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Who will win the AFC?

We argue, you decide:

For the The Denver Broncos, The Mariner,

For the Houston Texans, David Snipes. Denver Broncos

There is no glaring hole anywhere on the respective roster.  Denver is stocked with talent all over the field. From quarterbacks to skill position players, from offensive linemen to defensive linemen, from the linebacking corps to the defensive backfield, from special teams to coaches, the  Broncos is the two team stocked with enough talent that anything short of a Super Bowl appearance would be an abject failure.

There are other good, talented teams in the AFC, but the most complete, Super Bowl-ready team is the Denver Broncos.

I’m going with the Texans. One team always comes from almost nowhere, and that team to me is the Texans.

Here are my issues with the Broncos (Not in Order)

1. John Fox is stubborn, Keep in mind, I’m a Carolina Fan, and Fox has lost quite a few games making changes LONG after he should have- or not at all. (worst 2 examples are vs West teams, oddly enough)Houston Texans

2. You have Monte Ball, who might be good- but so was Moreno, and McGahee started fumbling like a drunken hobo with a greasy bottle.

3. No Elvis. Thats a hole, replacing almost 20% of your sacks.

4. Manning. He’s still one good hit from being gone for a year- true Schaub is too- but I’ll take TJ over Brock Osweller.

Finally, the AFC West is MUCH harder and improved than the South. Harder Div, harder road- they could have to goto not only the Pats, but also H-Town.

Before we get too far into it, there’s just one quick thing I’d like to point out about the backup QB situations. While Yates has done some nice things he isn’t necessarily the Texans backup QB. According to HC Gary Kubiak the Texans are engaged in a backup QB competition between Yates and Case Keenum, and Kubiak says they’ve been discussing sliding Keenum into the backup spot.

That said, I have no problem with Brock Osweiler as Denver’s backup. At least the Broncos have a set-in-stone backup QB, unlike Houston who doesn’t even know who will win the job.

John Fox may be stubborn. So what? How will that hurt the Broncos, specifically?

Montee Ball is one of college football’s most productive RBs, ever. How does adding him hurt the Broncos?

Losing Elvis hurts, sort of. Dumervil was a one trick pony. Decent at sacks, nothing else And actually a closer look shows he’s mostly just good at third down blitzing. Useful skillset but a limited player overall, and possibly already declining.

Wait, what??? AFC West is tough? Haha!!!

Ok, lets clear some things up.

How does John Fox hurt the chances?

Worth the Haterade?
Worth the Haterade?

Oh I dunno, leaving a QB in after 3,4,5, SIX picks- when he clearly lost his nerve AND his team?
Running the SAME PLAY on 2nd and 1, 3rd and 1 and oh why not, FOURTH and 1?
Not changing his base D when other teams are driving and coming back from 17 points?
Having Steve Smith run the same route over and over and over again- so long that he HAD TO BE RESTRAINED- and then the first time he got to run a go route instead of a hook he went yard?
How about thinking the 3 backs he had were gonna be good enough for a playoff run- and then being down to his SIXTH STRING Back

But none of that is gonna matter though, right? Since Peyton is SO good right?

The guy that is 9-11, With Eight One-and-Done Postseason Trips- and a third of those wins came in ONE YEAR.

But that doesn’t matter, right?

How many rookie running backs drafted in the SECOND ROUND go off? No-Sho was much higher touted- and has done Jack.

So glad you think Elvis means nada- Just gonna leave that alone

So John Fox has made tactical errors in the past. Most coaches have, at some point. Sometimes you learn on the fly. Nothing wrong with that. It’s not like Fox is gonna use Osweiler as the starter or turn Von Miller into a DB or something. He may have made mistakes but every coach has, and the NFL is a player’s game, anyway.

Not sure what your snarky comment about Peyton being SO good means, but yeah, he’s obviously a good player.

Not sure if you’re just a bitter ex-Fox fan or what, but the guy is a pretty good coach and he should be viewed as an asset, not a liability. His postseason record is somewhat irrelevant, by the way. Those Panthers teams weren’t very talented so Fox gets a pass to a certain extent.

How many second round RBs go off? Not sure exactly, but I know guys like Ray Rice and LeSean McCoy were second round picks. Heck, Alfred Morris was a 6th round pick but finished second in rushing as a rookie last year. RB talent can be found anywhere and everywhere in the draft, as I’m sure you are aware. Montee Ball is a great asset for Denver, so matter how you slice it.

Didn’t say Elvis means nada. Just that he’s one dimensional and replaceable.Broncos vs Texans

I am so glad that you can replace a 10 sack guy so easily. You really need to contact the Fins and see if they have any opening with scouting.

So glad you came up with Ray Rice.

I’m sure if Ball runs for 454 yard and ZERO TDs there is absolutely no doubt the Broncos are Super Bowl bound. Even if he pops off for 657 yards and 4 TDs like McCoy did, I don’t think thats going to help much.

Thank you for proving my point.

I’m not a bitter Fox Hater, I’m just pointing out that he has, at times made some serious gaffes in the playoffs and in important games. I’m sure every coach has made some major errors that any rabid fanbase can point out.

John Fox is 5-3 in the playoffs, so apparently the was some talent in Carolina, they have a FAR better record than your Hall of Fame QB.

So who you got?
Who wins?


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  1. Great stuff guys. I’m going with Denver in the AFC. McGahee was released and the Broncos are going with Ball, Hillman, and Moreno. In any case, as long as Peyton can stay upright the Broncos have to be the odds on choice to win the AFC.

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