MLB RT 20 August 2013

MLB RT 20 August 2013

New York Yankees1. The Yankees president denies saying “I never want to see A-Rod on the field again”. Do you believe him?

ARCHIE: Not for a very short second. I believe he did say it. I even believed he actually feels that way now. What I also believe is that he never thought the comment would make it to public air.

STEPHAN: No I don’t believe him. I’m sure this was something he said behind closed doors and it got leaked out. I don’t think he has any reason to say otherwise. If he did say it, he is in the majority 90 percent who don’t want A-Rod anywhere near a baseball field.

 JOSEPH: Yes and no. I am sure most people never want to see ARod on the field again and are not shy to say it. Hell, even active players are saying it.  But, especially those of the Yankee front office who are on the hook for the approximately $100 mil for the remainder of his contract as well as the mountains of bad press the Evil Empire has accumulated of late are probably saying it , too, but, entirely off the record. . Did Randy Levine say that in front of witnesses who will say that for publication and verification?  I doubt it.  Brian Cashman already has said, for the record, that such a comment was never said.  So, unless Cashman is a complete idiot then I tend to believe, for the record, those words were never spoken in front of reliable witnesses.   

2. In the light of biogenesis and the overwhelming outcry against PEDs from the public and MLB as well, how much power should the commissioner Wield on the war against drugs?


ARCHIE: I do not believe that the commissioner should hold complete control over a player/manager’s life/career; as in Bart Giamatti upholding the lifetime ban on Pete Rose. I do believe that he should be able to dole out fines and suspensions in the best interest of baseball when situations arise that are NOT covered by the CBA. When it comes to PEDs MLB and the Players Association have an agreed upon standard for suspensions and penalties. Why does the commissioner need to weigh in on these violations?

STEPHAN: Selig had his chance to get ahead of this many many years ago. I think he needs to step aside and let an independent outsider make all the decisions when it comes to PED’s, suspensions, and anything else that has to do with the steroid era.

 JOSEPH: The commissioner according to the CBA has certain nights and obligations to baseball. And, one of them is that he essentially has carte blanche to ban anyone under the “in the best interests of baseball” clause so he has pretty strong powers as it stands. Keep it that way.

Of course the CBA also has a grievance and arbitration clause. Let the commissioner do what he feels he needs to do and then let the chips fall where they may. Let the process play out and if the process works then either the commissioner’s decisions will be upheld, emended or struck down.

3. If A-Rod were on a smaller market team like Kansas City, would his problems be treated with the same weight or controversy?

KCsARCHIE: A-Rods contract when he signed with the Rangers was big news in MLB and it took several weeks for the media moguls to settle down. Therefore when his name first arose with PEDs that contract in itself was enough to raise eyebrows and cause a stir among the fans and players alike across the Nation. However, with all that behind, if Alex were in KC now instead of New York it would be treated like yesterday’s leftovers.

STEPHAN: It should be. I think if it is a big name like A-Rod making gazillion dollars. It would not matter where he played. I think it all depends on the player, not the city.

 JOSEPH:  No. Look at Braun. Nowhere near the crap ARod has gotten. However,  ARod does bring a lot of this  crap onto himself and would be best advised to follow his GM’s advice and “shut the fuck up.”

i4. What do you think of the plunking of A-Rod by Dempster?

ARCHIE: Many believe this is a plunking because of Biogenesis. Is it? Is that what it was about? This speculation is as great as the whole “who did PEDs” speculation of the past 15 years. Dempster never admitted to throwing at him on purpose (smart move). So why does this have to be more than simply a pitcher trying to move a player off the plate? It was all entertaining enough, but something tell s me that this will not be the last time A-Roid gets popped this season.

STEPHAN: Did I laugh? Yes I did! Should Dempster have done it? No he should have let any personal animosity go and not bring it on to the field. However, I bet he does not face any repercussions because of it. 

 JOSEPH: :  I got some really strong feelings on this. First let me state that I think ARod is scum. I think he is a poor trade unionist and deserves a lot. But so far none of us knows all the facts and until the process plays out then none of us should rush to judgment (no matter what my instincts and emotions tell me) least of all a pitcher taking “justice” into his own hands. There is no doubt in my mind that Dempster threw at ARod with every intention of hitting him and for that Dempster should have been immediately ejected and then after the incident was reviewed he should be suspended and fined for conduct that is wrong and stupid. Point blank: Dempster is a punk. 

Whether he did what he did as some sort of misguided trade unionist solidarity thing or whether he just believes in some sort of frontier justice desperado crap or whatever went through his pea sized brain what he did has no place in baseball. The union agreed to certain processes and arbitration is one of them. ARod appealed his suspension, and  like it or not, he has a right to play until the arbitrator makes his decision and pitchers , or any player, has no right to take matters into their own hands, especially  physical retribution that could hurt someone. I do not care what he has been alleged to say or not say.  Words are one thing but physical action that could hurt someone and/or lead to a more involved on field altercation is an entirely different matter. Why hasn’t any of the other accused players, now or previously, ever been plunked or had any other type of retribution carried out against them?  Why not Braun? What he did by libeling people and lying to us all is not just as reprehensible as what ARod is supposed to have done? Why wasn’t he ever hit or spiked or whatever else could have been done? How about Cabrera?  Why is ARod now the cover boy who gets to get the retaliatory stuff done to him on the field. What? He now gets to go into every ball park and every pitching staff gets to have a shot at him? That is just not right even if we all would like to take the jackass to the woodshed for a good butt whipping. Vigilantism just does not work and is not justified and has no place in baseball.


Phillies_Charlie_Manuel_20135. Even figuring that maybe Charlie Manuel would be let go at the end of the season, do you agree with the timing of the event?

ARCHIE: Absolutely Not. Ryne Sandberg will long be remembered by me as a Cub not a Philly. I know he was drafted by the Phillies and has some ties to the organization because of it; however, it was not like he had already been name as manager in waiting. Charlie on the other hand was dealt quite a blow running the team with all the key player injuries the past two seasons. I don’t know of any manager that could have continued the high level of play given the key positions lost to injuries for so many games. The organization should have waited until the end of the season and then give Charlie a going away gift at his “retirement” ceremony.

STEPHAN: Yes and No. I don’t like it when a reputable manager gets fired mid-season, no matter how badly the team is performing. However, this gives Ryne Sandberg an opportunity to take over the team to see what he can do before giving him the manager title officially, which has been long overdue.

JOSEPH:  It is what it is, i.e., managers get hired to be fired. There is no good time or bad time.

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