How hot is Mack Brown’s hot seat?

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The hot seat. The term given to a head coach that may be in danger of losing their job. Every season the term is thrown out there. Either early in the season or late in the season, the media and fans throw a coach’s name in the hot seat conversation. I would like to take a look at University of Texas head coach Mack Brown, and gauge just how hot his seat is at the University of Texas.Hot Seat

Mack Brown has been the head coach of the University of Texas for a long time. The 62 year old coach is in his 16th year as the head coach of the Longhorns and during that time he led the team to two National Title game appearences (a win in 2005 and a loss in 2009). Brown’s time at Texas is highlighted by award winning players such as Ricky Williams, Vince Young, and Colt McCoy. Texas under Brown has been known to be a team that likes to run the ball, have mobile quarterbacks, and a strong defense. Also, Texas is a recruiting power due to the strong high school football talent base in the state. However, Mack is in the hot seat. Why?

Mack’s under pressure for a few reasons. Quarterback play for the Longhorns have been inconsistent since Colt McCoy moved on to the pro ranks after the 2009 season. Current quarterbacks David Ash and Colt’s younger brother, Case McCoy, are nothing special talent wise. Far from the pedigree that was Major Applewhite, Chris Simms, Young and McCoy. There also hasn’t been a standout at running back, or wide receiver. For all of Texas’ recruiting prowess the players that they have brought in the past few seasons, tend not to make that dramatic impact needed to carry an offense. However, as bad as the offense is their major failing is on defense. To put it mildly: the Longhorns cannot stop the run. Texas’ slide the past few seasons is because teams have run the ball all over them. This year’s Longhorns are currently 1-2 and it’s because they were unable to stop the run in their losses to BYU and Ole Miss. Mack has brought in defensive coordinators Manny Diaz and Greg Robinson but the defense still leaks like a sieve. So, will Mack’s seat get cooler as the season goes on?

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In order to get off the hot seat Mack has to win the Big 12. His 2 title appearances may have brought him some relief from the administrators at the University of Texas but the fan base is getting antsy. They want to win, and win big. Looking at the schedule, I definitely do not see the Longhorns running the table and their big rivalry game against the University of Oklahoma is on October 12th. If the Sooners beat the Longhorns, yet again, then no matter what Mack does I believe it would be time to can him after the season. Yes, despite his longevity, despite the recruiting prowess, if the Longhorns can’t beat the Sooners then it’s time for Texas to go in a different and younger direction.

Now, I’m a man of speculation. Since I stated that Texas should go in a different and younger direction then I should at least throw out a name to be Mack’s replacement. I could give you a big name like Nick Saban, Will Muschamp, or Les Miles but I’m going to go off the beaten path and go with Charlie Strong of Louisville. Charlie has done a great job at Louisville, and the Cardinals are about to enter the ACC but Strong seems to be too good of a head coach to stick with the Cardinals as they enter a new conference without standout QB Teddy Bridgewater. Texas needs a defensive mind as Strong, a good recruiter which he has proven to be a Louisville, and he seems charismatic enough to charm the alumni and fan base of the Longhorns. Hiring Strong, and bringing along Clemson offensive coordinator Chad Morris to Texas would be a homerun move by the University. Will it happen? Who knows but if it does, just remember you heard it from me first.

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  1. And to show how bad FN is, I lost a TD on it. I also predicted Charlie Strong. My Opponent went with Mike Tomlin.

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