Fight Night 26: Sonnen vs Rua Review

Welcome to the FSP1 Report!FN26

Roni may be in later with a live report, and I will keep my jelousy in control for now, but If you wish to join me in hating him, by all means. But If I get to see Cain vs JDS II in Houston, I’ll take the haterade daggers myself.

Due to Dish Network, I will not be covering the Fox Sports card, instead I will be giving a report of the Auto Auction and something called Unique Whips- Uh, ok.

Oh wait, there are fights on here! Thanks Dish (and google for telling me the right channell!)

Note: I don’t do PBP, There are tons of places to do that, I give my thoughts on the fight, the fighters and the show.

Light Heavyweight Bout
Cody Donovan vs. Ovince St. Preux

The Fight: OSP was pretty dominant, but he still tends to let his opponent decide where he wants the fight to go. Thankfully he’s better than most in every area.

Featherweight Bout:
Manny Gamburyan vs. Cole Miller

Story of this bout? Manny and his takedowns. Cole did have some decent offense on his back, but by and large, Manny just controlled him. He got the win, but thats about it.

Featherweight Bout:
Diego Brandao vs. Daniel Pineda

Its not often you see two featherweight blow up in a fight, and both of these guys are in shape, but they just took a ton of damage. The difference here was Brandao and his takedowns, but Pineda did his most damage when he got on top. Great Matchup, and I bet they both get a little more in the Pay Windah!

Featherweight Bout:
Mike Brown vs. Steven Siler

Moving on, nothing to see here, but just a KTFO from Siler, who should jump up into the main card after this.

Featherweight Bout:
Max Holloway  vs. Conor McGregor Conor McGregor

Everyone on the net has been all over Conor, and even Rogan has been caught up in it.
The fight itself has interesting for a bit, but Conor definately didn’t show all the explosion he wanted to. Max seemed content to survive the 15 minutes and get some punches in.

Conor changed his tatic in the third round when he took Max down, and almost went to Lay and Pray. He stated he hurt his knee in round 2, and is sorry he didn’t get the finish. He didn’t gain any push, but he didn’t lose any either, plus he did have a few highlight reels. The way Rogan kept bringing up his two submission losses, I would expect to see a wrestler up next.

Bantamweight Bout:
Michael McDonald vs. Brad Pickett

McDonald beat him up round 1 on the feet, then got a BEEUTIFUL Triangle submission victory in round 2. Just an incredible win over one of the toughest guys out there, and he did it on the feet and on the ground. We have got to get him and Faber together.

Lightweight Bout:
Michael Johnson vs. Joe Lauzon Joe Luazon

J-Lo looked like shit. No other way to put it. Johnson has never been an exciting fighter, but the problem is he doesn’t leave a ton of openings for you either, and J-Lo just could get anything moving. Johnson was impressivly dull vs a fighter that has a ton of talent and skill.
You will also see here the most boring 10-8 rounds a judge has ever given out. Moving on.

Middleweight Bout:
Uriah Hall vs. John Howard

Finally we get to see Uriah knock some fools out! Howard is 6-1 since being booted from the UFC, plus a short notice? This is gonna be quick and deadly.

Uh, No.

Hall for some reason wanted to show a ground game, and Howard was more than happy to slow the fight down. Howard won the fight, but NO fans, and the rose has withered and died on Uriah. If he’s not matched up with someone with the ground game of Kimbo Slice next, (if he’s not cut) we got problems.

Welterweight Bout:
Matt Brown vs. Mike Pyle Matt Brown

What did you miss? MATT BROWN MAKING MONEY! That was one helluva KO on a tough oppenent! Just a great job.

Bantamweight Bout:
Yuri Alcantara vs. Urijah Faber

Alcantara got the first takedown, beat on Fader, then spent the next 12+ minutes getting slapped around by Faber. I’ve never been a huge fan of Faber, and this one did not change my mind.

Heavyweight Bout:
Travis Browne vs. Alistair Overeem

This was a great 1 round Hwavyweight fight. Overreem would have won quickly with a lesser referee, it was that close. But Browne stuck it out, starting fighting back, and when the Reem got slow and stopped bouncing, he started eating kicks. One caught him, Browne pounced, and out he went. The kick didn’t even look that hard, but I’m sure it felt worse than it looked. Overeem is officially the Hector Lombard of 265.


Light Heavyweight Bout:
Mauricio Rua vs. Chael Sonnen Chael Sonnen

Sonnen with a takedown, Sonnen with a TON of punches, Rua left his head in and Sonnen pulled guard and got a MONSTER tappage. Just a monster victory.
Post fight, he calls out Wandy, and ignores Rogan’s questions- calling him a middle aged comedian mid-rant.


Stars of the night?

Browne, obviously, then Sonnen, Matt Brown and McDonald.

Goats of the night?

Uriah Hall, by a MILE. J-Lo, I hate to say it, and of course, the Reem.

Bonus Money!

Matt Brown KO of the Night.
Travis Browne  KO of the Night.

Chael Sonnen Submission
Michael McDonald Submission

FOTN- Michael McDonald vs Brad Pickett

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