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What up world? It’s the kid EJ a.k.a. Young Blognado with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. It’s been a rough week at 7poundbag. We had a bit of a site meltdown yesterday, and for awhile there we thought someone purposely deleted our shit. Let’s just say we were an angry bunch of men. However, things are fine now and yesterday’s tragedy is behind us. Kind of like that Jay-Z and Cam’ron song Welcome To New York City, we’re still bangin’ we never lost power. This week I’m going to reach out to the homie Lamar Odom, and somewhere in America Miley Cyrus is still twerkin’. Twerk. Twerk Miley Miley twerk. Let’s get into it.Lamar Odom

Is it just me or is Lamar Odom smoking crack now? I think Lamar heard Kendrick Lamar’s verse on Control and got the shit wrong. You’re supposed to sell rocks Lamar, not smoke rocks. Damn. Yes folks, Khloe Kardashian’s beloved Lam-Lam has an alleged drug problem. Gasp. Mr. Kardashian-Odom, let’s be real Khloe and the Kardashians run every man in that family, was reportedly missing for 72 hours following a dispute with his she beast (I’m sorry I meant his wife). Duringthat time it has been alleged (by those good folks at TMZ) that Lamar was on a crack binge. It’s also been alleged that he’s had a drug problem for awhile now. I hate to admit it but if he’s on drugs that would explain the drop off in his play since he was traded away from the Lakers after the Chris Paul deal fell through, and his meltdown that happened after. It would explain why the Mavs casted him off, and why he was a non-factor with the Clippers last season.

Lam-Lam is hurting y’all! It might be the reason for the drugs, and the rampant rumors that he’s cheating on his she beast (sorry, I mean his wife). Now, I’m not Doctor Phil. I’m Doctor EJ and here’s my prescription for Lamar Odom: get away from the Kardashians! They ruin people. They really do. Get away from Khloe, and her evil ass mom, and hit a rehab and get yourself right. When I first heard these drug rumors, I didn’t want to believe it due to NBA drug testing but when I allowed myself to really sit down and think about this, Lamar being on drugs makes a ton of sense. Besides explaining his play, it explains a lot of his actions over his career. He’s had a rough life with his mom dying young, and his father being an addict, and instead of coping with his problems like I would (with large amounts of alcohol), Lamar turned to the pipe. Sad. So unbelievably sad.mileypic6

You know what else is sad? Miley Cyrus’ little ass twerkin’. Girl stop bending over and shaking your pancake booty. How is a little girl with no buns, going to get me excited watching the MTV Video Music Awards? It doesn’t. All she is hype. Just like Jadaveon Clowney and Robert Nkemdiche were overhyped coming into their season debuts last night. See what I just did? I spun hype against hype. I stayed up last night to watch Clowney face off against the University of North Carolina Tarheels and to see Nkemdiche face off against the University of Vanderbilt Commodores. Now, Clowney might be in a hype machine overdrive but he is a big kid that can hit and is a freak of an athlete.He’ll be highly drafted in the 2014 NFL Draft but I have to admit I watched the game last night waiting for a big play.

It didn’t happen. The offensive linemen will be ready for him this season, so I believe last night was the start of a tough season for the dude. Nkemdiche? A freshman defensive end for Ole Miss and one of the best players coming out of  high school did nothing last night. He actually got embarassed on a Vanderbilt touchdown when he went high on the runner and whiffed. ESPN replayed that in slow motion several times just for my amusement. Now, I’m being too hard on the dude but once  again I was looking for magic and I didn’t get it. Kind of like the reason why I watch shit like the MTV Video Music Awards. I’m looking for magic and all I get is crap.

Time for rapid fire posts. I usually call these rants but I ranted enough earlier. Matt Simms put in a solid performance against the Eagles in the NY Jets final preseason game. Rex should have put in Simms earlier against the Giants instead of throwing Sanchez out there. Watching Sanchez in a sling on the sideline, and watching Geno brood last night pissed me off but I’m happy for Phil Simms’ youngest boy. I know it was against backups, and guys who won’t be in the NFL past this week but Phil’s kid looked real good out there. The Jets might have their own Matty Ice. Who knows?

I hate that I have to blog about Aaron Hernandez but I have to this week. According to Rolling Stone, Hernandez is a gun toting high off of angel dust thug that was being protected by his college coach Urban Meyer. While he was at the University of Florida, Hernandez was out of control and doing what he wanted to do. Truth be told if you look at the guy, he gives off the impression that he just doesn’t give a damn. You look at him and he has this look like he’s just pulling the wool over your eyes. He looks real good at telling people what they want to hear. Maybe it’s just me, but I’m inclined to believe most of the Rolling Stone report. Dude is a stone cold thug, and unless the State of Massachusetts blows their case he’s going to be spending some time with some other thugs in jail.Marcus Camby

Finally, I’m going to bring it back to New York City. I love the sport of basketball, and I love analyzing player signings and trades. If a signing or trade receives criticism, I tend to agree because I see what the critique is about. However, the Knicks trading Marcus Camby and Steve Novak to Toronto for Andrea Bargnani has been receiving criticism I do not understand. Yes, Bargnani was a bust in Toronto. Yes, he is a former #1 pick, but it’s not like the Knicks gave up value to get him. Camby? 39 years old and injury prone. Novak? Great first season in New York but became replacable due to Copeland’s emergence (now in Indiana) and the Knicks reverting to small ball to have a more athletic team on the court. Bargnani is a legit 6’11”, can play inside and can shoot from the outside. He’s versatile and can create matchup problems either as a starting power forward or off the bench. His main critique is that he doesn’t play defense but if you start him, isn’t that what Chandler is for? Tyson may have faded last season but defense is still his forte. I don’t get it, but I look forward to reading more analysis from the so called experts and I hope Andrea plays well enough that some of them to say: my bad.

I’m out of here. Please continue to support and until next week: peace.

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  1. Good blog as usual, EJ. You are bringing the NYC vibe to and I like it.

    *Pats self on back for recruiting you*

  2. Good job EJ. The only point I disagree with you on is Lamar. Odom is living the dream of every kid on every playground in America. To sacrifice or jeopardize his current situation for a 20 minute high is just insane. If he thinks he has problems now, it only gets worse from here.

    Apparently $40 million wasn’t enough for Aaron Hernandez. He wants to be respected as a badass. He’s going to spend the rest of his life where everybody is a badass. Smart money says he’ll soon find out he wasn’t as bad as he thought he was.

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