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What up world, it’s me EJ back with another edition of The Blog About Nothing. I’ve taken to calling myself Young Blognado, because I’ve been cranking out nothing but product for I’ve been blogging so much that I should be getting paid. No more free EJ! Nah, just playing. I do this for the love, and whatever support I get out there. Blogging is something I do for fun, and I’ve never thought of myself as being a good enough writer to earn money for it. So, enjoy the free work peoples. This week I’ll go off on my exhaustion to performance enhancement drugs, why I don’t care that LeBron James received some special treatment from the Miami PD, and the sad tale of boxer Tommy Morrison. I’m that diverse. Let’s get into it.Baseball

Am I the only one who doesn’t care about performance enhancement drugs anymore? Ryan Braun’s mea culpa has irked me. Last year when he was cleared because of sample tampering he shouted from the rooftops that he was clean, and being unfairly targeted. However, we know that to be a lie because he has been suspended the rest of this season due to his Biogenesis involvement, and he recently released a statement that touched on his being sorry that he actually got caught. The thing is the man was lying all along, and what do you do when you start lying: you keep lying until the truth finally catches up to you. Braun did what most people do, naturally. You keep telling that fib for as long as possible. If you never get caught, great, you’ve done a good job. If you do get caught, act remorseful as freakin’ possible. That’s all he’s doing folks. He’s just trying to throw you off the scent by using words as “deeply apologize”. This lie would have gone to his grave if he could have gotten away with it. The Milwaukee Brewers outfielder doesn’t have to apologize to me. I could give a damn, but he does have to apologize to Dino Laurenzi Jr.

Who is Dino Laurenzi Jr. you might ask? For those unfamiliar with the plot let me take you back a bit. Dino is the poor sample collector who might have broken the chain of custody in Ryan’s urine sample that got him cleared for steroid use in the first place. In defending himself, Braun painted Laurenzi as an anti-semite (Braun is Jewish) and as a Cub fan who would do anything to bring down the star of a division rival. Ain’t that some shit? He destroyed a man’s life and ruined his reputation just to save his own ass. Just like a liar would. You see, I’m exhausted by the PED narrative, and honestly I just want Ryan Braun, Alex Rodriguez, and any other PED user just to sit down, shut their mouths, and stop acting like I give a damn for their fake ass acts of contrition. If they don’t care why should I?LeBron JayZ

Another thing I could care less about is LeBron James being given special attention by the City of Miami Police Department. Good old LeBron was stuck in traffic and all he wanted to do was get to the stadium in time to see his boy Jay Z perform with Justin Timberlake. I mean he couldn’t call up the Jigga man and get him to delay the show until he got there, right? Nah, LeBron and Hov couldn’t do that. So, what happened is that LeBron alerted an officer who gave him a police escort to the stadium. Yes, LeBron and the officer raced to the stadium driving on the other side of the street. Dangerous enough, but nothing’s too risky for King James he of two NBA titles, and he who leads a whole legion of plastic Heat fans. Nothing is impossible for the reigning MVP. We all must witness that! OK, sarcasm aside I don’t care and I don’t understand why anyone would get their underwear in a bunch over this but apparently people have. The officer who provied the escort is going to be disciplined and given something called internal counseling. Now that’s some BS. Anyone familiar with Miami is well aware that it has become the playground of the rich and famous. You can probably throw a stone on Ocean Drive and hit a celebrity. There’s that many of them out there. Preferrential treatment is going to occur in a place like that, so why do I care that LeBron got some help. I don’t but it’s a media story, and it’s being fueled on Twitter so I stepped out and addressed it. All, I know is if I were LeBron I’d get a police escort everyday. I’d also have some half naked women throwing out rose petals. Why? Just because.Tommy Morrison

Time for something I do care about. A little story about me: I was born in 1981. Like most kids of the 80’s I grew up with the Rocky franchise and as cheesy as the plot could be I loved those movies. That’s why the story of Tommy Morrison a.k.a. Tommy “The Machine” Gunn of Rocky V is just so sad. Morrison who finished his boxing career with a 49-3 record and was the World Boxing Organization (WBO) Heavyweight Champion is now fighting his toughest battle against an opponent called AIDS. Diagnosed with HIV in 1996, ESPN’s Elizabeth Merrill’s story on him describes a man that has full blown AIDS and is in denial that he even has the disease. All those around him, speak of him as if he is near his end. What a sad end it really is: he’s broke, his mother and his girlfriend are in dispute, and his brother and sister have had legal issues. I could just summarize Merrill’s story but if you remember the career of Morrison, or saw Rocky V and just have that nostalgia about the good old days, then do yourself a favor and read it. If you’re an emotional sort, like myself, you might want to keep a tissue or hankerchief nearby.

Now it’s time for rapid fire rants! Ron Jaworski this week on SportsCenter said that San Francisco 49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick could be an all-time great quarterback and people lost their minds. Why? I don’t know. Ron didn’t say Kaepernick is great now. He said that he has the tools to be great. What’s so wrong with all of that? According to a poll that’s up on 74% out of 55,000 voters disagreed with Jaws. I was not one of them. From what I’ve seen out of Kaepernick I think he’s right. I see a big QB with a strong and accurate arm and the ability to run the ball. He’s only going to improve over time and 3 to 5 seasons from now he’s going to make his doubters feel real small.

Props to New York Yankees outfielder Ichiro for notching his 4,000th career hit. That number includes his time in Japan, but Ichiro is currently at 2,723 career hits in Major League Baseball but I think he can reach 3,000 career MLB hits before he’s done. He has 117 hits so far this season with the Yankees but he averages 209 hits per season. He’s 39 and under contract for 1 more season but if he’s close to 3,000 at the end of the next season I think he would sign for 1 more year just to get there. He’s not the monster he was earlier in his career with the Mariners but if he can stay relatively healthy and get the necessary plate appearances he can cross that magical number.


Finally, tennis star Maria Sharapova pulled out of the U.S. Open due to a shoulder injury. However, before she pulled out of the tourney Maria was contemplating changing her name to Sugarpova, which is the name of her candy company. Now, this name change was going to be temporary and only during the time of the tournament but I’m glad she scrapped that idea. I like the name Sugarpova, to be honest, but it sounds dirty to me. Maybe it’s because I’m a horny thirst bucket who wouldn’t mind trying some of Sugarpova’s sugar walls. Ok. My bad. Don’t imagine me doing that.

I’m out of here. I hope you enjoyed this edition of The Blog About Nothing. I invite you to check out the good work here on and look out for some other work by the kid EJ. Young Blognado stays working. Peace.

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  1. EJ, good column. But you stole one of my talking points for the WTF column… Braun… BTW, I agree with what you said about the turkey, though, so, its cool, HaHa!

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