The Blog About Nothing 9/13 Edition: Friday The Thirteenth Special

What up world, it’s the kid EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. Today is September 13th (Friday The Thirteenth!!) and it’s also the 17th anniversary of the death of rapper Tupac Shakur and the 19th anniversary of the release of The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die. As a child of the 80’s who came of age in the 90’s in Brooklyn, NY both rappers had a formative part of my early years. I dedicate today’s blog to them. Today I’ll get into Alabama-Texas A&M, Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez, and my thoughts on the United States Men’s Soccer Team advancing to another World Cup.Texas Alabama

Reigning Heisman trophy winner Johnny Manziel’s performance against Alabama last year was unbelievable. He had folks hypnotized by his command in Texas A&M’s win over the eventual National Champions last year in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Manziel and the Aggies really hit em’ up. Tomorrow’s matchup in College Station, Texas will see #1 ranked Alabama against #6 Texas A&M in another overhyped “Game of the Century”. Manziel, still fresh off of his offseason autograph controversy will have all eyes on him (literally as CBS will have a Johnny camera on him at all times). Alabama, champions 3 of the last 4 seasons should not be daunted by the task of knocking off a top 10 team on the road. Under head coach Nick Saban the Crimson Tide have been a model of stability. So, who wins?

I’m going with the Tide here. Nick Saban tends to win revenge games, and I expect the Crimson Tide defense to keep Johnny Manziel under pressure all game long. Bama QB AJ McCarron is known as more of a game manager but in order for the Tide to make a statement win on the road he’s going to have to connect with receivers Jones and Cooper. Running back TJ Yeldon will also have to get into the action. There’s a lot of pressure on Manziel this week, and as much as I like the kid and his swagger I expect the Tide to win despite the rabid 12th man fans of Kyle Field, and the Tide will roll big against all odds.Alvarez mayweather

Will fans of Canelo Alvarez be pouring out a little liquor tomorrow night? Canelo, the 42-0-1 youngster from Guadalajara, will be going up against Floyd Mayweather and his 44-0 record. It’s a battle of youth vs. experience. The Brawl For Y’all. Actually, this fight reminds me of the TV show Martin. Y’all remember, the episode where Martin felt disrespected by Tommy “The Hitman” Hearns because Tommy was hittin’ on Gina and he didn’t respect Martin’s Charity Boxing Championship belt? Well, this is how I feel about this fight. Floyd is Tommy, a real champion with victories over legit opponents, and Canelo is Martin, with wins padded by a bunch of nobodies. Forgive my skepticism, but with 43 fights at 23 years old, Canelo hasn’t really faced anyone until recently. I did like what I saw from him in his win over Austin Trout, but Floyd is a huge step up in class. Floyd’s defensive style combined with his speed, should be too much for Canelo to handle. However, I like the fact that Canelo has nothing to lose tomorrow night. He’s still 23 and Floyd has to retire sometime. Canelo can still be the king of the middleweight division in the next 2 to 3 years. Except, tomorrow he’s going to feel the machine gun funk of Floyd’s arsenal.

This is going to be a rough week for Mexico, huh? Floyd beating Canelo and the Mexican National Soccer team losing to the US Men’s National Soccer team in Columbus by the infamous dos a cero scoreline. The Mexican’s came into Tuesday’s game in Columbus under some turmoil. They haven’t been scoring goals and they came into the game after a rare loss at Estadio Azteca that saw manager Jose Manuel De La Torre aka Chepo fired for the team’s lack of performance. Unfortuantely, interim manager Luis Fernando Tena didn’t fare any better and he was replaced by Victor Manuel Vucetich after the Columbus debacle. Mexico has now fallen to 5th in CONCACAF qualifying with 2 games remaining. There’s still hope however. The top 3 finishers qualify for the World Cup, while the 4th place finisher has to play a playoff home and away series with New Zealand out of the OCEANA region. The Mexican National Team may be stuttering (which is a shame with all of their talent) but they should make it to Brazil assuming they place 4th. The world is filled with only disappointment for Mexico right now but they still got 2 more games to right their vs mex

Meanwhile, the United States has qualified for their 7th consecutive World Cup. The United States have now reached a point where qualifying for a World Cup has become automatic. Manager Juergen Klinsmann has done a fantastic job in mixing his European professionalism with American attitude and for the most part the National Team is a well coordinated machine. The thing is, can the United States make an impact next year in Brazil? Qualifying is one thing. The North American and Caribbean qualifying campaign should be a relative cakewalk with all of the resources the United States has at it’s disposal. It’s can they advance once they make it to the big show? As a soccer enthusiast I really believe it’s time for the United States to at least advance to a quarterfinal at the World Cup, and within the next 3 to 5 cups become a serious contender to win one. Soccer is the most played youth sport in this country, and there has been an increase in legitimate talent. It’s only a matter of time where the right mix of players and coaches come together and the United States to make some real noise. The sky is the limit.

Before I leave y’all today I’m going to give you one rapid fire rant: Mark Sanchez please lose that questionable head band, and get the surgery you need to repair your torn labrum. It’s over for you as the quarterback of the New York Jets. Please get that through your gelled head. It’s done. It’s a wrap. Geno Smith might have imploded last night against the Patriots but Geno is going to be the quarterback this season. Mark might think he won that sham competition for the starting job, but he was never going to be the starter for this Jets team. Rex Ryan may still love you Mark, and he may still have that #6 tatted on his arm but it’s #7 that will be the QB of this team. Mark, drop the head band and make an appointment with Dr. Andrews for that shoulder. You’re still young enough to salvage your career elsewhere. Don’t let your emotions rob you of one more chance.Mark Sanchez

I’m out of here. I encourage you all to listen to some 2Pac and some Biggie this week and let their memories wash over you. Unfortunately, both men were taken well before their time (Tupac at 25 and Big at 24) but their music has lasted the years since. Thanks for reading this week and thanks for supporting Peace.

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  1. ya know, it never even dawned on me that today was Friday the 13th until I read the title of your blog and I have been writing 9/13 on all my reports today. DOH! Oh, the humanity!

  2. I agree with your Sanchez commentary but the only way he revives his career is as a backup with maybe a chance to get a starting job down the road.. sort how Jim Plunkett did with 1978 Raiders.
    Plunkett then got the chance to take over for an injured Dan Pastorini and led the Raiders to the first-ever victory by a wild card team in the Super Bowl, defeating the Philadelphia Eagles 27–10 in Super Bowl XV. And, he named the SB MVP.

  3. Looking at the NFL landscape I’d have to agree with that Joe. The only team that is bad enough to take a shot on Mark Sanchez is the Jaguars, and they’d be better off ditching Gabbert/Henne and going with another young QB.

    Sanchez would be better served as a backup to a team that has some consistency but also a team where he could have a chance to start in the not so distant future. I’m no Sanchez apologist but I don’t lay the blame of his failure as the QB of the Jets entirely at his feet. He didn’t have the best supporting cast. There are no play makers at running back, and the team’s best receiver, Santonio Holmes, is really a #2 receiver and not the #1 option he is with the Jets. You could also blame Rex Ryan and his lackadaiscal attitude to offense. Sanchez statistically has been beyond horrible the past 2 years, and his attitude has been pretty shitty throughout his entire stay in NY but if you’re going to make an argument as to why he failed here what I just said would be a decent place to start.

    All in all he just needs a change of scenery, and the humility to know that his next chance could very well be his last chance.

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