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Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags have a major problem. Almost everyone that got a decent paycheck last year- stunk on ice.
They cleaned house, let almost everyone go who was at the end of their contract, and flushed quite a few players.
Going from 8 wins, adding a bunch of high-priced talent, and connecting almost as often as a blindman facing Rivera with 2 strikes will do that.


If you are the Jags, you have a decent LT, a RT that was the second overall pick, A decent wide receiver corps, and a running back that has been waiting on a contract year for 5 years, and hates the place. Oh, he’s your best player on offense by a large margin.
Gabbert has issues. His first time out was blamed on cruddy targets. The targets got better, but he didn’t. For some reason they passed on all the QBs 3 and 4 times, and have Chad Henne as the only other QB on the roster that has more NFL passes than I do.Jones Drew


The Jags have to trade MJD. There is no reason to keep him. Best to trade him to a contender for a pair of picks and hope to have an auction for him. Explain to me why the Lions don’t drop a conditional 2 for him, or the always rumored Pats swap for a pair of 3s. If he stays all year, expect 14-1500 yards and 12-14 losses. Justin Forrest is the backup, and he might get some 3rd down catches, and there are a pile of backs on the roster looking for scraps.

The Receivers might be the best unit on this team, depending on the MJD results. Justin Blackmon has a bright future if he can stay out of trouble, and I like Massaquoi more than most. Marcedes Lewis is a type of TE that needs a good QB to be dangerous, but can be scary on third down. For a team this sorry, an upgrade at QB could mean a world of difference.
The offensive line has to get better. No2 overall pick Luke Joeckel is supposed to be the RT, with Monroe at LT until they decide on his fate for next year. Rackley will be back from IR, so that could help as well, and there are a TON of bodies in camp (8!) Looking for snaps at the Guard spots.

DefenseJags Suck
The Jags on defense, in a word, stunk last year.
30th in total D
30th vs Run
22nd vs Pass
29th in points allowed
DEAD LAST in Sacks.
Consider they had 2 games vs Andrew Luck, who went down more than a crack addict with overdue rent, this was just sad. Alabama could have more sacks if you just replaced them all- but lets be honest, most of Bama’s D wil be in the NFL as it is. Gus Bradley will be a Head Coach in 2 years if he gets this group to even respectable. Add the fact that Zero front seven talent was added in the draft AT ALL, he might be unemployed in 3 years as well.
Alualu lead the team in sacks, and is coming up on a contract, but he had 3.5 more sacks than I did last year, the other DT is newcomer Roy Miller, who has as many sacks as I did, but is much better vs the run than I am. Babin and Mincey are back at DE, but combined for 4.5 sacks. Andre Branch showed promise last year, but that didn’t show on the stat sheet.
The second level does have some talent, most of it in MLB Paul Posluszny, but there was no additions in this unit AT ALL in the draft as well. We got problems here again, and don’t expect this until to give much help.
The third level did get some love in the draft, with FIVE of the 8 picks here. Unlike most teams, the Jags ignored the front seven and went after talent in the secondary. It was needed as only S Lowery was kept in the starting roster. There are a TON of bodies in camp, but nothing like having a second rounder, third rounder, a retread in Marcus Trufant to build a defense around. I’m sure training camp is going to have a lot of fast bodies running everywhere.


I do like some of the picks. Luke is a starter, obviously, and could be a stud at RT, but again, do you take a number 2 overall for the second most important spot on the line? Wouldn’t front seven help be better? Denard Robinson might end up starting, adding more weapons in what is the deepest unit on the team by a MILE. I live Josh Evans in the 6th round. He might also get some serious run late in the year.

OutlookJags RIP

The Jags have stunk and gone downhill the last few years, then ignore the common thought and built for the passing game, Wideouts and DBs! Huzzah! Maybe its not a bad idea, no sense having a running back get ground down for no reason and only have 1 decent player in the front seven getting 4 on 1 action in the trenches.

No wait, thats what they are doing now.

This is the WORST team on Paper, but have a FAR easier schedule than the Raiders and Browns, so they might poop wins over the Raiders and Browns, plus the Chargers might fall apart and get caught, not to mention the Bills and Titans late in the year I’m going 2 wins

EJ with the 2nd Opinion:

With the #1 pick in the NFL Draft the Jacksonville Jaguars select quarterback Teddy Bridgewater out of the University of Louisville! The Jaguars are going to be so bad that it’s going to be epic. Maybe not 0-16 bad but it’s hard to see this Jaguars team finishing higher than 2-14. Also, I have to agree with David that they need to trade Maurice Jones-Drew. Jones-Drew doesn’t deserve to put up the numbers he does for a franchise going nowhere fast. Write it down: the Jags will suck, play games in London for the next few seasons, and will barely draw any fans to their stadium. Feel sorry for the City of Jacksonville.

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