was trying to roll this big ass piece of dead meat on the hoof over. But, ya think, that somewhere, sometime, in this joker’s life, when he was being taught all about hunting, that someone once told him that whenever you try to move something that freaking big, to maybe, go get some help?

This also leads me to wonder why anyone would go out by themselves and go hunt anything larger than small game, anyway. It never crossed his mind that it might be near impossible for one man to lug home nearly a quarter to a half ton of kill?

3) In the news on September 10 there was a piece about some Brooklyn (NY) drug dealers who had the unusual rule of not selling drugs during Shabbat – which is the Jewish Sabbath.

ShabbatIt took police, who conducted a sting operation dubbed “Operation Only After Sundown”, six months but they eventually brought the drug business of five men to a close when on September 10 they were indicted on participating in a conspiracy to possess and distribute heroin, oxycodone, cocaine, and various other drugs.

Police reportedly seized as evidence around 900 glassines of heroin, 335 oxycodone pills, a small amount of cocaine, Xanax, Suboxone and Klonopin and a sawed-off shotgun and ammunition as well as paraphernalia and criminal possession of stolen property. The indictment said the Jewish men were using stolen prescription sheets and other means to obtain 23,000 oxycodone pills with a street value of $460,000. As well as distributing heroin with the name “DOB,” and of using the code name “white girl” to refer to cocaine.

It seems what initially brought this “group of five” to law enforcement’s attention was a mass text sent by the men announcing a new shipment of “D.O.B.”, a “brand” of heroin. The text, sent out on Friday, April 12, 2013, read: “We are closing 7:30 on the dot and we will reopen Saturday 8:15 so if u need anything you have 45mins to get what you want.”

Another text that was uncovered during the investigation read, “He said he can’t do that but he can give you an 8 for 275 but its only gonna be tomorrow because he is closed for Shabbat. And the safe is locked.” Other texts that were discovered during the ensuing investigation also confirmed the “piety” of the drug sellers.

Now, I really do applaud the fact that these men were so dedicated to their Jewish heritage and faith that they had strict adherence to the observance of Shabbat.  But, ya think, that as they were supposedly reading their Tanakhs and Torahs, especially the parts about the laws of Noah or of the ten commandants that Moses got from God that there are any words that maybe, sort of, refers to certain codes of conduct about doing good for your fellow man rather than dealing death and destruction?

I am not an expert on Judaismtanakh & Torah or Judaic law but I hear tell that back around the time of Jesus’ life there was a Rabbi Hillel. As the story goes, an unbeliever came to him and said he would convert to Judaism if Hillel could teach him the whole of the Torah in the time he could stand on one foot. Hillel replied to this demand, “What is hateful to yourself, do not do to your fellow man.  That is the whole Torah; the rest is just commentary. Go and study it.”

The fact of the matter is that everything I have read about Jewish law specifies that Jews are commanded to help those in need, both in physical need and financial need.  And, that the Torah specifically tells Jews that they should help a neighbor with his burden, to give money to the poor and needy, and not to turn them away empty handed.  Furthermore, Jewish law simply forbids cheating or taking advantage of another.  And, Judaic law regarding business ethics and practices regulates conduct between a businessperson and his customer and between a businessman and his employee.

And, considering all of these points, I would think that a present day interpretation of Jewish law also would forbid drug selling due to the fact it turns many of its users into the dregs of a community that steals and robs and even commits murder to feed their habits or in other words is the antithesis of what Judaic law prescribes for how a Jewish person is to live a good life. In fact, on a certain level, if someone sells illegal drugs that convert the users into thieves, liars, and, even murderers, then aren’t they also complicit in the commission of those crimes and therefore are sinners against their own faith?

Personally, I don’t think keeping holy the Sabbath for one day covers the illicit actions of the other six. No matter what the religion.

4) Yesterday (9/17) was the new Miss America’s first day on the job and it was revealed that she had been barely crowned with the title when she had begun getting some ugly and distasteful messages from various social media formats.  It happens that Nina Davuluri is of Indian descent, and, is in fact, the first woman of Indian heritage to be Miss America.

Miss America 2014One of the tweets she received said, “An Arab won the Miss America wtf”.  Another said, “This is a miss (sic) AMERICA pageant not miss (sic) India.”

Ok, here are the rules to enter the Miss America contest: (1) Be between the ages of 17 and 24; (2)Be a United States citizen; (3) Meet residency requirements for competing in a certain town or state; (4)Meet character criteria as set forth by the Miss America Organization; (5) Be in reasonably good health to meet the job requirements and (6) Be able to meet the time commitment and job responsibilities as set forth by the local program in which you compete.

That is it. Those are the rules.

