Bobby Valentine is a jerk

Ya, know, I really hate it when I am wrong. But once I accept the fact that I am wrong I will admit it, and, then after a bit of sullenness, because I had to eat some crow, I will move on.

I was wrong about Alex Rodriguez. I always defended him through all the various drug accusations slung across his bow. Even when he was associated with that Canadian doctor, Anthony Galea, and the possibility was floated out there that he might have gotten some HGH. I said there was no proof and he only was treated with a procedure called “blood spinning”. And, “blood spinning” is not against MLB rules. And, as far I know there still is no proof, but, from everything I now read, it appears the man has been cheating since, only God knows when, and, probably was getting HGH from Galea. So, finally after the Biogenesis fallout I said, “Screw ARod.” And, I said I was wrong about the guy. Yeah, he still has the appeal, as is his due, to be heard and there is a chance he might get off but I firmly believe in my heart I was wrong about him and PEDs and it would take a hell of lot to convince me I am now wrong about that. BUT… if I am wrong I will readily admit it.

Now, I hear Bobby Valentine has just said in a radio interview, “Let it be said that during the time from 9/11 to 9/21, the Yankees were (not around). You couldn’t find a Yankee on the streets of New York City. You couldn’t find a Yankee down at Ground Zero, talking to the guys who were working 24/7. Many of them didn’t live here, and so it wasn’t their fault. And many of them did not partake in all that, so there was some of that jealousy going around. Like, ‘Why are we so tired? Why are we wasted? Why have we been to the funerals and the firehouses, and the Yankees are getting all the credit for bringing baseball back?’ And I said ‘This isn’t about credit, guys. This is about doing the right thing.’”

The entire statement reeks of some sort of self important, indulgent, egotistical crap that leaves me totally and utterly struggling for the exact words to call what he said.

I mean, first, we are talking about the day that terrorists struck a deadly and devastating blow at us all on that fateful day. It is as close to a sacred day as there can be in my lifetime. And I do not often speak about many things or moments with that type of import, tone or symbolism. I have a hard time with over-zealousness and over-spiritualizing stuff. But 9/11 is special. It was a day that those stupid terrorists hurt us all, and, in retrospect accomplished something I never thought I would ever see in my lifetime. It united us all… conservatives and liberals… old peacenik hippies and old flag waving gun-toters. For a period there, we stood as one. We mourned as one. And, we picked ourselves up and brushed ourselves off as one people who stood proud and defiantly and we said we would rebuild. And, although it has taken a while to accomplish it, we did.

911 rememberance

Now, I do not believe we should wallow in self pity about that day but I do believe for the foreseeable future it is a day for remembrance and self-reflection. Much like Pearl Harbor must have been for the WWII generation.

Second, who the hell is Bobby Valentine to personalize and criticize anyone for what they did do or did not do? (And for the record the Yankees were indeed visible during the aftermath of the moment of 9/11. They were in many places throughout NYC during this time of terrible hardship giving moral support to all involved. I am not gonna belabor the point or be as small as Valentine and single out moments and times and places but you can find many references of their involvement and actions just by Googling it.)valentine 1

Now, I have always defended Valentine whenever people criticized him as a baseball person, as a manager, and said he was misunderstood for the most part and, in my opinion, he was a pretty good manager. And, when he spoke his mind on many things I often said he might speak without fully engaging his mind but for the most part he is just being forthright. In fact, I often said he was a sober Billy Martin.


But now with these words I finally realize I must of have been totally wrong about the man and he is nothing but a simple fool who says simple things that are primarily meant to overly inflate his own image and ego.

So, I was wrong about Bobby Valentine and I finally realize he is simply a jerk after all.



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  1. Joe, I feel your pain man. For many years I have been a strong supporter of Bobby V thinking he was a great baseball man as well. But through it all, he has come out looking more like a petty self centered jerk.

  2. Yesterday it seems he was given the chance to recant what he said or at least rephrase his words. He didn’t.
    Way to take what the Mets did at the time as something good and turn it into a Bobby Valentine moment.
    The reward for doing good works is the fact that you did the good works and not who gets the credit.
    I got five words for Bobby: Instant karma gonna get you.

  3. Bobby really made it all about him. Not surprising really. Although I don’t watch as much baseball as I should, I was/am a Mets fan and it’s sad to hear Bobby V. talk like this.

    I don’t care that he feels this way, but he should have left his feelings unsaid.

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