David’s 2013 AFC Season Predictions!

The AFC Preview


The easiest one to breakdown, to me, is the East, where the staff of 7Poundbag could play WR for the Patriots and would be worth drafting in deep fantasy leagues.

Tom Brady upright is worth 10 wins. I think the running game is decent enough to cover a lot of flaws. I do think that we could be seeing the last year of the Hoodie as a threat if the drafting doesn’t come through. I do wonder how many rings were left on the table the last week in April.

I have Miami second, and a playoff team. I think they are the breakthrough team of the AFC. Tanny might not be great, but I think he can be Andy Dalton-ish.

I’m going Jets over Bills, just because the Jets have a better coach and O-line. I think they have some talent, but I don’t think they have a talented unit on the squad. I have no faith in the Bills this year.


The North was hard for me come up with, only because I think they could all win the division.

Baltimore lost a TON. But has one of the best coaches in the NFL. , the Bengals have a TON of talent, but a coach I trust the least in the NFL, Pitt has a great coach, and one of the best defensive coordinators in NFL history, but has lost MASSIVE amounts of talent the last 2 decades, it seems. Cleve Cleveland seems to have talent where it doesn’t matter.

So where do we go? If you told me that by the end of the season the Browns won and the Ravens were last, I would be surprised but stunned. if you told me the Steelers were the AFC North champions, I would have the same reaction as if you told me they have a toip-5 pick. I just have a hard time here. So lets go.

I have the Ravens first, only because I have to think Ozzie has a plan, and he’s smarter than I am. Do I think I could do a better job than some GM’s? Absolutely. Do I think I could be better than Ozzie? No. Of course, I think my daughter could be better than Millen, and she doesn’t know a WR from a DT at this point, but she does love the LSU tigers (thanks mom) and you could do worse than just picking LSU Tigers every round. Second I’m putting the Bengals, who also get a wildcard. I like Dalton, I love the defense, and I might becomes a coward and give them the North before its all over. . . . In fact, I’m, going to do it now. Flip Cincy and Baltimore.

For my next problem, what do I do with the Brownines? I have to think they are last, but again, the Steelers have issues a plenty, and Big Ben is not only getting slower, he’s absorbing a MASSIVE amount of damage. I want to take the Browns third. I really do. but I can’t. Sorry. So Cin/Bal/Pit/Cle, -at least for now.


Next, the South might be easiest one to figure. I love the Texans, and I think the Jags will suck. #newsflash. I think the Colts will drop, but I’m not sure if they drop enough for the Titans to catch them. I’ll take the Titans though, just because it will take all the new faces to integrate for the Colts and I like Jake Locker to take a pretty good step this year- if Kenny Britt can stay alive. I do think the Titans have a good line, and a better linebacking corps that if Kamerion Wimberly does a damn thing to earn his paycheck, could be a top-tier front seven. I’m going to take the Titans over the Colts, I just have a hard time seeing the Colts going 7-1 at home again.


I got no problems here. I’m taking Denver first, Stunning, I know.
I’m not a big huge fan of the Reid. Considering they are looking at a huge jump in Philly, and he just left there. Alex Smith is a reclamation project,  I can see them getting better, I know they have 6 All-Pros on D-fense, (and that’s just sad). but still. I do see an improvement, but lets face it. I’m almost tempted to put the Chargers second. And I do think this is the weakest #2 team in the AFC, I’d take the Fins over them, and the Titans, but that’s just me. The Chefs get the Jags and Browns, and the Chargers get Bengals and Miami. my 2 playoff teams.

I do think the Chargers need to move Rivers. He’s too good to be there, and his confidence might be shot. Its possible he could make a comeback, but I think he needs a new venue- even if he might end up haunting them like Drew Brees does. If I was the Bucs or the Vikings- I’d swap a pair of seconds for Rivers and If I’m the Chargers, I’d do it. As for the Raiders, I asked fellow writer DJ if there were any players on here that could start for 20 NFL teams, after some flack about naming some for Carolina- I came up with 8 off the top of my head) He gave me McFadden, (I doubt it) but did state Tyvon Branch, I think he might be selling a bit shot, Veldheer might be there- maybe not 20 team, but 15? Sure. I think Houston could start for 18-20 teams. I just don’t think Pryor is the answer, but he doesn’t have to do much to get his shot.

Final PredictionsAFC

1  Patriots  Bengals  Texans  Broncos
2  Dolphins Baltimore  Titans  Chargers
3  Jets Pittsburgh  Colts  Chiefs
4 Bills Browns Jags  Raiders

Division Champions

NE, Texas, Cincy and Denver, my Wildcards are Baltimore and Miami.

AFC Title Game: Houston vs Denver

AFC Champion: Houston Texans


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