Now I have to assume after reading the rules that since she made it to the finals of the contest and was actually crowned the winner she is an American citizen and a reasonably healthy woman.  So the ass that made reference to her Indian descent making her ineligible to be crowned Miss America is not only in error but shows, first, ignorance, and, then, ethnocentrist and racist stupidity.

As for the other tweet which alleged that she was Arab: Some people on the subcontinent of India may be Muslims and there may be people who are Arabian people in India but Arabs, or Arabians, are not a naturally indigenous people of India. Thus, being of Indian descent sort of precludes there is much of a chance that she is an Arab.

The main problem when people open their mouths and make statements that are based on ignorance/stupid asininity (if that is not a word it is now) is that everything that follows is generally false and ultimately will fail because it is built upon a house of cards that is doomed from its onset.


Let’s see… I am “white” and I am an “American” therefore all other people are wrong and I am right. Hmmm…. as far as I can see that is a real sound basis to open mouth and insert foot. Or… get your ass handed to you if you are not too careful about where you make your stupid and hateful comments.

4) On September 12, a story reported that a Red Sox fan was arrested after he tried to choke the Tampa Bay Rays mascot. A police report said that each time the Boston fan, Trevor James Martin, wrapped his hands around the Rays mascot’s neck and pulled him back toward a railing, the mascot had “to push off of the defendant in order to break loose.”Rays mascot, Raymond

Now of course, Martin was inebriated, or, shall we say, he was three sheets to the wind as he was seen slurring his words and staggering around the stadium by witnesses.  When asked by police if he had been drinking he replied that he had consumed two beers during the game.  Which makes me wonder why do we all tend to say stupid stuff when the exact opposite is evident? I digress.

The person who portrays Raymond, the Rays’ mascot, declined to press charges for battery. However, the police charged Martin with disorderly intoxication in a public place.

Now, I know mascots can sometimes be rather banal as well as a tad annoying with their mascot portrayals during a game what-all with their various antics like jumping around and generally acting crazy, but, the fact is that they are primarily there to entertain the kids and not for us big peeps. And, as much I would love to see mascots, as well as a lot of other so-called family friendly stuff go away, so folks like me can simply sit and watch a game with a scorecard in hand; it ain’t gonna happen. Ballpark bigwigs want the big bucks that come when folks come to a ball game as a family. Kids want stuff and parents usually buy them that stuff at exorbitant prices. Part of drawing these families, who may not all have an interest in baseball what-so-ever, is having stuff at ballparks for them to enjoy … be it food or shopping or even silly acting mascots.

But, back to the saga of the woe begotten mascot: Isn’t it amazing how a “couple” of beers can turn what may be a relatively responsible person into a childish dolt who acts like a blithering idiot when he can’t get his own way? Besides, what the hell could Raymond have done that was so all fired annoying that someone would want to crush the bejesus out of the throat of a nice big alf-like critter?

5) Then last week this little piece caught my attention: Peyton Manning weed available in Colorado.medical marijuana

Seems good old Peyton made history with his season opening seven-touchdown performance and made Denver fans sort of euphoric. Well, I am here to testify that Peyton won’t be tossing seven TDs every week and sometimes he might even be as bad as his little brother Eli has been of late. But don’t worry Denver peeps just be happy and lay around the shanty and put a good buzz on with some good old Peyton Manning pot.

It appears what this is all about is that a marijuana dispensary in Colorado has renamed one of its products, a common strain of weed, after the Broncos quarterback. A dispensary employee told media sources, “… happens all the time. You can grow anything and name it anything you want… Dispensaries will have the same strain but name it different things.”

Manning weedThe Manning strain — Chem 91 SFV OG Kush — is described as offering “The best of both worlds, a Uplifting, Happy, Euphoric, thought provoking Sativa,” designed to treat MS, anxiety, nausea and headaches. It also has a cartoon drawing of Manning, big head included.


Medicinal marijuana is popular in Denver — as of 2011 there were more dispensaries than Starbucks in the city of 619,000.

No news was forthcoming about how Peyton feels about his latest… ahem… accolade. But my suggestion to him would be: “Just roll with it, baby.”


6) In other news last week Cops raided a Bronx (NY) day care center and uncovered a kilo of cocaine, pills and tens of thousands in cash.  The married couple that runs the center was arrested on drugs and weapons charges.

About 300 grams of the cocaine were found packed in an insulated blue lunch bag “that could be carried by a child,” a law enforcement source said.daycare-0912

The couple who run the day care center also live there on the same floor with their two sons, 6 and 3 years of age.
A search of the day care center turned up $20,000 in a kitchen cabinet in the couple’s apartment, and, in an empty basement apartment, $30,000 worth of pills, $50,000 worth of white powder, 150 grams of crack-cocaine and drug-packaging supplies.

