Trent Richardson is the first trade casualty in the 2013 season

On Wednesday, the Cleveland Browns traded Trent Richardson to the Indianapolis Colts for a 2014 1st round draft pick in a shocking early season trade.

Trent Richardson

Richardson wasn’t getting enough touches with the Browns and apparently they are looking ahead to next years draft where they will have two 1st round picks to try and rebuild their team. Richardson had just 31 carries in the first 2 games (a total of 59 carries for the team in those 2 games), but Cleveland attempted 90 passes in those 2 games.

News flash to the coaching staff: Brandon Weeden isn’t Tom Brady or Peyton Manning!!! They should have been running the ball a lot more with a workhorse RB like Richardson. Maybe, they would have scored more than just 1 touchdown in 2 games. Cleveland lost to Miami (23-10) and Baltimore (14-6) in their first 2 games and seemed to fall in love with Weeden’s passing rather than using a RB that ran for 950 yards (including 11 TD’s) last season in 15 games and caught 51 passes (including another TD).

The move was a no brainer for the Colts with Vick Ballard being lost for the season with a torn ACL in his knee. Richardson helps the running game and will open up the passing lanes for quarterback Andrew Luck. Defenses will not be able to take the running game lightly and will have to commit 7-8 players in the box to try and slow down Richardson.

The move also lets Indianapolis bring Ahmad Bradshaw off the bench and that should elongate his career. Bradshaw is only 27, but he’s in his 7th NFL season and has taken a lot of hits. Acquiring Richardson will give them a very nice 1-2 duo at RB and give them a lot of options on offense.

Bottom line, the Houston Texans repeating as AFC South champs just got a little more difficult.

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  1. Trading Richardson is a stupid move, but the current general manager, head coach, and offensive coordinator were not in place when he was drafted. I have no issue with them thinking Trent isn’t their guy, but it’s the lack of a return that bothers me.

    If the Browns really wanted value, they could have auctioned the guy off. I’m sure someone would have offered at least one more draft pick.

  2. Some people (I am not one of them)think Richardson is overrated, EJ. They say stupid things like he averaged 3.6ypc and don’t realize the Browns offensive line isn’t the best run blocking OL in the League. I was surprised the Colts got a 2nd year workhorse RB for 1 draft pick when Washington mortgaged the franchise to get RGIII. I realize QB’s are more important to an offense, but Indy got away with robbery imo.

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