America’s got Talent: The Finals!

Welcome to the Finals of America’s got Talent! Season 8 comes to an END!


This is one STRONG season, and even though I’m PISSED that the Kristoff Brothers were robbed from a final 6 spot by at least 2 acts, there are still some excellent talents on the show.

I’m going to change things up, and go in reverse order of how I liked them, and my feelings on their future. Cami Bradley

Cami Bradley -Singer
She has a good voice, but can I put up with it for an hour? Kinda gets a bit old after a time. I’m not sure she can go far singing standards in her own “unique” way.

Forte – Opera
I’m sorry, I just don’t get opera. I have a hard time thinking that the English Language can’t come up with a song like that. I mean, I know American cooks get poo’d on for making thier own croutons, but there are some world famous dishes we make. Is it dull? No, but do I care? No.

Collins Key – Magician
Here is my problem with CK, Its amazing, I have no idea how he’s doing it, but . . . .I get tired of the Hashtag, the twitter, the youtube. I enjoyed the card trick much more than the youtube trick on the Finale. Its not “grandma magic” as Heidi said, but Its magic I can enjoy- how do I know its not all predone? The trick is simple- if you can get the first picture pulled to be the right one you need, everything after that is the presentation. I think he is going to have a MAJOR career as long as he stays ahead of the social media curve.Collins Key

Jimmy Rose  – Singer
I like his original song, and just for that I think he can go farther than most singers on this show. He has the look and the feel to be a fairly big star. I think if he can find another song- maybe he won’t have the second biggest hit this season after B-double-O-TY! I can really see him having a great run in country music with the right writers.

Taylor Williamson – Comic.
Just an unreal comic, I hope he enjoys the road, as I don’t see him ever doing a TV show or Radio or anything like that- but his persona is just unreal. Of course there are a ton of comics that have made a serious living on the road. Thats not a dig, thats just the truth. This is my wife’s pick for who wins.

Leaving the winner . . . .

You've come a long way Kenichi

Kenichi Ebina – Dancer –

The problem here?

He had the weakest act on the Finale, I had the same feelings as Mel did. I just didn’t enjoy it as much as I thought I would, It might have cost him . . .severely. I wasn’t a huge fan of his opener either, I felt the Lasers were a bit of a distraction. But the bad thing is its like having LeBron vs Melo. Joe can have great games- and if LeBron has problems, or an off night- Melo can look like he is on the same level- but if LeBron hits his stride- there is no chance anyone stays on the stage. The thing about Kenichi is even if he stinks for 10 minutes the other 50 minutes can be GOLD.

So I’m taking Kenichi for the win.

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