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Peter King a writer for the football section of Sports Illustrated’s website has a list that he calls “10 Things I Think I Think” and I am “borrowing’ this concept for a feature I will call “WTF”.  I think most of you know what WTF stands for, but for those of you who don’t: WTF, go look it up on the internet.

So with no further ado here are the inaugural ten WTF moments:


1) Christopher Lane, from Australia, was a 22-year-old baseball player for East Central University in Oklahoma. On August 16, he was killed in a completely random act, according to police. Three boys, ages 15, 16 and 17 are in police custody for the slaying. They said they did the murder because they were bored.

WTF is wrong with people these days? Because you get bored you go out and randomly tag somebody and say “That’s the guy we kill”? I do not understand why there is within some people a complete and utter disregard of the concept of respect for life.

Under Oklahoma law, all three will be tried in adult court, with two of the dumb shits being tried as adults. The two face life in prison without parole if convicted of the murder. The other one who was, among other charges, “only” charged with being an accessory after the fact to murder faces anywhere from two years to life. Personally, I hope no lawyer uses some mumbo-jumbo to get them off and that they suffer the complete loss of all liberty and stay behind bars forever.

“Morality cannot be legislated, but behavior can be regulated. Judicial decrees may not change the heart, but they can restrain the heartless.”
Martin Luther King Jr.

MLK meant that in a much different way when he originally said it but I think it applies here very well. I hope the judicial system of Oklahoma restrains these heartless bastards for the rest of their natural lives.

2) Louise Neathway who is a defendant that faces 52 criminal charges including stalking, harassment, lying to a grand jury, criminal impersonation and grand larceny has filed a petition that says Brian Cashman lied to federal authorities during the Roger Clemens investigation. She also claims Cashman knew of players in the Yankee clubhouse who were using PEDs but was ambivalent about it as long as nothing came back to cast any heat on the Yankee organization. In addition she says that Alex Rodríguez’ new attorney, Joseph Tacopina, has a conflict of interest because a partner in his firm represented Neathway in NJ and knows information of her relationship with Cashman that could help ARod in his case against the Yankees.

Now, not for a moment do I not believe that people like Cashman who are in the hierarchy of MLB baseball clubs front offices did not know diddly squat about players using PEDs in baseball.  However, I also tend to believe that Ms. Neathway is essentially using the “let me throw all the crap in the world that I can up against the wall and see what sticks” strategy in her court case and so-called defense.

3) The Daily News is reporting that a new City Council bill would make NYC city stores slap a 10 cent charge on every disposable bag they pack your purchases into, regardless, if the bag was paper or plastic. Brad Gerstman of the NY Association of Grocery Stores said “It’s a terrible anti-business deal” and “just a nanny state solution”. Added to the fact that the law would make it even tougher on those who need every break they can get in this batshit crazy economy of rising costs and prices: The working class and the poor. It’s not enough 80% ground Beef is at $3.99 a lb; a bag of potatoes cost about $5 or gas is over $4.00 a gallon now. If this becomes a law, People in NYC will have to pay ten freaking cents for every bag they use? I am sorry but charging for bags is really asinine and counterproductive.

4) A 9/11 jihadist gets no honey and no olives with his meal so he bitches to a judge and skips his trial.  Ramzi Binalshibh was the only one of five 9/11 jihadist defendants on trial at Fort Meade, MD who showed up in the court room for a pretrial hearing but when it came time for him to speak he complained that there were big problems with the food he was getting and that it was a form of psychological torture. A navy captain representative for Guantanamo Bay where the prisoners are held said the defendant gets daily meals of “freshly prepared standard halal meals but that the defendant complained he did not get any olives and honey.”

Give me a break because if I read this right the prisoners are being given much better food than almost every other prisoner within the US prisoner system including the smallest two bit back county cell to the biggest Super Max prison there is.  Now, I believe in a fair trial and humane treatment of prisoners and all that hubbub but 9/11 is still a sore spot with me and he didn’t get honey with his damn specially prepared food? People in hell want ice water, dude. So, slag off, Ramzi.

5) I am heading to the deli on the ground floor of the building where I work. I have to walk by the building’s main elevators. I see one of the cleaning people get on an elevator and he holds the door open for a guy waiting to go upstairs. The guy looks at the janitor and says, “Are you going up?”  Now we all sometimes say stuff that we realize is incredibly stupid even as the words pour off our lips but I am sorry that comment takes the cake for the next month or two for me.

6) Hip Hop record producer, Scot Storch who has admitted he blew over $30 mil in three years on drugs and extravagant purchases got robbed at gunpoint on August 20. The thieves got an estimated $100,000 in bling and another 5 grand that he had in a briefcase.

storch and diddy

Storch who has worked with Dr Dre, Pink, Snoop Dogg (or Lion depending on what day it is), Beyonce and 50 Cent was in NYC for the MTV Video Music Awards at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. My question is that for a guy who was once listed as having a net worth of $70 mil and is now only worth $300,000, why, in the hell, you be walking around with a watch and chains and stuff worth that much cash? Sell the damn stuff and pay off some of your bills, dude. And 5 grand in a brief case? Why? I’ll let everyone draw their own conclusions but I have mine and they are strongly along the lines of something that a “stop and frisk” cop would frown upon…  oh yeah, a judge says NYC cops can’t do “stop and frisk” anymore.

7) US Senator Ted Cruz is renouncing his Canadian citizenship. The Texas Republican, a tea party darling, said that he had been a dual citizen but not any longer. It appears because he was born in Canada that some folks thought that might derail a possible presidential run. He therefore gave a copy of his birth certificate to the Dallas Morning News that showed his Calgary, Alberta birth place, that his mom had been born in Delaware and that his dad was a native of Cuba.


Now me?  I think that at one time there may have been a damn good reason our founders wanted people who ran for our president to be born here but I really don’t think that it is as important as much as what a man represents and is willing to do. But if his mom is a US citizen then as far as I am concerned so is he. I do not care where he was born. Personally my politics and his politics don’t match but, heck, ya’ll wanna run for president… knock your socks off.

8) A friend of mine said she had a couple of discount passes to a movie theater and that she would like to take me as a belated Christmas and B-day present. She also said she will pay the rest of the freight to get in.  Sure, I say. We get to the movie theatre and she says to the ticket vendor that I should also get the senior citizen discount. The light bulb goes off and I realize, damn, I am old. But, you know, these days I’ll take anything I can get as long as it saves money for someone.

9) Food costs too damn much. So does gas and lots of other stuff. When are the politicians gonna come out and say to the corporations that control all this stuff that enough is enough. Some of you rich corporations make billions of dollars in profits in a quarter… not in a year but a quarter. So, maybe it is time to give back a little.  I know it will never happen because who do you think tells the political parties what they can do and when they can do it?  It ain’t me babe.  That’s for sure.

thomas-nast 1

10) And lastly… Rex Ryan says the Jets defense can be the best in the NFL…  Rex, I get that defense is your forte but you know what? Until you do it on the field: “Shut the fuck up!”


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