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Might be a long time before we see either of these in Baltimore

What up world? You know this is the kid EJ a.k.a. Young Blognado, back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. I’ve been listening to a lot of good music this week and I’ve been inspired by a 16 year old songstress named Lorde. You see I wasn’t going to blog this week. Why? Just not feeling it mentally but listening to Lorde’s song Bravado, I’m reminded why I do this shit. I’m vain. Yup. Vanity. I want the applause, the approval, the things that make me go. Vanity. So, this week I’m going to talk about Da Real Lambo, and the return of NFL action. Let’s get into it.Da Real Lambo

Da Real Lambo made news this week. Who in the hell is Da Real Lambo you might ask? Well, Lambo is the current boyfriend of one Gloria James. Gloria may be better known as the mother of Miami Heat superstar LeBron James, and the Gloria in his King James tattoo that has been on his arm since he was in high school. Anyone who is familiar with LeBron’s story know how tight he is with his moms. She raised LeBron alone, and although she’s had a checkered past, she is the driving force in her son’s life. Now 42 years old, Mama James wants to get her groove back and her new man is this Lambo dude. Lambo is a 31 year old rapper from Miami and according to his Instagram page, he seems more obsessed with LeBron than he is with his relationship with LeBron’s mom. Calling 28 year old LeBron his role model, Lambo’s page shows him balling out as a member of LeBron’s entourage. He’s on family trips and he’s showing off LeBron’s ring like he won it.

Now y’all know I have something to say about this, right? First off his rap name is corny. Da Real Lambo? You mean, there is another wannabe rapper out there calling himself Lambo? Y’all named yourselves after cars you can’t afford? Really? Now I’m not against another dude on the come up but this whole thing bogus to me. It almost feels like Lambo tricked his way into Gloria’s life just to pose with LeBron’s stuff like he’s the man. LeBron had that rapper floss and Lambo just wanted his way into the shine. I can’t be mad at him, even if I do hate his lame ass name. So, who am I mad at? I’m mad at Gloria. Ms. James needs to stop dating men that are around her son’s age. It’s not a good look to go from Delonte West (allegedly) to this fake ass Lambo. It’s not. I guess she likes them young and hood, but for the sake of her son she might want to expand her dating pool a little. Just a thought. I don’t expect this Lambo thing to last though. LeBron has enough mouths to feed in his circle, and he’ll convince ma dukes to drop her opportunistic boy toy soon enough. Peace out Lambo!NFL Sheild

Off that. The NFL is back and finally these games count! The preseason is cool and all, but watching those games are like watching paint dry. Ineffective play from backups, and players who have no NFL future after cut down day in late August is not fun. No. Going back to Lorde and Bravado this is how I would describe football to people who know nothing of the game: it’s a collision of atoms that happens before your eyes. To love the game it’s in your bloodstream, when the lights of the season comes on, you will be ready for this. Sorry, I really do love that song. Last night the Denver Broncos kicked off the season with a beatdown of the defending Super Bowl champions the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens defense got shredded by Peyton Manning to the tune of 7 touchdowns and 462 yards passing. The Broncos entered the season a Super Bowl contender themselves and although their defense is lacking, the Ravens showed that they might have a tough time defending their crown since they cannot pressure the quarterback.

Losing Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Paul Kruger and company might have been too much for Baltimore to handle. Acquiring former Broncos pass rusher Elvis Dumervil might have been a good addition but there are way too many subtractions for the Ravens to deal with. Of course it’s only one game. How will they rebound is the question. Anyway, I’m on the Broncos bandwagon. It would be a fitting end for their season if they play in the 2014 Super Bowl at the new Meadowlands in New Jersey. Peyton going for the ring in Eli Manning’s house, just like Eli won his 2nd in Peyton’s old place in Indianapolis. In the AFC it’s Denver and for me in the NFC I’ll go with the 49’ers. I really like the job Jim Harbaugh has done in San Francisco, and I’ve been a fan of Colin Kaepernick’s game since he was in college at the University of Nevada. The Niners are too good to count out, but I know I’ll look forward to Sunday’s, Monday’s and Thursday’s for my NFL action. The lights are on, are you ready for this?

No rapid fire rants this week. Going to cut the festivities short, and just leave out on this note. I love blogging. I love being opinionated and I love what’s going on here at I like to joke that no one actually reads my blog, but if I draw even one set of eyes to what’s going on here and all of this excellent content then it’s a job well done. We’re all just chasing the dream, and I’d like to thank you for that support. Until next week . . . peace.

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  1. I would write a blog about hating myself. The pics would be of me flashing all of LeBron’s jewelry and driving all his cars. That would be the final blog. Shit, I’m the same age as Lambo. I’d be right in Gloria’s wheelhouse.

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