The lunch bag with the coke was found in the empty apartment’s fridge, which the 15 children that attend day care can access from outside, officials said.

WTF, is wrong with these people?

Ok, here’s my take on drugs and people who use them. Ya wanna fuck with your brain and body and maybe kill yourself I really don’t care as long as no one else gets harmed while you do all that stuff. The problem is…  and it’s a big one… we do not live in isolation and whatever people do, in some way, always has some effect on someone else. So, in a nutshell, you doing drugs will affect me somehow, some way. Think about it. It is an inescapable fact. Whether more police need to be hired, or more people need hospital care or people who are stoned cause more accidents either out and about, or, in the workplace, and so forth and so on… the issues will all add up and they will wind up costing us all more and more to adress. So unless you can maintain your jones and still be a productive and responsible member of society then my advice is just don’t do drugs. It’s a lot simpler and a lot cheaper in the long run.

But, this really boggles my brainwaves because these folks are not only  selling drugs around kids but they have the drugs so near children, and by the looks of the story, where the children, at the very least, could have had easy access to it.  Either these idiots were doing their own product and had already fried their brains or their moral compasses had gone completely bonkers and they were incapable of make moral and good choices.  I can only shake my head and just say what the fuck were they thinking? That is if they were thinking at all.


Every choice has a consequence and now they will find that out in a very real, and hopefully hard, manner.

7) Then there is this news from former Destiny Child’s Kelly Rowland: She attributes her shapely physique to clean eating instead of dieting … a good workout and… essentially, that’s about it.

Her motivation for staying in shape? She said, “I want to look good naked. … Everybody wants to look good naked. That’s the goal.”

rowland 2

I got one thing to say: “You go girl. And keep up the good work.”

Ok, that was two things but who cares.

8) The Transportation Security Administration shared an explosive travel tip on its September 10th blog: “Leave the grenades at home.”

Ok, now this was done as a humorous blog by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) but it is still a very serious subject and one you would think never would need to be done. The post actually related how more than 80 grenades have been confiscated from checked and carry-on luggage in 2013.
And, though it was true that the majority of the explosives confiscated by the TSA were inert, replicas or novelty items, airport security guards can’t tell at a glance which are live and which are dormant. A TSA official said, “When a potential explosive is detected, we must follow protocols …. checkpoints are closed, flights are delayed and sometimes missed causing the airline and travelers frustration.”

TSA Grenades
TSA Grenades

The TSA blogger’s gentle tone did get one sarcastic response from a blog reader who wrote “Take your brain and leave your grenades.”

WTF, I mean seriously… WTF!!!!! You really can’t cure stupid can you?


9) Last week I wrote a short piece on how Bobby Valentine is a delusional jerk. For anyone who didn’t read the piece it was all about how Bobby V. said the Yankees were essentially invisible during the aftermath of 9/11 and didn’t do much to help NYC recover from that horrible day.

It seems after I wrote that article the next day he was given a chance to back off from the remarks and he did not. But, then this past Sunday it was reported that he finally said “When I was doing whatever it was I was doing (in 2001) I didn’t see what else was going (on).” He also said, “I was asked my opinion. I’m not saying all my opinions are correct. I’m not saying all my opinions are fair.”

Maybe so but I gots to ask: At no time during that period did his path ever cross any players or other people connected with the Yanks doing good? And, at no time did he ever discuss 9/11 with any of those people? At all? At no time did he ever pick up a newspaper or turn on a TV or a radio and read or hear the latest news and maybe something about what the Yanks were doing or saying?Valetine loser

I’m just saying to not be aware… to be so self absorbed… to not notice what a team does in the same city that he plies his trade is rather incredulous in my mind. But then I am not Bobby Valentine and I guess I will have to take his word as fact. As long as it is not a given and just his version of the facts as he saw them. But regardless of it all… he is still a jerk. In fact his latest words just solidify his first ballot acceptance into the Jerk Hall of Fame.

10) This last one is not really a WTF per se… but, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention Mo Rivera considering all the hoopla building to a crescendo as he nears retirement. I could write page upon page upon page about his Mo-ness but I think these words will suffice for now: Mo is and has been nothing but class and the epitome of what I want a MLB player to be. It is my privilege to say I saw him pitch for his entire career in a New York Yankees’ uniform and if there ever was anyone who could be labeled a “True Yankee”, then Mo is that someone.

mo Mo, thank you. I will miss you. 

And, Mo, let it be said your play, on and off the field, honored the number you wore on your back. When you retire so will “42”. Forever…

last to wear 42 ball

You were one of the best I ever saw. Go in a well deserved peace and the knowledge that you did your best, friend.

World Series Phillies Yankees Baseballmo final allstar

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